Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Lab Finds 4 Bq/Kg in Missouri Black Walnuts

So far the POTRBLOG team has spent approximately $2,300 for professional gamma spectrometry lab services to test key food products which may give insight into the ongoing buildup of Fukushima radioactivity in North America. We thank those who have supported this effort via donations, as of today we have received approximately $1,000 in donations to help offset these expensive tests.  Anyone who has donated may email us to request copies of the lab reports (with personal information redacted).

In the most recent lab test we submitted wild black walnuts harvested from a local playground area; these trees reside in a usually muddy/swampy small bottom land area. As such, these black walnuts may make for good indicators of bio-available radioactive contamination. Our own Geiger counter tests indicated that these Walnuts were radioactive at 150% over background radiation (580 counts vs 376 counts), hence we sent these off to the professional lab for further testing.

On the good news side, heavier radioactive man made isotopes such as Cs-134/ 137 were not detected by the lab. This is good news as previously we had detected Fukushima Cesium 137 in a 2011 ground beef sample. On the negative side, the Black Walnuts tested positive for  lighter weight radioactive Be-7 at  4 Bq/Kg.

 Be-7 is lighter than both Nitrogen and Oxygen, it is formed via spallation when Neutrons and/or Protons slam into Nitrogen / Oxygen atoms.  One possible source for the creation of Be-7 is the interaction between Fukushima Corium and the liquid (or gaseous) Nitrogen being pumped into the Fukushima 'containment'. The other possible source is from Solar Coronal Mass Ejections impacting Earth's atmosphere. The former the Nuclear Industry will likely never ever mention. The later is a well known phenomena, and was heavily mentioned  as a cause of Be-7 detections during the initial phase of the ongoing Fukushima disastor;

In the case of our Missouri Black Walnuts, we cannot rule out Fukushima as a source, but we give more credence to CME production as the majority source. Overall, as the results of our tests, we have lowered our risk mitigation threshold for MIDWEST produce grown prior to December 2012. Our risk mitigation threshold remains high for any and all food products from  Canada and those food products west of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountains. 

Our risk mitigation lowering is based on the Midwest drought and the negative bio-available detections since the initial phase of the ongoing catastrophe. On the other hand, every rain storm once again raises the long term bio-accumulation risk.

In possible future tests, the next item we would like to have tested in the professional Gamma Spectrometry lab is a Florida Key's Coconut which fell from the tree in July 2011. We believe this coconut will provide insight into the southerly range of the initial radioactive Cesium  plume from Fukushima. If you would like to make this test happen please donate at the link below.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Stop the Evil!

"We will be told the causes of such violence are complex, and that is true.  No single law, no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society, but that can't be an excuse for inaction.  Surely we can do better than this." - Barack Obama, December 16, 2012
Can we stop the evil?  The loudest solution offered by the loudest voices in our society, the President and the Press, tell Americans (and the world) gun control is the only possible solution.  Many people who would never look at gun control before now look at the faces of those 20 unprotected little angels from Newtown and wonder if maybe, just maybe gun control really might feel better.  Like they are doing something.

A few days before the Newtown slaughter, a similarly deranged person went to a mall in Oregon and began shooting.   That criminals' gun jammed after he killed two people.  In that moment, a citizen hero with a concealed carry permit did something.  He pulled his self defense weapon.  The hero had an opportunity to stop the madman.  But when the hero saw something move near the murderer, he held his fire.  The madman fixed his gun and looked up to see the citizen hero ready to stop his evil.  The madman turned and ran, to a stairwell where he took his own life.

The countries of Israel and Thailand have faced evil.  Many of their school children were killed by evil of a  complex nature that they could not eliminate.  Those countries reacted proactively, by arming the people entrusted with the care of the innocent children.

They knew the nature of the evil they faced, and it would not stop.  They knew, from their own experience, banning guns could not stop it.

Other countries, nearer to our own, will say gun control was enough to stop the evils they faced.  Great Britain will tell you they haven't had a repeat of Dublane since they tightened gun control. 

But are we that confident, that our current evil, which appears to be the mental health of our own young men, will submit to gun control?

The country of Norway recently came face to face with an unexpected evil in their midst.  They already regulated gun ownership.  Would banning gun ownership stop a budding evil in its tracks?  Or was the horror unleashed at the Utoya summer camp a one time attack on Norway's children?

One thing we know of evil, with unerring certainty, is that banning guns will eventually give evil more power.  Turkey, Germany, China, Cambodia and far to many more countries have witnessed evil without restraint.  Several years after Dublane, Great Britain may be learning what Israel and others have already learned.

Evil, unchecked by freedom, is even worse than we can imagine on this day.

The solution to the violence of genocide, and the massacre at the elementary school that President Obama seeks, was found by a hero in Oregon, and articulated by an Irish Catholic friend of America from our early years searching for life, liberty and happiness.   Edmund Burke wrote
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
When good men are banned from stopping evil, nothing will.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Japan Earthquake Agency Confirms POTRBLOG's M8 Aftershock Alert.

We've warned for quite sometime that a M8.2 aftershock should be expected from the 3/11/11 "Fukushima" quake; in fact, we have even specified a probable location for that aftershock. Our latest on  warning 10/20/12  was a detail video explaining the situation and risk. Well, at last finally, Mr. Nagai at the Japan Meteorological Office had enough to concern to at least give the populace a warning that they should expect an M8 aftershock.

A big hat tip to Fukushima Dairy for making us aware of  Mr. Nagai's M8 aftershock warning.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel is Trimming Their Wicks for Mohamed, and Obama Is Begging for Oil

Israel is trimming their wicks for Mohamed, and Obama is begging for oil. While this is an allegory to Matthew 25,  the Israel's aren't exactly virgins. But, it sure looks like they are attempting to thin out the wedding party for what they see coming.

By striking at Hamas they reduce the the number of front lines they face from an Arab/Persian "ALL IN" that might result from a later strike on Iran. In so doing, they also send a clear message to Obama. It is an important message because a populist Arab "ALL IN" with the Persians is only possible because of Obama's handling of the Arab Spring.

Obama only has one last trick in his current play book, and that is to innocuously declare that Mohamed is the Prophet. Expect it to be stated in such a way to for the American media to rationalize that statement, while making the meaning clear to its target audience.  Of course the outcome of using that play is unpredictable, but it likely would be meant to defuse current situations in favor of  acting at some future time when there are 72 virgins waiting instead of just 10.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

11/11/12 Armistice Day Radioactivity At 11 Times Over Background

We took a swipe off of our truck @11pm this evening which returned a reading of 11 times over background radiation  The winds had been out of the South and the rain had been ongoing for several hours.
Video to follow tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ATF Profiling Women: The Crime of Being a Female Gun Buyer

If you buy a gun and your female, you're likely a criminal in the ATF's eyes.
We have had direct report(s) from Federally Firearms Licensed dealer(s) that ATF compliance inspectors have been focusing exclusively on women gun purchasers during compliance inspections.

We suspect the ATF's profiling of women gun buyers is behind the recent report of Walmart denying a woman the purchase of a shotgun because they believed it was TOO BIG for her and that she did not 'need' it; and threatening to report her for what we are calling the crime of buying a gun while being female.
see: Extreme Sexism At Walmart: Woman Can’t Buy Big Guns

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paul Krugman Will Claim Hurricane Sandy a Great Economic Stimulus

Paul Krugman Will Claim Hurricane Sandy a Great Economic Stimulus.  From his Krazy Keynesian mindset, as long as the the amount of damage done to New York and et-al is great enough to cause significant rebuilding without effecting the capability to rebuild, the economy will be much better for the destruction.

 Basically, this Krazy Keynesian belief is the equivalent to believing that hiring teenagers to break windows around town is a great economic stimulus to society in general; provided of course that the teenagers  don't break the windows at the window factory.  On an individual level, its the equivalent of rationalizing littering as a modality to create street sweeper jobs.

So instead of crying  over the hurricane damage to your purse,  bask in the warmth that all of these destroyed taxis might just give a GM a chance to force Chevy Volts on the Taxi Czars and you as a patron.

Monday, October 29, 2012

M3.9 Earthquake in Arkansas,

There was a magnitude 3.9 this morning in Arkansas just west of Memphis and North of Forrest city.
Earthquakes in this region are interesting because even small ones can be felt over long distances and large ones can shake the entire eastern seaboard.

In fact, from Dec 1811 to Feb 1812  THREE magnitude 8 earthquakes hit back to back to back,  each about 1 month apart. These quakes rang church bells in Boston and made the Mississippi river flow backwards for 3 days as it filled the newly created Real Foot Lake in Tennessee.

So when a 3.9 hits we pay attention, and apparently so does the government. Back in 2008 a magnitude 5.1 quake hit Evansville Indiana, we felt is and its aftershock over 200 miles away here in Saint Louis. Fast forward to Januarary 2011 and FEMA was putting out RFI's for just tons of temporary shelters, , blankets body bags, and 140 million of MRE's. The purpose of those RFI's seemed to be to identify potential suppliers should a quake hit the New Madrid fault zone.

The MRE RFI even  resulted in this headline Did FEMA Expect Midwest MegaQuake by 2014? in Science magazine, but for some reason they did not  report the other associated RFI's for shelters, blankets and body bags.  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

[VERY GOOD TEMPORARY STL NEWS] Spring & Summer 2012 Fallout UPTAKE Contamination Appears Low

Even though we have detected long half life in Saint Louis area rain, we have indications that the radioactive Fukushima fallout which came down on the Saint Louis area during the drought of 2012 was not taken up by the plant product(s) we have had tested.

We will have more information available after we further crunch through the data, and there may still be some counter indications to come. But as it stands now, we will likely lower our PERSONAL risk assessments for food grown in the Saint Louis area between Spring and Summer of 2012; with the possible exception of food products grown in watershed bottom lands.

We believe the radioactive contamination risks to be higher west of the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges; as shown in  points A to B in the map below, and as such we avoid food products from anywhere west of that region.

View Larger Map

Thursday, October 25, 2012

27x Background Radiation From Saint Louis Storms

The radioactive fallout which we believe originated in Fukushima on or about 10/14/12 finally entered the Saint Louis area.  As seen in the first seconds of the video above, our live outdoor airborne radiation monitor averaged around 2.5 times background radiation. A paper towel swipe from the surface of our truck returned a reading of 27 times greater than background radiation. We have placed the sample in our lead cave lab to see if any long half life fallout will remain after the short half life fallout has burned out.

Those wishing to compare our live airborne readings with those on the Black Cat Systems Radiation Map will have no issues as our readings and theirs are normalized to the same standard. Unfortunately the same can not be said of the data which appears on the Radiation Network.

The Radiation Network does not normalize their data to a standard, hence direct comparisons from one measuring station to another may not be valid. Our airborne detector uses a standard Geiger tube; to make comparisons with someone using a pancake tube Geiger on the Radiation network, you will have to multiply our readings by 3.2.  For example, the reading of 40cpm on our Geiger would equate to 128 cpm on the Geiger counter which sparked today's alerts on the Radiation network. This means our airborne Geiger readings would not have  triggered their alert system even though we measured greater radioactivity than their alerting site.

Maximum Alert: Airborne Radioactive Fallout On Jet Stream Boundary

We expect this system to move towards Saint Louis later today, and readily detectable levels of airborne radiation may be present!  Real time Saint Louis area radiation monitoring is available on our  Live Saint Louis Outdoor Radiation Monitor: 

As discussed in detail in our previous video "More On The Way..",  more  Fukushima fallout was imminent. Based on on going readings from the Radiation Network (as reported by Radiation News), airborne Fukushima fallout appears to be occurring on the boundary edge of the Jet Stream in association with precipitation.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More On The Way: Fallout Detected on Radiation Network and RadNet

On or about October 14th a significant radioactive release occurred at Fukushima. That release traveled with the Jet Stream and impacted the USA. The impact was detected on the Radiation Network in Eugene Oregon and Grand Rapids Minnesota. A detection was also indicated on EPA's RadNet in Anchorage Alaska.   A recent detection in Hawaii indicate that more is on the way for CONUS.  We would also expect European levels to spike near the Jet Stream as a result of both of these detections.

Here are the links to websites mentioned in the video.

Radiation Conversation on ENVIROREPORTER.COM
Alexander Higgins RadNet Compilation
The Radiation Network
Jet Stream Maps

UPDATE: 10/24/12
According to information from The Fukushima Diary, this chart from Hokkaido Japan shows a spike in airborne radiation in Hokkaido starting on 10/14/12. The trigger for that spike is likely what was detected in Oregon and Minnesota on 10/19-22/12

[EBO] Effects-Based Operations: The Math of Influence and YOU

EBO = "Effects-based operations are coordinated sets of actions directed at shaping the behavior of friends, foes, and neutrals in peace, crisis, and war", based on analytical modeling and simulation.

Likely you have never heard of EBO;  and even if you have, very few have the combination of skills to implement it well. But, it is another matter to recognize when such analytical / decision tools, or poor attempts at them, are in use.

We suggest reading one of the seminal books on the subject, fortunately it just happens to be available as a free PDF download from "The Command and Control Research Program (CCRP)" of the Department of Defense. see link below

Effects Based Operations
Edward A. Smith 2003

UPDATE: Since we've linked to this book the CCRP has decided to make this particular download strangly unavailable, but most people can still order a 100% FREE paperback version (free shipping too) at this link

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fuel Rod Fire Shut Down All EPA RADNET Graphs In APRIL / MAY

Today's unsubstantiated rumor of a MAJOR ACTIVE fuel rod fire, currently, does not correlate with any EPA actions to  restrict RADNET data visibility.

This was not the case in May 2012, when the gamma spectrometry results from a beef test we had done at a professional lab indicated some contamination with short half life soot products which one would expect from a fuel rod fire.

We reported that finding in the video below, at the time of that finding it was also unprecedented that the  EPA stopped updating ALL of their RADNET graphs across the country. Eventual, data from Japanese waste sewage was released supporting the indication of a recriticality. And, not long after Tepco started testing fuel rod removal capabilities at Fukushima.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Magnitude M8.2 Aftershock Still Awaits Japan, Just Ask Sumatra

God watches out for fools and drunks, or so we have heard. But, who watches out for those who aren't prepared for a Magnitude 8.2 aftershock / earthquake off the coast of Cape Inubosaki, Japan?  Maybe thats what Uncle Sam was doing when they ordered  1,050,000 Doses of iOSAT thyroid blocker for the US Military in Japan.

Links referenced in the video:

Japanese Earthquake data
History of Japanese Quakes / Aftershocks
ANSS Earthquake data
Our June 2011 Earthquake Aftershock Analysis

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Radioactive Tornadic Saint Louis Storms

The storms which passed through this evening were radioactive @ 18 times greater than background radiation. The Fukushima Jet Stream was overhead during these storms, indicating the likely presence of long half life radioactive fallout. Testing over the next few days will determine the presence of long half life radiation and will give some indication of last week's conditions at Fukushima. If long half life radioactivity is detectable it will add to the long term build of environmental radiation.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[SWAG] M8.0+ Aftershock Due East of Cape Inubosaki, Japan @ 35.8 , 141.1

View Larger Map

In our previous blog post we detailed that a magnitude 8.0+ aftershock is still due as a result of the great "Fukushima" Tohoku 9.0+ earthquake. Looking at the available data at a 50,000 foot level, from a shear flow perspective, our Scientific Wild Assed Guess  [SWAG]   is that the largest Tohoku aftershock will occur off of the coast of Cape Inubosaki, Japan @ 35.8 , 141.1 .

More info will follow in a video detailing the information.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Magnitude 8.0 Earthquake Aftershock Still Awaits Fukushima

An M8 aftershock,  based on historical major Japanese quake data, has an 80% weight of occurring today with that weighting reaching 100% by September 2016.

Based on ANSS data:
An M6 aftershock is expected to occur around Jan 2013 +/- a few months.
An M7 aftershock is overdue based on Japanese aftershock data
An M7 aftershock is not due until July 2015 based on USA earthquake data
(the M7 discrepancy centers around whether or not the 3/14/12 M7 quake was an aftershock)

We plan a video discussing the math in detail.
In the mean time, below are the charts supporting the above information.  Those who remember our  June 2011 video successfully predicting a series of M6 quakes will already will recognize that charts below as updated versions.  The last chart indicates that recently there has been an excess release of quake energy. If that excess energy release was not uniformly distributed, it may indicate that a stronger quake is near.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Breaking- Jet Stream Primary Conduit For Long Half Life Radioactive Particulate

Breaking risk mitigation news!  Based on our analysis of radioactive paper towel swipes, a pattern is emerging indicating the presence of the  Northern Jet Stream is strongly correlated with the presence  of detectable long half life radioactive particulate fallout in rain storm samples.

We will have more on this in the weeks to come.

Friday, October 5, 2012

9am Thunderstorms 31X Greater than Background Radiation

We took a sample swipe from a vehicle at approximately 9am; it had been storming heavy since 6:30am. The sample returned a reading of 31 times greater than background radiation. Our full time live outdoor air radiation monitor increased by 50% from 14cpm to 21cpm.

Given the nearly over head location of the Jetstream and the high reading value, this sample likely contains long half life Fukushima fallout. Given past data, the long half life component is estimated to measure at 2 cpm over background.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

9:30pm Drizzle Radioactive At FIVE Times Greater Than Background Radiation

A few passing sprinkles this evening around 9:30pm, a swipe from the hood of the truck returned a reading of 5X greater than background radiation.

Monday, October 1, 2012

ALERT! Radioactive I-125 CORPSE Vapors Possibly Contaminate McDonald's Food Distribution Hub

Based on NRC event report #48331, the nearly 2 week delay in its release, and the sparsity of information contained in it, we decided to dig deeper. 

We looked at the PRESUMED location where the Iodine-125 contaminated corpse was cremated, the weather conditions present on the day of cremation, and likely fallout areas. Assuming the location to be correct, it appears to the POTRBLOG team that the primary fallout location impacted by the radioactive Iodine-125 vapors from the cremated corpse was a major MidWest food distribution hub for McDonald's.

We cannot say for sure where,what,or how much contamination occurred because the NRC event reports do NOT give enough information for the public to "trust and VERIFY".

UPDATE: 10/2/12 
The chimney stack on the funeral home appears to be a match to the crematory chimney stack shown in this crematory manufacturer's video . Based on the visual evidence, the NRC event report, and a third party phone call to the funeral home,  it seems clear that the crematory is on site.

View Larger Map

[Alert] Iodine-125 Radioactive Corpse Dust Released From Wisconsin Funeral Home

The NRC waited 2 weeks to inform us that radioactive Iodine-125 was released at a funeral home in  Whitewater Wisconsin.  The release resulted from the cremation of an individual who a had Iodine-125 mesh implanted in his/her lungs.  A check by the health department found the remains to be radioactive at  "3.8 mR/hr on contact with a plastic bag".   "Radiation readings inside the crematorium were 0.75 mR/hr".

UNsurprisingly, there does not seem to be any indication that any testing was performed down wind of the crematory. Given that iodine is very volatile and spontaneously sublimates to a gas at room temperature that lack of further environmental testing, and the long delay public NRC event report is troubling. The iodine in question has a half life of approximately 60 days.

See NRC event report # 48331

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[WAC] Hajj SARS And Denial of Iranian Hajj Visas Linked

Wild Assed Conjecture of the day: A novel form of SARS has made itself known in Saudi Arabia just in time for the massive Muslim Hajj period to Mecca. The interesting thing is who won't be at this year's Hajj; the Iranians.  The Saudis had denied visas to Iranian Hajji's because the two countries are arch enemies.  One has to wonder if the two issues are linked.

For POTRBLOG it is just a pure [WAC] Wild Assed Conjecture that the novel SARS is IRAN's (or a third party's) response to the visa situation. But have no doubt,  somewhere someone official is looking into the possibility and the consequences.  Who knows, maybe a unexpected comet spotting and earthquake might be next for the region.

Gamma Ray Bursts & Fallout At 37 Times Background Radiation

3 Fallout Events Today!
The fallout worsened as the storms grew stronger and reached higher in the atmosphere
Gamma &  X-ray bursts from lightning were detected by our live full time outdoor radiation monitor. Once burst at approximately 5pm was strong enough to set off our radiation alarm.

The events were as follows:

1pm RAIN 10x over background
5pm STORM 20x over background
11pm STORM 37x background

The red X in the chart below shows the Gamma / X-ray burst which triggered our radiation alarm.
The value recorded in the chart is a one minute average reading. Our radiation alarm triggers off  of a 30 second moving average for anything over 50 CPM. We estimate that the instantaneous Gamma burst detection peaked at 600 counts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

5PM Storms @ 20X Over Background And Lightening Strike Xray Bursts

@4:45 pm we took a sample swipe off of a minivan and got a reading of 20X greater than background radiation. @ approximately 5:10pm a nearby lightening strike released an X-ray burst which triggered our 50cpm alert on our live outdoor radiation monitor.

The difference between  the 10x reading from the 1pm rain and the 20x reading from the 5pm storms was their ability to reach into the upper atmosphere where Fukushima radiation resides. 

A video will likely follow this evening.

1PM Showers At 10X Greater Than Background Radiation

We took a sample swipe off of our truck around 1pm after a short burst of rain came through the area. That reading returned a value of ten times greater than background radiation.
The reading is in line with what is expected Post-Fukushima from rain NOT originating out of the Northern Jetstream. Currently, the Northern Jetstream is located over Canada.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Last of the Southern Jetstream Rain @ 10X Above Background

We took a sample swipe from the truck this evening around 10:30pm; that sample returned a reading of ten times greater than background radiation.  Our live full time outdoor airborne radiation monitor read approximately 2x over background levels.

The swipe reading is typical maximum for post August 2011 Southern Jetstream storms. This reading may be one of the last Southern Jetstream storm of the season, as a strong dip from the Northern Jetstream has pushed in behind these storms.

Post August 2011, the Northern Jetstream storms have typically had MINIMUM readings of 20x greater than background radiation. The primary difference between the Northerly and Southerly Jetstream flows is that the Northern jetstream typically flows over Fukushima.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Southern Jetstream Fallout 18X Greater Than Background Radiation

We took a paper towel swipe from a piece of sheet metal which had been left outside during this evening's rain. The sample returned a reading of 18 times greater than background radiation. The storms stopped around 8pm and the sample was taken about 45 minutes later.

After April, when we suspect there was a fuel rod fire at Fukushima, these samples from storms blowing in on the Southern Jetstream have been running around 20x background radiation. Prior to that period the southern storms had been peaking at 10x over background, and the storms from the northern "Fukushima" Jetstream had been averaging around 20x background. We suspect ongoing elevated releases from Fukushima.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Southern Jetstream Fallout 22X Greater Than Background

At 12:15pm, we took a paper towel swipe from a piece of sheetmetal that had been left out in this morning's rain. That sample returned 22X greater than background radiation. The reading is about twice as high as we  would expect from the post Fukushima southern Jetstream.

Our full time airborne radiation monitor's average moved up by one standard deviation during the 3 hour rain to about 18cpm. The Jetstream was broken but position above Saint Louis during this reading period.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The End of Isaac: 7pm Rain @ 19X Background Radiation

We took a paper towel swipe sample from our truck at 7:20 pm. We expected the readings to be higher because the rain came out of the North and was from the back wrap around edge of hurricane Isaac. As expected, the readings came in higher at 19x over background.

Hurricane Isaac has been a useful indicator which once again has shown that storms driven by the Fukushima influenced Jetstream have much higher radioactivity than storms originating from Africa (via the hurricane corridor)

 In this case as Isaac's first winds from the South blew in several days ago, we had the lowest radiation swipe since Fukushima began, only 5x over background radiation. As Isaac moved towards Saint Louis and more mixing occurred with Jetstream driven air, the radiation swipes increased to 9x over background. Finally, today as the hurricane's back end sucked in airmasses from the North (closer to the Jetstream) our radiation swipe increased to 19x over background radiation. The amazing thing is some people will likely still claim that all the radioactivity is natural LOCAL Radon fallout, as if somehow 3 days of ongoing hurricane driven rain isn't enough to wash all that out on day one.

Friday, August 31, 2012

6pm Tornado Warnings, Radioactive At 12x Background Radiation

In the midsts of several tornado warnings in the area, we took a paper towel swipe sample from our SUV at approximatly 6pm. That sample returned a reading of 12x over background radiation. The reading was a bit higher than we expected / hoped for from a tropical depression, but Tornadoes still do have a way of accessing higher altitude fallout. We don't know if that is the case for this reading, as 12x is still a low reading post Fukushima.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neil Armstrong LASER'ed Petroglyph Monument On MARS, help make it happen!

See the Petition Below:

Neil Armstrong, the first human on the Moon passed away on 8/25/2012; the POTRBLOG team believes it would be an inspiring and fitting monument to his memory and human accomplishment to use the Mars Curiosity's ChemCam LASER to create a dot matrix petroglyph  of Neil Armstrong's name on a Martian Cliff face.  The endeavor would be in the finest tradition human tradition of creating archaeological markers to future generations,  such as Signature Rock at El Morro National Monument, and Chauvet Cave in France.

The JPL image below was not created with our petition in mind, but it does show how the appropriate selection of a Mars Cliff face could provide enough strata to allow an artistic sampling method to create a Neil Armstrong Signature Rock Monument while simultaneously supporting scientific analysis of the strata surfaces selected.

To make the memorial happen please do the following two things:

visit the Mars Curiosity JPL webpage located at
and fill out the feedback form with the following:

We petition that the Mars Curiosity team  make  a Neil Armstrong memorial in the finest human archaeological petroglyph tradition by using Curiosity's ChemCam laser to combine science with art to create a dot matrix petroglyph of Neil Armstrong's name on a Martian cliff face, as described on

Tweet the Mars Rover @MarsCuriosity  with :

@MarsCuriosity #MarsPetroglyph ChemCam Laser a Neil Armstrong memorial PETROGLYPH on a Mars cliff face, see details

8/26/12 Rain Fallout at 9X Background Radiation

We took a sample swipe from the hood of our SUV at approximately 3:30pm; that sample returned a reading of 9X background radiation. The sample is almost double yesterday's reading of 5x background. The difference may be related to the slightly more Southwesterly direction of the in coming moisture mixing with colder winds out of the North resulting in today's storm.

See the above video for more details.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurricane Isaac? Lowest Radioactivity In a LONG Time

When we took our RadRoad trip to the Florida Keys, one thing we immediately noticed was that tropical storms blowing in from Africa had very little radiation in them.

Fast forward to today as tropical storm Isaac is blowing in to the Gulf of Mexico, we have had the lowest radioactive swipe  from a Saint Louis storm  since Fukushima exploded. That reading returned on 5x over background radiation; 3x is the max we would expect pre-Fukushima.

So far it is only a correlation, but the Jet stream map and surface winds suggest that Isaac is keeping the Fukushima winds at bay. If Issac continues to strengthen we may have a chance to take more data.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

USA Radioactive Ground Beef Test Results 2012, 2011, 2010

Thank you for your donations to our professional food testing effort. We received $1016 in pre-tax donations and  spent approximately $1900 for professional Gamma Spectrometry, Strontium, and Plutonium testing on 100% grass fed and grass finished Missouri ground beef. 

Based on the results we found clear evidence of Cesium-137 contaminating US ground beef; we also found indications of a recent fuel rod fire showing up as Barium 140. On the positive news side, the 2012 drought has reduced contamination, and the geography combined with the soil composition of our particular farmer's land seems to have removed the bio-available Cesium from the grass at a rate faster than the ongoing fallout deposition. However, there are also some indications that Cobalt-60 has become bio-available since the onset of Fukushima.

Please watch the complete video for more detail and information on the tests and what other factors may mitigate exposure to the long term build up of Fukushima fallout.

As a show of appreciation for those people who previously donated to our food testing effort, we will be making available the raw lab data (minus personal and lab identifying information). If you previously donated and would like a copy of the lab data for your own personal use please email at the address in your PayPal receipt.

If you would like step-up and to donate to support our testing efforts and future tests we have planned, please use the DONATE button below.

Radioactive Rain Remains

On August 8th we took a paper towel swipe sample from a piece of sheet metal left out in the rain; that swipe returned our 3rd highest radioactive reading since Fukushima began, ninety one times greater than background radiation.

Since then, we have continued to run continuous Geiger counter readings of both the sample and background radiation. Those readings have continued to show that radioactive fallout remains detectable on the sample. (see video below)

We now update the results from our previous video with an additional 5 days of continuous sampling. As seen in the graph above, there continues to be a persistent long half life radioactive rain remnant remaining at 0.04 counts per second (2.4 counts per minute)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Avoid Watershed Bottomlands! Persistent Radioactive Fallout in Rainfall

Avoid Watershed Bottomlands

The August 8th storms which passed through Saint Louis have left behind persistent long half life radioactive materials. The fallout measured from our paper towel swipe continues to be radioactive at 2.4 counts per minute above background radiation.  This spike in radioactivity correlates well with Iodine-131 detections in Japanese sewage sludge.

Avoid Watershed Bottomlands

Updated to include charts

Note that the last chart has had the elapsed time corrected to reflect  readings taken every 6 minutes. 
The previous version of this chart had 15 minute readings shown from approximately 3000 minutes onward. The correction does not effect any calculations/results; it only serves to show that the readings were taken over a 8000+ minute time period and not a 17000+ minute time period as previously indicated.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

3:30pm Storms @ 9X Greater Than Background Radiation

 After an hour long thunder storm, we took a paper towel swipe sample off of the surface of our truck at approximately 3:40pm, . That sample returned a reading of 9X background radiation. Our live airborne radiation monitor did show an up tick, see chart below.

. Compared to our 8/8/12 storm readings which were 91 times greater than background radiation (and still continue to be radioactive),  the current sample is one of the lower readings we have had since Fukushima.  The amount of fallout in our rain strongly correlates to the Jetstream's location. At present, the Jetstream is broken up and several hundred miles north of Saint Louis.

Monday, August 13, 2012

MAXIMUM ALERT! Cesium-137 Detected In Pennsylvania

UPDATE: In an interesting coincidence, the Pennsylvania Health Department started making free Potassium Iodide pills available to the public on August 9th (see this press release)

30,000 DPM of Cesium-137 were detected on a 100 square centimeter surface of a dry casket tractor trailer rig in Pennsylvania; NRC Event Number: 48178.  This detection was of REMOVABLE Cs-137, meaning that weathering would have removed the contamination after some time period.

We suspect that the rig was contaminated by the Jet Stream borne rain storm which blew through  the Pa area around approximately August 5th.  Our own readings have detected significantly elevated levels of airborne and surface radioactive contamination in the past free weeks. See the video above for full details on the Cs-137 detection.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zambada-Niebla Spills the Coke On Obama's Fast and Furious Sinaloa Cocaine Contra Affair

 It wasn’t about tracking guns, it was about supplying them — all part of an elaborate agreement between the U.S. government and Mexico’s powerful Sinaloa Cartel to take down rival cartels.  

We told you about these apparent connection  back on 9/26/2011, but only now is the media starting to report about  Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla of Sinola Cartel fame spilling the beans on Obama's Fast And Furious Sinaloa Cocaine Contra Los Zetas - Hezbollah Scandal.

The apparent unholy harmonic convergence of desired political outcomes driving Obama's Fast and Furious gun running scandal to the Sinaloa cartel are as follows:
  1. Give the Sinaloa drug lords the upper hand in their war against the "Los Zetas" drug cartel (and its partnership with Iranian backed Hezbollah.)
  2. Destroy our God given right to resist tyranny as expressed by the 2nd Amendment
  3. Accomplish Items 1 and 2 above by having uncle Sam buy a bunch of guns for their favorite Mexican cartel and have the media blame the result on gunshows, gun dealers, and red necks.
Unfortunately, don't expect a modern day Woodward and Bernstein to show up and investigate the trifecta above. If the government's Fast and Furious relationship had not been stated in court by the Sinola cartel's supposed logistics officer,  Zambada-Niebla, even this much of the story would not  just now be tinkling out in the press.  Based on the date of this court filing which lays out the details of the affair, the media should have been all over this story back in July of 2011.

Even without prior knowledge about the court filling, the POTRBLOG team saw the connections back  in September of 2011. One has to question what ever happened to the concept of news reporting ala the "4th Estate"? Despite the 4th Estates self appointed/anointed job  to prevent a 4th Reich;, they seem more like comrades in arms to the same.


Our full time airborne radiation monitor alarmed at 50 CPM during the 11:30pm Saint Louis storms. The unusually high airborne readings caused us to follow up with a surface swipe of a piece of sheet metal that had been left out in the rain. That swipe returned a reading of 91 TIMES greater than background radiation.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alert: Unusual Airborne Radiation Spike In 10:30pm Storms

Updated 10:45pm: Levels spiking even higher
Earlier Graph below

Our full time live airborne radiation monitor is detecting unusually high airborne radioactivity, as seen in the chart above.


Libyan Arms Trafficking to "Free" Syrian Army Abdul Wahid

The video below shows a supposed "Free" Syrian Army member shooting a Belgium FAL. The interesting thing about this armament is that the Libyan army had large stocks of FALs and they were in prominent use during their uprising.  The presence of these FALs in Syria is a strong indicator that the Syrian rebels are being supported by the new Libyan government. It would also be safe to guess that there are SAS trained Libyan rebels being used as force multipliers in the conflict.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

11pm STL Storms @ 11X Over Background Radiation

Two storms so far today, 8/4/12. The first storm at 5am markedly increased airborne readings on our full-time radiation monitor. The second storm, which passed at approximately 11pm, had a lesser impact on the full time monitor. (see chart below).

We were able to do a surface swipe of a sheet metal surface after the 2nd storm,at approximately 11:30pm. The swipe returned a reading of 11x background radiation; that reading is one of the lowest readings we have had for an extended period of time.

More storms are inbound, updates to follow Sunday.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ALERT: Over 1000 CPM Radioactivity Reported In Charleston, SC

There has been a report of a radioactive swipe reading exceeding 1000 counts per minute taken in Charleston, Sc. Hopefully the person taking the data will have further updates available.
See the initial report here.

This report has triggered an ALERT because we believe it indicates higher levels of radioactivity in the upper atmosphere. We plan to have an updated analysis this evening. Updated with video.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unsubstantiated Speculation of the Day:

Unsubstantiated speculation of the day:

(1) DDR trained researchers in North Korea shared super drug with China.

(2) Ebola has traded  some virulence  in favor of a new more virulent vector.

(3) A reaction in the last 2 months was the prime driver in sliding the Fukushima Spent Fuel pool schedule to the left.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

37X Background Radiation in 12:30pm STL Storms

The rain/storm from this morning ended at approximately 12:30pm. A swipe from our truck returned a reading 37x greater than background levels. A swipe taken 3 hours earlier returned  a reading of 27x greater than background radiation. Our live outdoor airborne radiation monitor recorded an approximately 50% increase in background radiation. (see below)

A quick look at chart indicates that weather moved into the area around 5am with an initial peak in radioactivity that may represent local washout. From 6am to 12pm airborne radioactivity increased as the leading edge of the jetstream neared Saint Louis.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Elevated Levels" of Radiation Found In Saint Louis Storm Water System

A Saint Louis TV news station, KMOV channel 4, is reporting that the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD)  and the US Army Core of Engineers have detected  UNKNOWN radioactive materials in Saint Louis storm water runoff and sewer system.

 " about 2600 disintegrations per minute were detected, but that reading was not high enough to trigger more investigation.  Typically, Cotner says that a reading of at least 6000 disintegrations per minute would lead to more sampling.

The above quote draws significant concern from the POTRBLOG team; for the following reasons:

1. It is not possible to calculate disintegrations per minute for an UNKNOWN material.
2. The report massively downplays the risk,  and the need for further testing, based on calculation that are not possible given that they state they don't know what the radioactive material really is.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

12x Background Radiation In 7/8/12 STL Storms

We captured our first live airborne radiation reading during a thunderstorm via our new outdoor radiation monitor. Live data from our Saint Louis outdoor Geiger counter may be seen at the following link.

The live data indicated an approximate 4 CPM jump from 14 CPM to 18 CPM.
A sample swipe taken from our truck after the rain ended indicated levels about 12 times greater than background.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

ALERT! Solar Proton Spallation Event Watch

A strong Solar  X-class flare on 7/6/12 may result in a large Earthly proton bombardment. Under the right conditions, these protons could impact airborne Fukushima fallout and produce a veritable witch's brew of radioactive iodines and other spallation products.

Typically when these events happen, the effects are first reported in the Nordic countries as radioiodine detections of indeterminate origins.  We suspect that the recent upswing in Fukushima fallout may result in unusual phenomena tied to this X -class flare. Please watch for and share any reports of any unusual activity.

For more information on solar proton spallations see these previous blog posts

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Live Saint Louis Outdoor Radiation Monitor

We have now added a live outdoor radiation monitoring capable to the POTRBLOG website. It is still in an experimental phase and the presented data should be taken with that in mind. The live video stream for the monitor and real time wind maps are available on the POTRBLOG site at the following link

Alternatively you may select the tab at the top of POTRBLOG site marked

Live Saint Louis Outdoor Radiation Monitor

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Emergency MELTDOWN Generators Shutdown: It's TOO DANG HOT at the Nuclear Plant

Prairie Island Minnesota Nuclear Plant had to shutdown emergency diesel generators because the outside air temperature was just too dang hot.

So what exactly is too dang hot? According to today's NRC event report Prairie Island Nuclear has to shut down its D1 and D2 generators when the outside air temperature get above 97 degrees F.

So on the hottest days of the year when the electrical grid is at its most strained and the chances of having a Station Blackout (SBO) are highest, the emergency backup generators which help keep the nuclear core from going Fukushima during a SBO have to be shutdown? That just sounds stupid doesn't it?

Of course now that Prairie Island Nuclear is aware of the problem surely they will get right on the ball and have the problem fixed before next summer?  Sadly that is unlikely given that they reported the EXACT same problems on June 8th of 2011.

Who knows? they may have been shutting down these emergency diesel generators during the highest Station Black Out risk periods for many summers. We only checked back one year; see these NRC event reports.

NRC Event Number: 48063

NRC  Event Number: 46934

So why don't the nuclear plants fix these issues, and why does the Nuclear Regulatory Commission not address the issue? Simple, the insurance company does not make them.

The fact is that no private insurance company would underwrite today's sorry state of nuclear affairs; but that is not a problem for the Nuclear plants because you and I are forced to be their insurance providers. And, its not a problem for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission because they'll get their paychecks no matter how crappy of a risk mitigation job they perform, after all they have direct access to our wallet too.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reduce Your Cesium Fallout Uptake, Choose 100% GRASS FED Beef

With the 4th of July coming up, 100% grass fed  and  grass finished beef  is our risk mitigating choice for the grill.

We will cover this subject in more detail when we release our analysis of the nearly $2000 dollars worth of professional radiological laboratory tests we have had performed on the pre and post Fukushima beef samples. (Many thanks to those who stepped up and helped us fund this effort by using the DONATE button on our webpage;  so far we have raised approximately $439 of donations to off set the lab costs ).

Pending the release of the  tests performed on our own farmer's grass fed and well watered beef, we suggest reading these two Cold War era studies of the Cesium uptake of grass fed and grain fed beef.
The transfer coefficient of 137Cs from feed to meat was about twice as great for a high grain ration as for rations high in roughage or about 3.0% as compared to 1.5%.

Metabolism of Radioactive Cesium and Potassium by Dairy Cattle as Influenced by High and Low Forage Diets 

The data also showed a less efficient transfer to milk with diets consisting predominantly of hay as compared with rations containing a high percentage of grain.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Going Max Alert : Air, Food, & Water - Cobalt 60 and Sb-124

We are maintaining our maximum alert for airborne and rain related radioactive fallout.
Because of the increased risk, we are working on improving our air monitoring capability. We believe the risk is proportional to Jet Stream location and to the magnitude of short half life radioactivity detected in fresh rainfall.

Additionally, there are 'low' level indications of  Cobalt 60 and Antimony 124 in our most recent June 2012 beef gamma spectrometry tests. We are still analyzing the beef results and hopefully will have the analysis ready before the Independence day holiday. In the mean time, we believe that selecting  100% grass fed beef is the best risk mitigation position for beef. Based on Cold War research, we suspect that grain fed beef is likely a greater risk.

More to follow.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

39X Background Radiation 12 AM 6/17/12

Prior to Fukushima hitting  ground water in August 2011, this paper towel swipe, from a piece of sheet metal, would have been in our top 5 highest readings ever. After August 2011, in the new normal, this reading is only high above average. Our highest reading ever was 276X background radiation.

However, there is an additionally  troubling thing about this reading and that is that the jetstream is several hundred miles north of Saint Louis over Minnesota. With a reading of 39X, we would expect the jet stream to be directly overhead.

On a positive news side, we did not notice any elevated airborne radioactivity while we were conducting the sampling process.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Indiana Take Two X-rays To The Chest, But Don't Call In The Morning

If you took two X-rays to the chest while you were sleeping, would you want to know about it in the morning?
That is the question facing South Bend, Indiana residents.
The rest of us may face that question soon enough.

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brunswick Nuclear Sabotage Again? North Carolina Be Alert!

Once again another strange "Event" reported by the NRC at the  Brunswick North Carolina nuclear plant.
But before we get into the details of the event report, first lets deal with a simple question.

What would happen if all of a sudden the Forth Knox gold depository had a on site failure  that resulted in a loss of site Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS), Emergency Response Data System (ERDS) and Plant Process Computer (PPC)? 

Imagine Fort Knox being blind to what is happening in their facility for a 2 hour period. What do you think they would suspect might be happening? Now imagine that happening at a nuclear plant that has a reported history of sabotage.

Well you don't have to imagine it, because it happened yesterday at the Brunswick North Carolina nuclear plant. From  the NRC event report # 48019

"At 1757 EDT on 6/12/12, Brunswick Nuclear Plant experienced a fault on the Emergency Response Facility Information System (ERFIS) uninterruptible power supply (UPS) electrical bus 'A'. This resulted in a loss of site Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS), Emergency Response Data System (ERDS) and Plant Process Computer (PPC) for both Unit 1 and Unit 2. The cause of the fault is not yet understood and under investigation. No other major plant effects occurred and no major plant evolutions are planned. 
"During the loss of SPDS, the emergency response capability of that system was lost to the site. During the loss of ERDS, the automatic data transfer feature of that system was lost for transmissions to the NRC, however manual data transfer is still available. During the loss of the PPC, automatic core thermal power averaging and automatic core thermal limit monitoring was lost. Manual calculations are available for these functions. 
"Unit 1 SPDS was restored to the Emergency Operations Facility (EOF) at 1949 EDT. Unit 2 SPDS was restored to the EOF at 2030 EDT. ERDS and PPC remain unavailable with troubleshooting in progress. Both units reduced power to 98% as a conservative measure. 
"The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified."

The NRC has documented serious sabotage at the Brunswick Nuclear plant. They have also explained away some happenings, like not properly bolting down the lid of a nuclear reactor, in a way that can only be described as complete, total, and utter incompetence.

So what are we to make of the recent "event" at Brunswick?  Well, what would they think and how would they respond had this happened at Fort Knox or at a 'deadly force authorized'  nuclear weapons/materials storage facility?

Given its history, our take is that if we lived any where near or downwind of Brunswick nuclear plant, we would be concerned about what was either just stolen at Brunswick or what might have just been set up to happen next.

We would be less concerned about these things if the happenings at Brunswick were investigated from a criminal standpoint (just to be safe) versus the NRC method of relying on incompetence over malice.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Data Shows Highly Radioactive Field Saturated Geiger Counter In South Bend Indiana

We have reanalyzed  the data from the June 6-7th, 2012 airborne radioactive detection in South Bend, Indiana.

The key findings are as follows:

  1. The termination edge of the Jet Stream was located over the radioactive detection area
  2. The high radioactive readings commenced after the 5 mph North wind dropped to zero mph.
  3. The high radioactive readings persisted for the entire 5 hours the wind was not blowing
  4. The high radioactive readings stopped when the wind picked up at 5 mph from the west. 
  5. Normal radioactive readings continued for 40 minutes after the surface wind resumption ended the event. 
  6. The bimodal "clipped" peak features and dropout shown in the 5 hour long radioactive detection are from a highly radioactive field saturating the detector's Geiger-Mueller tube.
  7. Hysteresis is evident on the saturation recovery condition side of the readings.
  8. A Weibull based radiation intensity distribution approximates both ends of the detection curve.
  9. High Beta radiation (electrons) likely tripped the reported Ground Fault Interrupt outlet.
  10. There is no simple power supply driven failure mode that can duplicate the above conditions.
  11. Higher airborne radioactive readings have been detected along the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream.

The key steps forward are as follows:
  1. Perform sample swipes in and around the specific area Geiger counter area
  2. Identify the specific detection location within at minimum a 5 mile area.
  3. Identify the specifics of the Geiger counter and associated setup.
  4. Attempt  to replicate the 5 hour long detection via a power supply / GFI failure
Possible conclusions:
  1. The airborne fallout was from a small  but very radioactive source near the detection location
  2. A near source scenario would likely be South-East of the location, or possibly North of the location.
  3. A far source scenario would be Jet Stream born

ALERT! Indiana High Radiation Event Likely True Occurrence


The  June 6-7, 2012 high radiation event in South Bend, Indiana was likely an actual detection of high levels of radioactivity. We have completed a reanalysis of the data from the Indiana detection and resolved a previous ambiguity related to bi-modal peak clipping evident in the detection data.

Despite supportive wind data and a matching increase and decline and radioactivity, our initial false detection  "gut reaction" was influenced by a report of an electrical fault. That fault report limited our analysis boundary condition in viewing the bimodial peaking clipping radiation reading as possibly being driven by a wiring fault.

Further analysis indicates that the bimodal radiation peaking is actually extremely strongly indicative of an actual high range radioactive field being measured by the Geiger counter.

Much, much more is to follow. A video update with an easier to understand explanation will follow this evening.


Max Alert Continuation! Airborne Radiation + Ground Shine at 3x Above Background Radiation

Another very unusual radioactive fallout reading this morning. It started storming around 9am and blew through by 10:30 am. At 10:45 we went outside to take a sample.

As soon as we stepped outside the Geiger counter started reading 3 times above normal background radiation. We took a paper towel sample swipe from a sheet metal surface and it returned approximately 29X greater than background radiation.

We took free air readings at approximately 4 feet above the ground. With the Geiger counter pointed perpendicular to the ground we had an airborne reading of approximately 2x over background radiation. Pointing the Geiger counter directly towards the ground to measure "ground shine", the same reading at 4 feet returned a value of 3x over background radiation.

We took a reading from approximately 1cm above the surface of a plastic garbage can, that reading was 7x above background radiation.

The situation remains very unusual because of the ground shine and airborne readings. The situation is additionally unusually in that the Jet Stream is not directly over head, but rather a few hundred miles to the North West. As a result, our Maximum Alert for the Jet Stream an rainfall avoidance remains in effect.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Airborne 300X Radiation Alert In Indiana, and How To Spot False Alerts

Data Shows Highly Radioactive Field Saturated Geiger Counter In South Bend Indiana


From midnight of June 6th 2012 to 4am June 7th 2012, there was a four hour alert sent out on private radiation monitoring networks concerning a private radiation monitor in South Bend, Indiana which was detecting airborne radioactivity at 300-400 times above background levels.

In this video we step though our rapid methodology for judging the veracity of these kinds of detections. As a bonus, at the end of the video we give a sneak preview of the results from our professional laboratory testing of Pre and Post Fukushima Ground beef.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maximum Jet Stream Alert, STAY OUT OF THE RAIN!

We are extending our Maximum Alert to stay out of the Jet Stream and rain for the following reasons.

(1) Recent large Iodine 131 detections in Japan
(2) Multiple individual reports of high AIRBORNE radiation along the Jet Stream
(3) EPA Radnet data showing high, multi hour, AIRBORNE radiation

Given our own readings on 6/4/12 of airborne radiation 5 times greater than normal levels, we consider this a prudent risk mitigation move.

We consider it imperative to STAY OUT OF THE RAIN, and to use home HEPA air filters.

Current Jet stream Map

Monday, June 4, 2012

San Francisco ALERT! 3X AIRBORNE Radioactivity Detected

Our "Maximum Alert" detection of 5x Airborne Radioactivity detected in Saint Louis, resulted in a report of a 3x AIRBORNE detection of radioactivity 1 hour north of San Francisco, California. We can not verify the report as it came in the comment section of the previous blogpost, however given that the Fukushima Jet Stream was directly overhead in both San Francisco and Saint Louis at the time of detection it deserves an Alert of its own.


Update: We are experiencing difficulty uploading the video to YouTube, hopefully this will rectify shortly.
UPDATE: There is also a 3X AIRBORNE detection in San Francisco, see blog comment section below


We noticed elevated AIRBORNE radioactivity after a super cell thunder storm moved near our location. The heaviest part of the storm had passed approximately 15 minutes prior to the readings you will see in the video.

These are the highest airborne radioactivity readings we have ever measured in Saint Louis. The airborne readings can be seen at the start of the video and at approximately 5:20 minutes into the video. At the 5:20 minute mark we retrieved two additional pancake Geiger counters to confirm the measurements. These two additional Geiger counters were set to record 6 minute averages but visually update more frequently; one of them had the Beta shield removed. The original Geiger counter was recording on a 30 second moving average.