Sunday, September 2, 2012

The End of Isaac: 7pm Rain @ 19X Background Radiation

We took a paper towel swipe sample from our truck at 7:20 pm. We expected the readings to be higher because the rain came out of the North and was from the back wrap around edge of hurricane Isaac. As expected, the readings came in higher at 19x over background.

Hurricane Isaac has been a useful indicator which once again has shown that storms driven by the Fukushima influenced Jetstream have much higher radioactivity than storms originating from Africa (via the hurricane corridor)

 In this case as Isaac's first winds from the South blew in several days ago, we had the lowest radiation swipe since Fukushima began, only 5x over background radiation. As Isaac moved towards Saint Louis and more mixing occurred with Jetstream driven air, the radiation swipes increased to 9x over background. Finally, today as the hurricane's back end sucked in airmasses from the North (closer to the Jetstream) our radiation swipe increased to 19x over background radiation. The amazing thing is some people will likely still claim that all the radioactivity is natural LOCAL Radon fallout, as if somehow 3 days of ongoing hurricane driven rain isn't enough to wash all that out on day one.

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