Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[WAC] Hajj SARS And Denial of Iranian Hajj Visas Linked

Wild Assed Conjecture of the day: A novel form of SARS has made itself known in Saudi Arabia just in time for the massive Muslim Hajj period to Mecca. The interesting thing is who won't be at this year's Hajj; the Iranians.  The Saudis had denied visas to Iranian Hajji's because the two countries are arch enemies.  One has to wonder if the two issues are linked.

For POTRBLOG it is just a pure [WAC] Wild Assed Conjecture that the novel SARS is IRAN's (or a third party's) response to the visa situation. But have no doubt,  somewhere someone official is looking into the possibility and the consequences.  Who knows, maybe a unexpected comet spotting and earthquake might be next for the region.

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