Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Linear Defect" = "Leaking Cracked Steel" With 10 Tons of Liquid and Gaseous Uranium Hexafluoride Behind It.

Alternate title: How to know when there is something that should scare the crap out of you in a NRC event report.

When a leaking crack in a pressure vessel holding back up to TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS of liquid and gaseous  Uranium Hexafluoride is called a "linear defect", its your sign that somebody doesn't want you to understand something that should scare the crap out of you otherwise.


For a better understanding of this event see our previous blogpost:
Paducah Kentucky Dodged a 20,000 Lb Uranium Hexafluoride Bullet

Paducah Kentucky Dodged a 20,000 Lb Uranium Hexafluoride Bullet

Today the NRC released an event report which we believe indicates that Paducah Kentucky dodged a 20,000 pound Uranium Hexafluoride Bullet on the week before Halloween. The event report states there was only a "small release"; what they don't tell is that 30 milligrams of the stuff is enough to cause "potential irreversible adverse effects" (such as death).

There were 3 things that really drew our attention to the NRC report.

(1) The problem was caused by an escaped manufacturing defect in a pressure vessel, whose catastrophic failure would have released potentially 9 BILLION DEADLY DOSES of UF6

(2) The problem was "fixed" by patching the pressure vessel.

(3) We like Paducah Kentucky, especially the Backwoods BBQ .

Fortunately the failure was not catastrophic, but we have little doubt that a massive glow in the dark, Bhopal like, radiological/chemical catastrophe was dodged in Paducah, Ky. We wager somewhere in a dark room there exists an analysis that quantifies how close the failure came to being disastrous; but we also wager that it will never see the light of day. Given the risks, one must assume that the economic and/or national security risks must have driven the decision to repair instead of replacing the damaged pressure vessel; it certainly does not seem like a decision primarily driven by safety concerns.

Of course the NRC event reports are never written to make the uninformed aware of the Sword of Damocles hovering over their heads. Heck, the report doesn't even let you directly know that the leak happened in Paducah.  For there to be any real chance of these NRC event reports being universally informative, they really ought to be translated by Larry the Cable Guy. In such a case, the current report would have read something like this:"Gaseous Diffusion Plant Makes Pudachinas Poop Their Britches Permanently"

Update: The leaking crack in this incident was originally refereed to as a "LINEAR DEFECT", see our next blogpost for the details:
"Linear Defect" = "Leaking Cracked Steel" With 10 Tons of Liquid and Gaseous Uranium Hexafluoride Behind It.
Alternate title: How to know when there is something that should scare the crap out of you in a NRC event report.

Monday, December 19, 2011

17X Background Radiation in 12/19/11 Saint Louis Rainfall

Today we took two sample swipes from the truck. The first at approxmiately 4:30 pm and the next at approximately 8:30 pm. The 4:30pm swipe read 16.9 times greater than background radiation, and the 8:30pm swipe read 17.5 times greater than background radiation.

The current rain seems to be derived mostly from the Northern Jet Stream, which post August 2011 has been dropping radioactive rainfall usually reading a minimum of 20 times background radiation. The max reading observed during that same time span was 276 times greater than background radiation.

Additional rain is forecast for the area tomorrow, 12/20/11; the current Jet Stream maps seem to indicate that rain will be mostly from the Southern Jet Stream. If that turns out to be the case, we would expect the radiation levels in the rain to drop (based on previous history). However, that Southern Jet Stream was also strongly influenced by a low pressure area which had been cycling over the ocean between southern California and Baja Mexico. That circulation had been strong enough to pull the Northern Jet Stream down into the Southern Jet Stream; the low may also aided in the volatilization of any ocean born radioactive contamination in the area. Tomorrow's readings, if it rains, may prove interesting.

The Jet Stream maps may be found at

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A $5 App Turns Your Smart Phone Camera Into a RADIATION DETECTOR

We stumbled across the smart phone apps as we were investigating what looks like the latest inncident of TEPCO adding Nalgene radiation shields to their cameras to block/reduce the very affect that the "Radioactivity Counter Rolf-Dieter Klein" leverages to use your smartphone camera as a radiation detector.

The App costs $4.99 and you can find it here; The POTRBLOG team has not tried the APP, nor are we in any way affiliated with it; but it does look interesting. The FAQ on the APP may be found HERE

Below are some videos of the work that went into the application.

TEPCO Apparently Covering More Cameras With Nalgene Radiation Shields

We previously have pointed out that TEPCO has apparently modified their WebCam with Nalgene radiation shields; we have also seen some evidence that they are also using Nalgene shields to take their plant videos. The glare lines in the following screen shot of TEPCO's 12/14/11 video shows the glare associated with that kind of shielding.

As discussed in our prior post on the subject, CCD / CMOS cameras are sensitive to radiation. The two videos below will give you some idea of that sensitivity. The videos were created by a group that has created a Smart Phone application that uses the phone's camera as a radiation detector.

If you are interested in the "Radioactivity Counter Rolf-Dieter Klein" application, it costs $4.99 and you can find it here. The POTRBLOG team has not tried the APP, nor are we in any way affiliated with it; but it does look interesting. The video below shows the level of effort required to calibrate the APP on your phone.

Friday, December 16, 2011

California Hwy Patrol Says: 'Anything Above 3x Background Radiation Is A HAZMAT Incident'

According to this NRC Event report, the California Hwy Patrol stopped a linen truck for having radioactivity above THREE times background radiation,
"The CHP said that their protocols dictate that anything above three times background is treated as a hazmat incident"

Knowing California to be the regulatory paradise that it is, it would not surprise us if it were actually a crime NOT to report anything above 3x background radiation to the police as a HAZMAT incident. Given the radioactive materials falling out of the Jet Stream thanks to Fukushima, such a reporting requirement could turn into the largest HAZMAT incident ever reported.

JAPAN: Government Says Stricken Titanic Cruise Liner Is In Cold Shutdown / Iceberg Dock

Breaking Alert-   11:50  pm on 14 April 1912

Japanese Governmental Representatives of the White Star Line Says Stricken Titanic Cruise Liner in Cold Shutdown / Iceberg Dock.

"A stable condition has been achieved. It is judged that the accident on the Titanic itself has ceased," he added, that the ship's band could continue to play, even in the event of "unforeseeable incidents."

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obama's Fast And Furious Sinaloa Cocaine Contra Los Zetas - Hezbollah Scandal

As previously reported by us, "Fast and Furious" was Obama's plan to underwrite the Sinaloa Drug cartel; the operational name was short for how fast can we get a furious public to destroy the 2nd Amendment while still getting a desired political outcome in Mexico. The answer was obvious, have uncle Sam buy a bunch of guns for their favorite Mexican cartel and blame the result on gunshows, gun dealers, and red necks.

Emails have finally come out in the mass media showing the ATF used their own gun running operation as a pretext to increase their power and decrease every American's God given right to resist tyranny. It also happens that stories came out at the same time that Iran's Hezbollah had aligned itself with another Mexican drug ring which just happens to be in a hot drug war with the Sinaloa cartel. Hezbollah is the colonial revolutionary export wing of the Iranian theocracy (not our best friends at the moment)

The recent release of ATF emails detailing the desire to leverage the outcome of their own gun running to disarm us is finally shedding light on why the Obama administration chose to subsidize the Sinaloa drug gang with less effective weapons than the Sinaloas could have gotten from their own Mexican military connections. Obviously American Civilian weapons were preferable because their presence could be wrongly blamed on our God given rights; of course, given the on going drug war in Mexico there could have also been logistical reasons too.

But that alone does not completely cover the risk scenario the Fast and Furious operation undertook; media excuses for the ATF and the concept of bungling bureaucrats don't explain the totality of what actually happened. What does complete the picture is Obama's desire to give the Sinaloa drug lords the upper hand in their war against the "Los Zetas" drug cartel (and its partnership with Hezbollah.)

If the Zetas are getting international "State" support, it is only obvious that Obama administration would seek to counter that influence with its own support of their 'good' drug lord buddies who just happen to be in a dead on fight with the ZETA's and their Hezbollah compadres.

In the end what we have here in "Fast and Furious" is Obama's own version of Iran Contra, the only difference being that it is our 2nd amendment right to resist tyranny which is being held hostage.

Of course tyranny is the kind of crazy talk only weirdos like Rachel Maddow would apply to this administration (or any future Demopublican, Republicrat administration)

see these links on the Zeta -Hezbolla connections:
Alarm Grows in Congress, U.S. Intelligence, Over Iran's Latin America Threat

U.S probing cyberattack plot by Venezuela, Iran

Documents: ATF used "Fast and Furious" to make the case for gun regulations

All in all it makes one wonder how we solved all the illegal alcohol cartel problems during prohibition, maybe there are some lessons there?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[Good News] 1:00 pm 12/14/11 Fallout Rain in Saint Louis Only 7X Greater Than Background Radiation

A 1:00 pm sample swipe of the rain off the SUV returned a reading of 7X background radiation. It appears that the La Nina weather pattern is pushing the Southern Jetstream towards Saint Louis; the result is reduced fallout from Fukushima.

Since the corium hit Fukushima ground water in August, Radon and meltdown products have been moved towards North America via the Northern Jetstream. Rains from the Northern Jetstream have dumped short half life radiation with readings above 276 times greater than background radiation (2.76 mR/hr) on Saint Louis; The very same rains have also dumped long lasting radioactive fallout which continues to be detectable. At least one of the rains has had strong indications of the presence of Neptunium 239 (which quickly decays to Plutonium 239). There have also been previous indications of Iodine 133 / Xenon 133, however those detections have a greater uncertainty than previously thought.

It appears the La Nina weather pattern will be protective of the Saint Louis area, and points South) through out the winter. The primary Fallout risks will be from the encroachment of the Northern Jetstream, and the resultant snow/ice.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[Good News] 5:50pm 12/13/11 Saint Louis Radioactive Fallout Only 8x Background Radiation

Good News, this is the lowest radioactive fallout reading we have had in a rain swipe from our truck since July 2011. Much lower than our previous record of 276 times greater than background radiation. Long term testing of this sample will provide more information.

We attribute the low reading to the primary influence of the Southern Jetstream (thank you "la Nina"). If this pattern continues, our greatest fallout risks this winter will be when the Northern (Fukushima carrying) Jetstream and Southern Jetstream converge to bring snow and ice to Saint Louis.

You may follow the Jet Stream at the following link

Monday, December 12, 2011

NOW Is an Excellent Time To Buy A Geiger Counter!

Right now is a good time to order a Surface Contamination Meter type Geiger Counter such as the Medcom Inspector Geiger Counter. The current "bird in the hand" sweet spot of public apathy/ignorance combined with a supply chain that has met initial high demand Geiger counter demand has led to situation where you can order a good "pancake" style Geiger counter with minimal waiting. The "two in the bush" pricing scenario would be about 6 months to a year out assuming nothing happens in Fukushima to increase demand (or hyper inflation hits).

Because of this improved scenario we have finally added a Geiger counter to our "Risk Mitigation widget". At the moment the very best deal seems to be the Inspector with an extreme boot protective case for $555. That is the best price we have seen in a long time. Act now if you think you need a Geiger counter. (If you don't have a water filter yet, your money would be better spent buying one)

Here is a link to the best deal we have seen on the Inspector + Extreme Boot $555

[Bone Cancer Alert] LARGE NRC Event Regarding Medical Positron Emission Tomography "PET" Scans

This is a breaking alert of considerable note; the information and analysis is subject to change. We make note of this alert because it has a LARGE upside risk of potentially injured people and because of the strange way the NRC seems to be under-reporting the event.

A person was stopped at the US border because of high radioactivity readings. That person had undergone a medical cardiac PET scan using Rubidium -82. The person had significant levels of Strontium 82 and 85 detected. The individual underwent further testing at Oak Ridge National Labs and "whole body counting indicated an expected dose of 4.9 rem"

In a very strange situation the NRC has apparently used this person's dosage as the reference point above which they will claim a "medical event" has occurred. This methodology seems to be designed to under report the risk. In essence the NRC is defining a "medical event" as the ability of the Border Patrol to detect high levels of radiation from a person crossing the border.

For all legitimate intents and purposes it seems as if the NRC has picked a reporting threshold that is not defensible by its own standards. Per the NRC's event report "the definition of a medical event is '[a] dose that differs from the prescribed dose or dose that would have resulted from the prescribed dosage by more than 0.05 Sv (5 rem)' and that 'differs from the prescribed dose by 20 percent or more.' " Note: that it does NOT say -"which ever is greater", which seems to be the standard the NRC is using.

One would think that the real medical event would be a person being injected with a Rubidium-82 source that was contaminated with Strontium-82 / Strontium-85 and as a result getting a bone seeking dose of radiation that is lasting for many months instead of the mere minutes it was supposed to have lasted.

In that regard the FDA has recalled (voluntary) the CardioGen-82 product apparently responsible for this incident. But we question why the NRC has chosen benchmark for reporting that seems to be designed to under-report the issue. Moreover, one has to question if the risk goes beyond the CardioGen-82 product, and applies to any Rubidium-82 generator. One thing is for sure, the POTRBLOG team will not be undergoing any PET scans using Rb-82 and if we knew anyone who had undergone such diagnostic testing would would alert them to the issue.

Given that Rb-82 has replaced Technetium-99m in PET scans because of a shortage of Tc-99m, there are potentially a large number of people who may be affected by this issue, probably MANY more than the NRC would like to have show up in its event reports; likely, to the extent that one should expect to start seeing advertisements from lawyers looking for people who had PET scans with Rb-82 and now have or are likely to get bone cancer.

Expect this story to potentially explode as these patients come to understand their risk of bone cancer. On the other hand, we suspect that only a small percentage of the actual risk pool was ever notified. If the safety of the public were truly the foremost issue, anyone who had undergone a Rb-82 PET scan would have been notified of the issue much sooner than now.

See the NRC event report here: Event Report #47503

Friday, December 9, 2011

West Coast USA Be Prepared: An Emergency Happened In Fukushima on 12/7/11

Some sort of Emergency occurred in Fukushima on 12/7/11. The next day, on 12/8/11, TEPCO announced that the emergency was just training. We find it strange that TEPCO did not announce the NIGHT TIME emergency training  BEFORE IT OCCURRED.

Moreover, one has to question the wisdom of believing a company would have their already limited workforce stumbling around at NIGHT in the midst of at least THREE NUCLEAR  MELTDOWNS for TRAINING.

If you live on the west coast of the USA you have at minimum one day to prepare if that 'night time emergency security measures training" involved the airborne release of something other than training mist.

If you have a Geiger counter, now and for the next several days would be a good time for some intensive monitoring.

Here is a link to TEPCO's PDF after the fact press release on the Emergency Security Measures “Nighttime Training” Conducted on Dec. 7

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Possible Attempt to Hide Long Life Radioactive Fallout By A Claimed "Senior Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory"

The POTRBLOG team performs rapid, live research and development in order to quickly identify, and cost effectively mitigate, the risk associated with the on going Fukushima disaster. One of the primary reasons we share our work is to improve our own risk mitigation position via public feedback. Recently we have received some useful input  from an individual "Be Well" who self identifies as a "Senior Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory" However, along with that useful input, we have also received what we suspect is a blatant attempt to deceive the public about the detection of longer half life radioactive fallout.

In that regard, we have developed the charts above and below to make the issue at hand understandable. The charts superimpose the actual fallout data from the 11/08/11 detection against POTENTIAL candidate radionuclide(s). The green line in each chart is the measurement of the actual fallout. The red line is the measurement of the average background radiation taken inside of our improvised lead shield apparatus; the apparatus is simultaneously utilized to take the green line measurement.

Because of limited space in the apparatus and a desire to be conservative with the measurements, the green line source is shielded to a greater extent against background radiation than the red line measurement.  If the red line data where shielded to the same extent as the green line data, the red line would be an even lower value; and as a result the green line data would appear proportionally higher. The blue line data in the charts are CALCULATED values; they were created in an attempt to identify the composition of the fallout.

Two versions of each chart are shown, one with the green line being the top most visible and the other with the blue line being top most visible. The more exactly the blue and green lines cover each other up, the better the identification.

The charts shown in figures A & B above are one possible identification scenario, however the uncertainties of the identifications are greater than we previously accounted for. The increase in uncertainty results from the needed addition of a short half life isotope to make the curves fit well. While we had previously seen the need for such an addition, its influence was greater than initially accounted for. We realized the issue after inputs from "Be Well" made us revisit our initial assumptions. However, there was also an aspect of "Be Well's" input that smacks of an out right deception to hide long half life Fukushima fallout.

In short, the apparent deception was designed to hide the long half life fallout by improperly raising the measured background radiation to the point it obscured the long half life detection. Specifically, "Be Well" raised the background radiation by more than 1.25 standard deviations. He/She has so far refused to mathematically defend his/her actions, hence we believe those actions to be deliberate.

In that regard, we have used "Be Well's " data to create Charts/Figures C & D below. Note that "Be Well's" data under reports the data when the actual background measurements are used. In fact, the affects of his/her fallout decay curves completely disappear after approximately 4500 minutes (3 days) into the data . The data from 3 days onward reflects only background radiation noise. "Be Well's " actions serve to hide nearly 75% of the radioactive fallout data.

The POTRBLOG team will not tolerate deception; and given we believe the situation to be an actual case of deception designed to hide the public health impact of the long term buildup of radioactive materials with each fallout event, "Be Well" will be the first person we have ever had to ban from the POTRBLOG site. We pray that "Be Well's" self identification as a Senior Scientist from OaK Ridge National Labs was an act of deception as well.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Evidence TEPCO Replaced Radiation Damaged Fukushima WebCam And Modified It to Prevent Visual Detections of Radiation From Neptunium 239, Uranium 239, and Yttrium 90

On the extreme early morning of December 3, Japan time, TEPCO's Fukushima webcam showed indications of Beta and Gamma radiation impacting its Charge Coupled Device (CCD). The nature of these impacts was to produced fast pixel sized blips of light on the TEPCO webcam. Less than 12 hours after this incident at "at 1:05pm on December 3", and likely as quickly as was possible, TEPCO replaced the webcam and added "transparent camera covers". These covers are thick enough to cause a horizontal line reflection back into the camera.

The POTRBLOG team believes that the "transparent camera covers" are in actuality Nalgene beta radiation shields designed to prevent visual evidence of high beta radiation activity in the area, and to prevent the ingress of Alpa particles into the camera's CCD.

The shielding would not prevent Gamma ray interaction, however Gamma ray interaction with the CCD is less likely and produces a weaker effect when it does occur. Nor would the shield prevent Neutron damage to the CCD. Neutron damage to the CCD would be evidenced by black pixels on the CCD. Given TEPCO's rapid change out of the camera, there would have only been limited daylight hours available to ascertain/record the presence of such damage.

It is unfortunate that TEPCO has apparently taken such actions, as these nighttime visible radiation induced blips serve as a public early warning indicator of the severity of immediate radioactive discharge situation in Fukushima.

For a detail explanation on how radiation affects CCDs please see this article

Finally at Hat-tip to Majia's Blog for making us aware of the video that showed the radiation blips. We have embedded that video below.

Note that in In the past, were we have data available, such steam events have correlated with Neptunium 239 detections. Neptunium 239 and its parent Uranium 239 both rapidly and strongly eject Beta radiation. Our conjecture is that both Np-239, U-239, and/or possibly Y-90 (given the recent Strontium spill) may have caused the pixel sized flashes seen on the video below.

Below is a Fair-use image of the current web cam and TEPCO's explanation regarding its replacement status.

North Anna Nuclear: When Is a NUCLEAR EMERGENCY Not Reported As An EMERGENCY? And How To Protect Yourself.

Earthquake shaken North Anna Nuclear Plant Unit 1 had an emergency yesterday 12/5/11 related to its ability to cool the nuclear core. However, the NRC event report on the situation is NOT classified as an emergency because "DISCOVERY OF AFTER-THE-FACT EMERGENCY CONDITION - UNUSUAL EVENT". In other words, they did not realize they had an emergency until after the fact so they don't have to report it as an emergency.

If there were one nuclear plant in the country one would predict would be at greatest risk of disaster it would be UNIT 1 at North Anna nuclear. North Anna recently experienced an earthquake beyond what the plant was designed to withstand. Unit 1 was deemed to be okay to operate based on an inspection of Unit 2. Unit 2 had its fuel replaced, Unit 1 did not. Its the functional equivalent of the Government requiring only 1 of your cars to get a safety sticker, because your other car checked out okay after the accident both of your cars were involved in. Imagine if they let commercial aircraft operate that way.

The current emergency at North Anna Unit 1 is difficult to assess because the event reports never resolve all the ambiguity; but it appears that the reactor cooling system became erratic, resulting in an in ability to dynamically control the reactor's coolant pressure. As a result, a pressure safety valve blew open in an attempt to prevent further damage and 42 gallons of radioactive coolant spewed out into a Pressurizer Relief Tank.

The real question is: was the source of the pressure change an earthquake related issue with the fuel rods; or was the issue earthquake related with pressure control valve? Neither is good, and either can lead to a meltdown, but the latter is more recoverable.

But no matter what the case, North Anna is definitely the one place in the country where being prepared for a nuclear accident by spending FIVE DOLLARS on a pack of IOSAT for each member of the family would make for a very effective cost effective risk mitigation strategy.

Five dollars on IOSAT

Monday, December 5, 2011

European Iodine 131 IZOTOP Blame Game Does Not Explain Airborne Fission Products

The airborne detections of Cs-134, Ru-103, Co-60, and Ce-144 are NOT explained by the IZOTOP Iodine 131 release.

The IAEA has blamed the Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd (IZOTOP) for the recent European Iodine 131 detections; IZOTOP claims that they could not have been the sole source for the Iodine 131.

The publicly available data tends to support IZOTOP's position. A report from the Hungarian National Atomic Energy Agency verifies that IZOTOP was producing Iodine 131 by adding a neutron to Tellurium. That process would not create the fission products detected, nor would it explain the presence of Cobalt-60.

The detections of Cs-134, Ru-103,and Ce-144 indicate a high temperature fission process. Since these are fission products, the presence of Iodine 131, Te-132, I-132, Cs-137 would also be expected in the airborne detections. The 39 day half life of Ru-103 and its AIRBORNE detection makes an APRIL 2011 direct Fukushima release source questionable. An ongoing Fukushima release would be plausible, but it would also be readily directionally attributable.

One would expect IZOTOP's manufacturing process to avoid the creation of these extra fission elements as they would be expensive to remove from the medical Iodine 131 they were creating (not to mention the disposal costs). Moreover, the additional detected fission elements are not volotiale at room temperature like Iodine 131. Those other radioactive materials would have had to come from a high temperature source in order to be volatilized and found airborne. There is much more going on with the European Iodine 131 detections than has been let on by the authorities; the reasons why one can only guess at.

The POTRBLOG SWAG has been that the cosmogenic spallation of high atomic weight Fukushima fallout is a possible source of such distributed fallout. Much like the European fallout detection, it would be very difficult to pinpoint a specific point-source location for such fallout. Unfortunately we lack the tools and budget to quantify the likelihood of such a cosmogenic spallation event; HOWEVER, we find it very interesting that early on during the event someone in authority did let slip to the British media that a cosmogenic event was responsible.

see our previous video for more info

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sabotage? Another Strange Incident at Brunswick Nuclear Plant in North Carolina!

The NRC reported an "CONTROL ROOM AIR CONDITIONING AND CONTROL ROOM EMERGENCY VENTILATION SYSTEMS INOPERABLE" event today, during the startup of Unit 2 at Brunswick nuclear plant. The failure might have been planned as a force multiplier in what the POTRBLOG team suspects was a SABOTAGE attempt to recreate Fukushima at Brunswick during the previous Unit 2 startup attempt on 11/16/11.

Today's event was a "condition that at the time of discovery could have prevented fulfillment of the safety function of systems that are needed to mitigate the consequences of an accident". We question if today's incident had actually been designed to prevent/interfere with the emergency shutdown which occurred during the 11/16/11 startup failure of Unit 2.

Given the history of sabotage aimed at the nuclear core of the Brunswick Nuclear Plant, the POTRBLOG team once again calls for the FBI to lead a criminal investigation into the recent most unusual failures at Brunswick Nuclear.

The POTRBLOG team believes that the previous 11/16/11 Emergency at Progress Energy's Brunswick Nuclear Plant in North Carolina was an attempt to attack the United States by using a March 18th 2011 blue print described by David Lochbaum, the director of the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Nuclear Safety Project, on how the Brunswick North Carolina Nuclear power plant reactor containment seals could fail resulting in a Fukushima hydrogen explosion.

The above information combined with a history of sabotage at the Brunswick Unit 2 nuclear plant during maintenance and refueling outages leads the POTRBLOG team to believe that the improperly sealed Reactor Pressure Vessel was a man-made attempt to recreate a Fukushima style Nuclear Disaster in the United States.

Also see:
How Many Engineers Does It Take To Screw Down The Lid Of A Nuclear Core?


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interesting High Pressure Reactor SCRAM in Clinton, Illinois

There is an NRC event report out today about a reactor SCRAM in Clinton, Illinois that occurred "after main steam bypass valves unexpectedly closed" and caused a high pressure condition in the reactor. No high pressure safety valves were blown; and 'the licensee is MANUALLY controlling the steam bypass valves to remove decay heat via the main condenser. The situation occurred "during a planned shutdown in preparation for refueling outage"

This reactor SCRAM is interesting on several levels. Accidents are mostly likely to happen when humans are mucking with the reactor, in this case they were getting ready to shut things down. Odds are it was "pilot error". But now they are "manually" controlling the valves, which would again increase the risk of further pilot error.

The real question is does "manually" imply that some one is physically turning a valve with a wrench, when required; or, does it mean they have just switched off the autopilot and the driver is now just pushing a button on the dashboard when required.

The situation also tripped our Red team / Blue team thinking. The statistical data indicates that the reactor is safest when machines run the system, but machines are also prone to hack. At what point does the safety of automation increase the system vulnerability to nefarious actions? How hard is it hack the controller for the bypass valves, and what are the odds that the safety pressure relief valves were installed incorrectly, and as a result did not blow? What are the odds Clinton Illinois has created an additional process to add to the Murphy watch list?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Raw Data Download Now Available From The 11/8/11 Long Radioactive Half Life Fallout Detection

Raw Data Download Now Available From The 11/8/11 Long Radioactive Half Life Fallout Detection

The original analysis may be found at the following link.
ALERT- Persistent Long Half Life Radioactive Fallout Detected in 11/8/11 Saint Louis, Mo Rainfall

Raw Fallout Data in a CSV format saved as a TXT file
After navigating to the filedropper site, select "DOWNLOAD THIS FILE"

Raw Background Data in a CSV format saved as a TXT file
After navigating to the filedropper site, select "DOWNLOAD THIS FILE"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Light Mist With 33X Background Radiation in Saint Louis @ 1:45pm 11/27/11

There is light mist in Saint Louis's air today containing radioactive fallout measuring thirty three times greater than background radiation (0.333 mR/hr); the mist is the perfect consistency to lightly coat one's car and lungs with a dose of Fukushima's Finest.

55 Times Greater Than Background Radiation In 11:30pm 11/26/11 Saint Louis Fallout

It has been raining in Saint Louis since about 2pm; at 11:30pm the rain had let off enough for us to take a sample swipe off of the hood of our truck. That sample returned a reading of 55 times greater than background radiation.

Prior to August 2011 this would have qualified as one of the highest readings we ever had; but after the corium hit ground water in August, we have had readings over 276 times greater than background. The fallout has reduced over the last month and typically have had a floor of 20x background readings.

The increased reading from this sample MAY represent the leading edge of what was released from Fukushima as a result of the recent back to back magnitude 6 earthquakes. If that is the case, we suspect higher levels will follow in a few days.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

ALERT- Persistent Long Half Life Radioactive Fallout Detected in 11/8/11 Saint Louis, Mo Rainfall

A twelve day Geiger counter reading was taken of the radioactive fallout which rained down on Saint Louis Missouri during the 11/8/11 rain event. The sample shows evidence of persistent long half life radiation which is capable of accumulating in the environment. This is not the first such detection we have encountered, but it is the longest continuous sample reading we have taken to date.  The charts below show the evidence of the event;  the raw data the charts were generate from will be made available for download shortly.  

The detection reemphasizes the need to take cost effective risk mitigation measures; the primary measures we are taking are to avoid tracking the fallout into the house (wet clothes, wet cars in the garage), and protecting water and food intake.

Based on some good critiques via blog comments, we are in the process of revamping our rapid analysis methodology to reflect an increased level of uncertainty in identifying fallout with a less than one day half life. The increased uncertainty is not yet at a level to reduce or increase our risk mitigation strategies; but its influence is noticeable in the charts below. A video describing the detections below in greater detail will follow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The SITUATION in PHILLIPSBURG, New Jersey- You Were SNOOKIED and INDUSTRIALLY IRRADIATED the Weekend Before Halloween!

Almost exactly one month ago, on the weekend before Halloween, an industrial accident which "resulted in a possible overexposure of members of the public" to the irradiation from 8 Curries of a Cesium 137 occurred in PHILLIPSBURG, NJ.

The NRC event report for that accident came out today 11/22/11. It is the responses to cases such as these which sow the seeds of distrust in the public regarding the supposed guardians of their safety. Were the people nearby quickly informed of what they were exposed too?

The event was attributed to ATLANTIC STATES CAST IRON COMPANY, where a "shutter" fell on a gauge containing a Cesium 137 source. The simplest way to visualize what happened is to picture a flashlight permanently stuck in the "on" position. When you want to use the flashlight, you let the shutter covering the bulb move downward; when you are done needing the light source, you move the shutter back upward. In the case of this accident the shutter fell into the downward position over a weekend.

If the public safety were the foremost concern, we believe the way this event would have been handled as such:

(1) Determine in which direction the radioactive "flashlight" was pointed towards.
(2) Identify on which homes and public places that radioactive "flashlight" was shinning.
(3) IMMEDIATELY INFORM THOSE PEOPLE AFFECTED, especially those who might be pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

We doubt ANY of those 3 things happened. In fact, we suspect that the ONLY way anyone who might have affected by the Situation will ever find out they have been Snookied is if someone reading this blog passes on the information to people they personally know in New Jersey.

Here is a map of the ATLANTIC STATES CAST IRON COMPANY, see who you think might have been at risk.

View Larger Map

Monday, November 21, 2011

How Many Engineers Does It Take To Screw Down The Lid Of A Nuclear Core?

How Many Engineers Does It Take To Screw Down The Lid Of A Nuclear Core? Don't ask the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and/or Progress Energy that question. Given the recent declared emergency at the Brunswick Nuclear plant in North Carolina, where the pressure cooker top of the nuclear core was screwed in loose enough to allow the NUCLEAR CORE to DIRECTLY spew out hot radioactive materials, the answer obviously is that the NRC and Progress Energy didn't have the ability to answer that question. But don't worry, the NRC and Progress Energy say there is no IMMEDIATE danger.

The public and media seemingly have no concept of the gravity of this utterly dangerous situation. The penalty of failure in the nuclear business is high and long; in fact it is much higher than in aviation where a lesser failure would have resulted in the FAA IMMEDIATELY grounding and inspecting fleets of aircraft with similar maintenance histories. The reality of this situation is that this sort of escaped defect undermines the credibility of the entire Nuclear Power industry and highlights the level of danger the public faces (which is exactly why it is being played down).

We at POTRBLOG believe this incident was an act of sabotage, modeled on a March 18, 2011 Union of Concerned Scientist Analysis showing how the Brunswick plant could be turned into a Fukushima style hydrogen explosion. Our position is supported by a past history of core sabotage at the Brunswick plant. What makes the current situation doubly interesting is that UCS engineer Dave Lochbaum, who authored the analysis on how North Brunswick could go all Fukushima, made this comment about the emergency at North Brunswick: "It's more embarrassing than it is a safety near-miss," That is exactly the kind of comment a law enforcement agency would ask such a person to make in order to strike at the ego of the saboteur, in hopes that saboteur would respond. In fact, it is only scenario in which we can imagine David Loughbaum's comment to make any sense at all. One only hopes that Loughbaum's comment didn't incorrectly reassure the public about the immediate safety of the declared emergency.

The good news is that a saboteur can be tracked down and arrested, IF A PROPER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION IS CONDUCTED. That bad news is that suspected saboteur likely has access to more than one nuclear plant. The worse news is that if there is no saboteur, and it is solely a matter of nuclear incompetence, eventual that incompetence will screw us all in the end with another home grown Fukushima.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

11/20/11 2:30pm Rain Radioactive Fallout 22 Times Greater Than Background

A sample paper towel wipe was taken from the hood of the truck around 2:30 pm; the sample returned a reading of 22 times greater than background radiation.

Twenty Times background radiation has basically been the floor level reading we have had during these fallout events since August. Typically these readings have a 36 minute short half life component comprised of Radon 222 daughters, combined with a medium half life component(s), and finally a persistent long half life component which reads slightly over background radiation for days to weeks onward.

We believe the short half life Radon source to be Fuksuhima ground water which is being released as steam as a result of the corium heating up that Radon laden Japanese ground water; we believe the persistent longer half life detections to be fission products that have contaminated the ground water in Japan and released as steam.

Our video below explains the situation in more detail.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


The POTRBLOG team believes that the 11/16/11 Emergency at Progress Energy's Brunswick Nuclear Plant in North Carolina was an attempt to attack the United States by using a March 18th 2011 blue print described by David Lochbaum, the director of the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Nuclear Safety Project, on how the Brunswick North Carolina Nuclear power plant reactor containment seals could fail resulting in a Fukushima hydrogen explosion.

The above information combined with a history of sabotage at the Brunswick Unit 2 nuclear plant during maintenance and refueling outages leads the POTRBLOG team to believe that the improperly sealed Reactor Pressure Vessel was a man-made attempt to recreate a Fukushima style Nuclear Disaster in the United States.


BREAKING ALERT! History of MULTIPLE SABOTAGE Attempts at Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant

UPDATE 11/20/11 see the following link

Original Post Below
Progress Energy's Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant has a history of sabotage during maintenance and refueling on Unit 2. The NRC had previously reported possible sabotage of neutron monitoring probes during such a refueling outage.

Additionally, the rail lines entering the Brunswick Nuclear Plant have also been a previous target of sabotage. One the same day as the rail line sabotage, a guard at a different Progress Energy Nuclear plant came under gun fire.

Given such a history of sabotage at Brunswick Nuclear and Progress Energy nuclear sites in general, it is unfathomable that the FBI would not have the lead in the NRC investigation of what likely appears to be another case of sabotage during reactor maintenance at Brunswick Nuclear.

Wilmington Morning Star

Raleigh News & Observer

Also see our previous alerts on this matter:


POTRBLOG Predicts the FBI Will and Should Investigate the Possibility of Nuclear Sabotage at Brunswick North Carolina Nuclear Plant

Friday, November 18, 2011

POTRBLOG Predicts the FBI Will and Should Investigate the Possibility of Nuclear Sabotage at Brunswick North Carolina Nuclear Plant

UPDATE 11/20/11 see the following link

The POTRBLOG team predicts that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will and should be on site at the Brunswick North Carolina nuclear plant to collect and protect evidence of possible nuclear sabotage.

There are two fundamentally frightening realities that will come out of the NRC emergency declaration at the Brunswick North Carolina nuclear plant.

(1) The NRC will decide that the potential level of nuclear incompetence shown at the Brunswick Nuclear plan falls within the range of what can be NON-CRIMINALLY expected for a Nuclear Plant operator.

(2) The NRC will find that what happened is OUTSIDE of what could reasonable be expected, hence it is prudent to invite in the FBI to help rule out a case of likely SABOTAGE.

If the NRC follows decides on action #1, there is no choice but to conclude that Nuclear plants are at MUCH greater risk of human induced catastrophic failure than has ever been admitted to, or previously planned for.

Our initial coverage of the Emergency Declaration at Brunswick nuclear plant in North Carolina may be found at the link below.


Can the IAEA Blame the Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd for the OTHER Fission Products Too?

Update 11/18/11:

Further research indicates that there is more going on at the Institute of Isotopes than just meeting medical isotope needs; it appears as if they also do research on prompt fission products of U235. That being the case, if IoI is the sole cause of the European I-131 detections, then the Iodine 131 was possibly less than ONE PERCENT nuclear frappe of radioactive isotopes released from the facility during the time period in question.

Original post

The IAEA seems to have laid the blame of the expansive European Iodine 131 detections at the door step of the Hungarian company Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd. The company does admit to releasing about 300 thyroid killing doses; and God help anyone who was caught in a downwind rainstorm during that release, but putting the finger on IoI co. does NOT explain the detection of the other FISSION products.

It makes no economic sense for the company to produce I-131 via fission; they likely were manufacturing I-131 by neutron bombardment of Tellurium, and a leak in a fume-hood or filter could explain some of the I-131 detections. It might also explain the Cobalt-60 detections, if they were also making a production run of that product during the same time period. But, blaming the airborne detections of Cs-134, C-137, Te-132, I-132, Ru-103, and Ce-144  on the  Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd. makes absolutely no cents or dollars because using a process that creates those type of fission contaminants to make Iodine 131 would NOT be cost effective.

The IAEA may have claimed to have fingered the location of the Pink Panther and the case to be closed, but the real evidence dictates otherwise.

[Soothing Music] Dr Evgeny Podkletnov and CERN Breaking the Speed of Light

Some more soothing music to accompany CERN's second release of measurements indicating they have broken the speed of light; those actually researching CERN's claim should look to the outcome of Dr Evgeny Podkletnov work for some possible insight.


UPDATE 11/20/11:
We believe the circumstances of this incidence point to an actual case of SABOTAGE aimed recreating a Fukushima style meltdown in North Carolina, based on a March 2011 bulletin describing exactly such a scenario at the Brunswick plant.
See the following blog post for details and a video analysis.


The POTRBLOG team believes this event to be one of the most startlingly dangerous and incompetent things we have ever read in an NRC event alert, frankly we would find this event terrifying if we lived any where near or down wind of Brunswick North Carolina (and we ain't a-fear'd of nothin')

On 11/16/11 an Emergency was declared at Brunswick North Carolina Nuclear Plant due to a discovered coolant leak after the reactor went critical during the STARTUP of Unit 2 at the nuclear plant. Today we discover that the reason there was a coolant leak was because "the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) head was not fully tensioned" Event Number: 47452

We take this situation to mean that Brunswick apparently has no effective policies, controls, or procedures to prevent them from improperly reassembling a nuclear pressure vessel, and no methodology for checking for such a failure other than bringing the reactor up to criticality and seeing if any nuclear goodies steam and/or leak-out. Moreover to alleviate the situation they had to manually shut down the reaction, which just so happens to be from a probabilistic stand point one of the danger points in the operation of a reactor.

Functionally we believe this situation to be the equivalent of a methlab operation failing to properly seal a pressure cooker and realizing the mistake just in time to keep the rest of the neighborhood from hearing the large BOOM.

Given what we know from the event reports, one has to question what was released from the plant; but more damningly one has to wonder how an organization can allow such an escaped defect to occur and still be deemed competent to operate a nuclear power plant.

Yesterday, Brunswick North Carolina had a grace of God moment that they didn't have their own Chernobyl / Fukushima. The ONLY SAFE procedure going forward is for Brunswick to STAND DOWN further operations pending a full debrief and corrective action plan.

We believe it would be wise for local residents in the area to take immediate precautions, and based on the evident lapses in operation of the facility to take long term precautions as well.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

European Iodine 131 And Cobalt 60 Fallout- A Romanian Reactor CANDU That

As the POTRBLOG team was researching the current widespread and unattributed European Iodine 131 outbreak and its potential creation via the spallation of atmospheric Fukushima Plutonium 239 by Solar Coronal Mass Ejections, we discovered one small tidbit of information that could be the fingerprint of a a fuel-rod meltdown common to a CANDU-6 reactor.

The CANDU link is small and tenuous. But it is worth mentioning given that Cobalt 60 has been detected in the European fallout, and that Cobalt 60 would be produced from the meltdown of a CANDU fuelrod. The only CANDU reactor in Europe is located in Cernavod─â Romania, due east of some of the strongest fallout detections in Slovenia.

However, given that the connection to Romania would be so obvious, it is hard to imagine that the IAEA would not quickly identify the source. The possible connection to Romania is explored at the end of the above video.

View Larger Map

Monday, November 14, 2011

European Iodine 131 Detections Indicative of Atmospheric Plutonium 239 Concentrations

The European Iodine 131 detections are a possible indicator of how much Plutonium 239 is in the upper atmosphere; for that reason alone it is EXTREMELY unlikely that the true source and cause of those Iodine 131 detections will ever be revealed.

The POTRBLOG team has warned since early April 2011 that Solar Coronal Mass Ejections impacting both Radioactive AND Non-Radioactive high atomic weight Fukushima fallout in the upper atmosphere could generate a witches' brew of "Fresh" radioactive iodine fallout across the sunlit side of the Northern Hemisphere.

Below is a link to all the POTRBLOG posts and videos regarding Solar Coronal Mass Ejections and their interactions with High Atomic Weight Fukushima Fallout.

Raw Synthetic Control Data Released For Model Testing.

Since several people have shown interest in reverse engineering the Geiger Counter detection data to resolve the original isotopes and decay chains which caused the data, the following two "Control" data sets are being made available for testing and verification purposes.

The SYNTHETIC data in the following two control files are based on the decay chains of real radioactive isotopes; the initial quantities of have been fit to match the 10/26/11 data. Please post the results of your reverse engineering attempts in the comment section below. The initial starting conditions and decay chains involved will eventually be shared so that goodness of fit comparisons may be made.

The third data file is of the actual background measurements made while the original 10/26/11 data was recorded.

CONTROL DATA SET 1 in a CSV format saved as a TXT file
After navigating to the filedropper site, select "DOWNLOAD THIS FILE"

CONTROL DATA SET 2 in a CSV format saved as a TXT file
After navigating to the filedropper site, select "DOWNLOAD THIS FILE"

the ORIGINAL raw background data in a CSV format saved as a TXT file
After navigating to the filedropper site, select "DOWNLOAD THIS FILE"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

[GOOD NEWS] 11/13/11 10:30 pm Downpour Only 7X Greater Than Background Radiation

We had a strong downpour move threw the area around 10:30pm; the paper towel sample swipe read a surprisingly low 0.077 mR/hr which is only 7 times greater than normal background radiation. This is the first reading below 20x greater than background since August.

A quick check of the Jetstream maps quickly showed the reason for the lower reading. Eventhough the Jetstream is currently strongly present overhead, it appears to be the southern Jetstream. The more southern jetstream explains today's warmer temperatures and the reduced presence of Fukushima fallout.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


European radioactive iodine detections were predicted by POTRBLOG team as a consequence of the interaction of Coronal Mass Ejections with  Fukushima Fallout (both radioactive and non-radioactive).

The POTRBLOG team has alerted since April that the "Northern Lights" have the capability to spall a witches' brew of radioactive iodines over the sun lit side of the northern hemisphere. On October 24 a solar storm struck, with eastern Europe on the sun lit side of the storm. At the time the POTRBLOG team predicted "a step function jump in detections across the globe that could not be readily explained by via other means" would be a good indicator of such an event.

The current European detection MAY be indicative of the predicted Coronal Mass Ejection > Fukushima Fallout interactions warned of by the POTRBLOG team. HOWEVER, the data is not yet conclusive; confirming elements to look for would be the detection of other unusual radioactive iodines and fallout, dispersed in a manner that DOES NOT INDICATE A SPECIFIC POINT SOURCE. Making such a determination may be
made more difficult by outlying surrounding the events which are tied to point events like Fukushima.

However, we at POTRBLOG do not expect such an analysis to be made available for public consumption, as the confirmation of this event could induce wide spread anxiety as the situation continues for decades. In fact, it is more likely that public sources would confirm that the event was caused by a thyroid cancer afflicted deer hunter who happened to urinate off of his/her tree stand during a deer hunt; with the wind intercepting, and dispersing,  the I-133 laden urine across Europe before the tinkle could even hit the roses on the forest floor- a real J├Ągermeister indeed!

Original June Video Alert Below:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

20X Background Radiation in 9:45pm 11/8/11 Saint Louis, Mo Fallout Rain

After several hours of on and off all day rain and storms, we finally were able to get a reading from a swipe off the truck; the sample read 20 times greater than background radiation.

Since Fukushima corium hit ground water back in August, it seems as if we no longer get any rainfalls with less than 20x background radiation in them.

More data to follow.

US Department of Energy Detected Airborne Neptunium -239 During the May 8th Fukushima "Fire"

On May 8th 2011 the United States Department of Energy detected airborne Neptunium -239 in the wake of what was wildly reported on the blogosphere as a "Fire" at Fukushima.  The Neptunium 239 was detected approximately 40 miles west-south-west of Fukushima at a rest area on the Tohoku Expy near Niita (see map below)

View Larger Map

Below is a video of the widely reported May 8th "Fire" at Fukushima Daiichi.

The DOE's airborne detection was made from approximately 38 cubic feet of air filtered through a carbon air filter. The Np-239 concentration was measured 1.49E-08 uCi/mL. Neptunium 239 quickly decays into Plutonium 239.

The source data may be found at US DOE/NNSA Response to 2011 Fukushima Incident: Radiological Air Samples

Friday, November 4, 2011

Red Sky At Night: Solar Flares Spawn Fukushima's Deadly Delight

Back in April and June 2011 the Potrblog team predicted that Fukushima's Fallout would create unusual Northern Lights. We now further refine those predictions of when and where to expect these unusual Northern Lights. We also tie the current events back to similar events during ARPA's project ARGUS and its relation to the University of California Berkeley.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alert! 5:45pm Fallout Rain 59x to 190X Above Background Radiation

A typical sample swipe was taken from the truck at approximately 5:45pm on 11/3/11, that sample read 59 Times greater than background radiation.

A second swipe was taken with a thicker quantity of paper towels. The greater paper towel thickness allowed more water to be pulled away from the foremost paper towel sheet, and allowed a greater surface area to be sampled. The result was a reading of 190 times greater than background radiation.

The last two Saint Louis rainfalls have both had detectable levels of Iodine 133 indicated contamination. As a result, we have taken appropriate risk mitigation actions.

More analysis and data to follow

TEPCO Should INJECT Boron Into the Ground Water, The 2nd to LAST OPTION

TEPCO has a 2nd to last ditch option at reducing nuclear criticality at Fukushima, namely the direct injection of Boron into the ground water. For more information see:

Boron Injection Wells Into Fukushima Ground Water and Nuclear PLINKO

However, since TEPCO has made a face saving claim that there is no recriticality because Boron water poured into the reactor is having no affect, there likely is resistance to taking further measures (not to mention the expense)

We at POTRBLOG believe the data indicates that the corium is in the ground water and is in an on-and-off again recriticality, with each cycle having a yet unquantified likelihood of an uncontrolled explosive recriticality.

Boron water poured in from the surface becomes too diluted from ground water, when and if it reaches the corium, to moderate the criticality. The coruim is actually self moderating via the production of Iodine-133 ~ Xenon-133. Depending on ground water conditions, the cycle jumps between the production of Neptunium,Plutonium and Iodine,Xenon.

In that light, the sole purpose of the Boron water being pumped into the reactors was to have a smooth thermal transition as the corium left the site and entered the ground water, there by delaying a violent "China Syndrome" type event.

However, much like the Federal Reserve's printing of money, it only makes matter worse long term. In both cases (the FED and TEPCO) it is the equivalent of giving a drug addict more and more of a drug at greater and great doses in hopes that it will somehow hold off the inevitable crash.

We at POTRBLOG believe the data indicates that TEPCO- as all of its "remedies" now have little to now affect- is no longer in control of the situation. The situation is in the hands of the ground water.

Assuming no explosive recriticality between now and winter, the snow and frost cover conditions at the Fukushima site will give away the severe nature of the condition in much the same way as the 10/24/11 Northern Lights in the Southern United States gave away the quantity of fallout in the skies above.

For more information on the current recriticality cycling at Fukushima please watch this video.

For more information about the last option (sans turning a blind eye) read post;
So who is building the PANtron for Fukushima, and when will it be used?

Raw Downloadable Data From the 10/26/11 Iodine 133 and Xenon 133 Detections

The raw data from the 10/26/11 Iodine 133 and Xenon 133 detections are available for download in the links below.

The following charts are of the all up data which was obtained over a one week period. NOTE THAT LONG HALF LIFE RADIATION IS PRESENT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SAMPLE PERIOD.

The identification of Rn-222 was based on a subtracting the fitted I-133 data from the initial detection period. The methodology increases the inherent noise level in the data set. Because such noise propagates down the detection time period, the method was only used on the initial sampling period. The result left a source with a composite 29 minute half life. The expected composite half life of Rn-222 daughters is 36.5 minutes.

For an indication of the quantity of variability expected in the data by the POTRBLOG team, note the number of significant digits in the exponential curve fit data. A future video on this subject may follow.

The first download is the raw sample data in a CSV format saved as a TXT file

After navigating to the filedropper site, select "DOWNLOAD THIS FILE"

The second download is the raw background data in a CSV format saved as a TXT file
After navigating to the filedropper site, select "DOWNLOAD THIS FILE"

32x Background Radiation Rain Fallout at 1:00pm in STL,Mo

Approximately 1 hour after this mornings rain had stopped, a reading was taken from the a swipe of the windshield. The reading was 32 times greater than background radiation.

FLEXPART Model Showing Neptunium 239 and Plutonium 239 Fallout in Saint Louis, Missouri

The FLEXPART Neptunium 239 and Plutonium 239 fallout models shown have some SIGNIFICANT weaknesses. None-the-less, given our own detections indicating Saint Louis Neptunium 239 fallout they have some relative value. You may find and run the models here
Particle Modeling, Observation, and Measuring.

Hat tip to Annette2 on

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Iodine 133 and Xenon 133 Indicated in 10/26/11 Saint Louis Fukushima Fallout.

Iodine 133 and Xenon 133 Indicated in 10/26/11 Saint Louis Fallout.
Click the chart to enlarge the image.
More to analysis and data are to follow.

University of California Berkley Brawm Badly Bumfuzzled By Borealis [High Brow]

For those easily offended by the 'putting on of airs', please select this link for the tame "Low Brow" version

We here at the POTRBLOG site typically don't go around pointing out the low grade luwak in other people's coffee pots; but when those people are training the next generation of nuclear engineers who will sign off on the safety of future nuclear plants, it doesn't hurt to point out at least a few of the Foamy Lattes being served down to the public. Now for maximum affect, please reread that first paragraph envisioning the elocution of Dajit Dalliwal . (maybe the umlaut, should be  appropriated to denote such prosody) In that regard, we strongly suspect that Charlie Rose would certainly recognize the bovine luwak being served up by the UCB "More Brawn than Brain Team".

Here is the BRAWN analysis to which we were pointed, frankly it is difficult to make it past the Freudian Slip in their title without fondly reminiscing about Kafka.

"This is nonsense
Submitted by bandstra on Mon, 2011-10-31 16:58."

We'll try to keep a straight face long enough to make a video reply; in fact, merely recognizing that these people are EDUCATING nuclear engineers was enough to turn the Botox slightly askew.

In the mean time, here is a link to the post that seems to have driven the BRAWM team out of concealment.

"BAFFLING" Solar Storm Neither Baffling Nor A "Treat" for Followers

If the BRAWM team's errors of cognitive flatulence and omission are already poking you in the cranium, feel free to post them here on our site. If you see any POTRBLOG errors, feel free to post them in Cyrillic.

University of California Berkley Brawm Badly Bumfuzzled By Borealis [Low Brow]

For those easily offended by tame low brow common language, please select this link for the tame "High Brow" version

We here at the Pissin' on The Roses blogspot typically don't go around pointing out the turds in other people's punch bowls; but when those people are training the next generation of nuclear engineers who will sign off on the safety of future nuclear plants, it doesn't hurt to point out at least a few of the floaties being served down to the public. Now for maximum affect, please reread that first paragraph envisioning a Jeff Foxworthy Southern drawl. (maybe the umlaut, should be  appropriated to denote such inflections) In that regard, we strongly suspect that Larry the Cable Guy would also recognize the chocolate kool aide being served up by the UCB "More Brawn than Brain Team".

Here is the BRAWN analysis which we were pointed to, frankly it is difficult to make it past the Freudian Slip induced title without lighting a match.

"This is nonsense
Submitted by bandstra on Mon, 2011-10-31 16:58."

We'll try to keep a straight face long enough to make a video reply; in fact just once again realizing that these people are TEACHING nuclear engineers was enough to turn that smile up side down.

In the mean time, here is a link to the post that seems to have driven the BRAWM team out of hiding.

"BAFFLING" Solar Storm Neither Baffling Nor A "Treat" for Followers

If the BRAWM team's errors of cognition and omission are already poking you in the gizzard, feel free to post them here on our site. If you see any POTRBLOG errors, feel free to post them IN ALL CAPS.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

"BAFFLING" Solar Storm Neither Baffling Nor A "Treat" for Followers

"A baffling solar storm pulled colorful northern lights unusually far south, surprising space weather experts and treating skywatchers to a rare and spectacular treat". Of course, this Solar event was far less "baffling" and far less of a "treat" for those who follow the  alerts on

The POTRBLOG team first alerted about the risks of the interactions between Solar Coronal Mass Ejections and Fukushima Fallout back in April.  In fact one of the things we noted to look for were "unusual" Northern Lights.  The lights are more unusual in color, magnitude, and in scope because of the high atomic weight Fukushima Fallout in the atmosphere, and because of how the radioactive component of the fallout alters the electrical gradient in the atmosphere.

Post Fukushima such lights are no longer a treat, in fact they are the harbingers of the creation of a whole new witches brew of radioactive Fukushima related fallout.  It is a harbinger that grows more concerning as these Solar Storms are simultaneously increasing in magnitude as the upper atmosphere becomes more and more a long term dumping ground of both radioactive and non radioactive high atomic weight fallout from Fukushima.

For more information, see these links and watch this video originally posted in June.

[Threat Alert] Solar Proton Bombardment of High Atomic Weight Fallout

[Threat Alert] ONE Solar Storm = 71 American Fukushimas

Friday, October 28, 2011

Maximum Alert- Presence of IODINE 133 Is Indicated In Saint Louis 10/26/11 Fallout

Maximum Alert- Presence of IODINE 133 Indicated in the Saint Louis 10/26/11 rain fall.

10/31/11 Interim Result Update, SUBJECT TO REVISION

The presence of I-133 is still strongly indicated.
The CME-HAWF conjecture appears unsubstantiable with this data set.
The initial 58 minute half life estimate maybe explainable by the high initial levels of I-133 relative to Rn-222 daughters; there is some uncertainty in that explanation. However, the initial SWAG is that the uncertainty of the explanation is on the same order of magnitude as the inherent data variation.

Further analysis is pending.

The detection of Neptunium -239 in that rain fall is in error.
A simple math error of dividing minutes by "24" led to the miss-identification of a 2 day half life. The actual half-life is 19.25 hours which indicates Iodine-133.

Click the chart to enlarge it.
The vertical scale on the chart is logarithmic, hence the exponential fitted curves appear as straight lines. 

The Raw Data From The Iodine 133 And Xenon 133 Detections On 10/17/11 Are Now Available For Download

The original post has been updated with links to CSV formatted text files which contain both the radioactive background data and the radioactive sample data for the Iodine-133 and Xenon-133 detections in the Saint Louis radioactive rain-fall-out of 10/17/11.

The links may be found at the bottom of the original blog post here:
Fukushima Re-criticality Neutron Feast and Famine Cycle: Dancing With the Devil

Gun Fire at Fermi Reactor, Officer Wounded in the foot

NRC reports gun fire at the FERMI reactor; the unfortunate officer shot himself in the foot. The NRC event report calls it an 'accidental discharge'; almost 100% of the time such incidents are the results of Negligence, and are appropriately called "Negligent discharges". However, negligence is often reclassified as 'accidental' when either Governmental Regulatory agencies, Nuclear Plants, or Law Enforcement is involved, in this case we have a Trifecta.

See NRC EVENT notification 47383.

RETRACTED !!!! [Maximum Alert] Neptunium 239 Indicative Fallout in 10/26/11 Saint Louis Rainfall

UPDATE 10/28/11:


The miss-identification occurred as a result of dividing the number of minutes by "24" to calculate hours, and then again by 24 to calculate days.

Maximum Alert, the 10/26/11 radioactive rain fallout has a 2 day  19.25 hour half life component that is strongly indicative of  Iodine 133  Neptunium-239. Neptunium-239 decays into Plutonium 239.

The short half life component in the fallout is currently unidentified, it has a calculated 58 minute half life. The expected composite half life of Radon 222 daughters is 36.5 minutes. Previous POTRBLOG short half life detections greater than 46 minutes have been associated with Coronal Mass Ejections.  

The radioactive sample wipe was taken approximately 9:36pm 10/26/11. The sample was taken approximately 1/2 hour after the rain had stopped, and had a reading of 22X greater than background. The zero minute reading in the chart below corresponds to 10:08pm.

Please note that the vertical component in the chart below is Logarithmic in scale, this scale  results in exponential curve fits to the data appearing as straight lines. The radioactive sample was contained in a Ziploc back, hence all Alpha radiation was blocked.

Click on the corrected chart to see a larger version.

Further Analysis is on going and updates will follow

Thursday, October 27, 2011

US Government: Fukushima Radioactive Fallout TEN THOUSAND Percent Greater in IRAQ than In the USA

The POTRBLOG team decided to investigate the differences between the Department of Energy's recent release of Fukushima Radioactive Fallout data and the Enviornmental Protection Agency's RADNET Radioactive Fallout data; what we discovered was startling.

The DOE data lists a fallout monitoring location in Western Iraq which had taken fallout readings on March 30th 2011; an "apple to apple" analyis was performed comparing the EPA' Radnet data from March 11 2011 through March 30th. To make the "apple to apple" comparison the HIGHEST air filter fallout readings from each individual radionuclide in the USA (over the entire time period) was compared to each radionuclide measured in western Iraq on March 30 2011.

The only calculation/conversion the POTRBLOG team made was to convert the IRAQ measurements from micro-Curies per milli-Liter to pico-Curies per cubic-Meter; those calculations are marked in the charts below.

The result was that the IRAQ fallout measured by the DOE was as high as TEN THOUSAND Percent GREATER than the highest identical radionuclide measured in the USA by the EPA.

Obviously there has to be an error somewhere given that Iraq is a few days down wind from the USA. For all of our sakes lets pray that it is the POTRBLOG team that has made an error and not the US Government.

More updates/details and a video are to follow.

Updated with links to the source data:
US DOE/NNSA Response to 2011 Fukushima Incident: Radiological Air Samples

EPA RadNet Database Query