Monday, December 12, 2011

NOW Is an Excellent Time To Buy A Geiger Counter!

Right now is a good time to order a Surface Contamination Meter type Geiger Counter such as the Medcom Inspector Geiger Counter. The current "bird in the hand" sweet spot of public apathy/ignorance combined with a supply chain that has met initial high demand Geiger counter demand has led to situation where you can order a good "pancake" style Geiger counter with minimal waiting. The "two in the bush" pricing scenario would be about 6 months to a year out assuming nothing happens in Fukushima to increase demand (or hyper inflation hits).

Because of this improved scenario we have finally added a Geiger counter to our "Risk Mitigation widget". At the moment the very best deal seems to be the Inspector with an extreme boot protective case for $555. That is the best price we have seen in a long time. Act now if you think you need a Geiger counter. (If you don't have a water filter yet, your money would be better spent buying one)

Here is a link to the best deal we have seen on the Inspector + Extreme Boot $555


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  2. So what is it about this particular blog post that is attracting spam?

  3. My friend rang me today. Peter Daley. He is the man who originally detected the 'cloud' of radiation 'spike' off Caloundra on 8.1.2012. He rang to warn me of another more dangerous detection in New Zealand. Also he said that squid in PERU have radiation contamination. He told me to buy a geiger counter, take spirilina and to NOT eat seafood nor eat anything from the Northern Hemisphere. Be Warned. Yours, Margi

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