Thursday, June 26, 2014

ALERT! 20,000+ Person ICE Detention Camp Being Setup Near Los Fresnos, Texas

Back in February we warned that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was making emergency preparations for a mass migration event and that there would be refugee camps in Texas; based on new information one of those camps will be located near Los Fresnos, Texas.

Logistic support for that detention camp appears to be underway and preparations are being made to support the detention of approximately 20,000+ illegal aliens within the next 30 days. Indications are these will be higher risk detainees.  More information, analysis and supporting source information will follow soon.

Source data to follow:

UPDATED info and source information at

DHS Sets Up Refugee Camp: Sends ~50,000 Toothbrushes, Socks, Shoes, Bras, Panties, & Shirts to Los Fresnos, Tx

Friday, June 20, 2014

Baby Mugshots, When the Hot Mugshots Make Baby Thugs

To capitalize on the recent "hot mugshot" phenomena, decided to use a COTW morphing program to  see what the baby thugs of the mug shot baby daddies and baby mommies might produce.

Here's the results:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why is The Assistant Secretary of Preparedness & Response Ordering Hundreds of Nose Bleed Tourniquets?

The Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response (ASPR) has a sole source order out for a few hundred "Epistaxis Devices". Basically these are inflatable balloons which one stuffs up someone's nose to cause tourniquet compression on the nasal artery.

So one has to ask why is ASPR ordering these things; and if they really need them, why aren't they up for competitive bidding? Something doesn't smell right.

Maybe ASPR is funding a remake of 99 Luftballons?


Epistaxis DevicesSolicitation Number: 14-100-SOL-OS129269

Looks Like Arizona Had/Has A Probable MERS Case and DIDN"T REPORT IT TO THE CDC

CDC recently altered its MERS case definitions and they have also loosened up who can be tested for MERS. As we posted yesterday these actions seem to stem from asymptomatic discoveries made during the 500+ people they tested after the two recent confirmed cases (all of which the CDC has been very secretive about).

But there was an additional suspected MERS case in Arizona that according to the Arizona Health Director's blog was not reported up to the CDC. Based on the CDC's recent changes to how they define what a MERS case is, it appears ARIZONA HAD/HAS A PROBABLE MERS and that it did not get reported to the CDC.

"The person had a travel history to Saudi Arabia and was exposed to sick people.  The person had MERS-compatible signs, symptoms, and incubation period- so alert healthcare providers collected specimens for us to test at our State Lab. We received specimens on Monday night and tested them on Tuesday- and by mid-afternoon Tuesday we knew that the samples were negative.  If it had been positive, we would have sent it to the CDC for confirmation"
Given the recent changes by the CDC, it appears quarantine stations at US points of entry are going to go into MERS testing overdrive


ALERT: CDC Alters Emergency MERS Testing To Target Asymptomatic Individuals

OBAMA Supports ISIS Jihadists: Lets Them Use IRAQ As A Supply Depot For Syrian War

The obvious reason Obama is letting Shite Iraq crumble to the black flagged Salfist army is so all that American made heavy military equipment (and money) the Iraqis had can be repurposed by the Salifist ISIS jihadistst to aid in Obama's battle against the Iranian (Shite) backed Syrian government. Seems Obama is a Salifist at heart.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ALERT: CDC Alters Emergency MERS Testing To Target Asymptomatic Individuals

The CDC has had the Emergency Use Authorization for the experimental MERS-Cov test changed so that they may now test individuals without any direct probable cause that they are infected.
"The amendments authorize the expanded use of the CDC assay to include testing persons who may not be exhibiting signs and symptoms associated with MERS-CoV infection, but who meet certain epidemiological risk factors (e.g., contact with a probable or confirmed MERS-CoV case, history of travel to geographic locations where MERS-CoV cases were detected, or other epidemiologic links for which MERS-CoV testing may be indicated as part of a public health investigation)" 
The obvious rationale for this Emergency Use change is to support a broad scope MERS testing campaign of all individuals returning from Saudi Arabia after the 2014 Hajj. CDC has been upgrading its capabilities at Quarantine Stations across the country for just such an eventuality. However, there are other indications that this Emergency Use alteration has to do with un-released test results from people exposed to the most recent USA MERS cases. In that regard, we have been expecting some sort of MERS shift out of the CDC.

The first clue something was afoot was when the CDC recently went against its own MERS case definition to declare an individual who had met with a known MERS case and who had tested positive for MERS-CoV as not really having a MERS-CoV infection. The CDC followed that action by withholding MERS test results from exposed persons in Missouri and Virginia; and probably more locations we don't yet know about.

Our suspicion is that out of the recent USA MERS cases there were multiple exposed asymptomatic individuals who have tested positive for MERS, and that these people may be capable of spreading MERS. Given the CDC's timing of the Emergency Use change, relative to the CDC's suppression of MERS test results, it is difficult to discount that the CDC's new found interest in asymptomatic MERS cases confirms our suspicions of unusual test results.

While we still hold to the opinion that MERS has a low risk of ongoing chain transmissions outside of the Muslim and Eastern World, CDC's activities regarding MERS testing may indicate otherwise. Moreover, given Saint Louis's bookending of MERS cases in Chicago and testing in Springfield Missouri, we have to admit that the spread of a Zoonotic Bronchitis in our family after a trip to Six Flags did bring thoughts of a readily spread but low impact MERS back to the forefront. Had the CDC acted a few weeks earlier in expanding the Emergency Use Authorization for MERS testing, we could have been tested.

Obviously the CDC can't find what it is not looking for, but with their new expanded Emergency Use criteria it is possible the reports of wide spread Bronchitis in locations common to known USA MERS infections may just lead to further MERS positive test results.


US Government Showing Major Concern For A Devastating ZERO DAY Pandemic Exploit

Systems & Intrinsic Disorder: MERS-CoV's "Hard Shell" Is Key To Understanding Its Epidemiology

CDC Threatening Pilots With Legal Action For Not Reporting Sick Travelers On Interstate Or International Flights

MERS Testing & Massive Hepatitis Alert in Springfield Missouri, CONNECTED?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Russia Made A HUGE Propaganda Shift Against Its Ukrainian Rebels; Signs of an Obama Appeasement

Drudge is linking a story from "Reason" which is commenting on a story from the Moscow Times that the pro-Russian Ukrainian Separatists have adopted a flag based on the Confederate States Of America's battle flag. The Russian's propaganda machine is making a propaganda link between its own Ukrainian Separatists and their supposed choice of a Jefferson Davis-esque Confederate “Ukrainian Dixie flag”. 

According to the ignorant folks at "Reason", the flag
"holds no meaning in Eastern Europe, so to whom are these Russian-backed fighters trying to appeal?"
In reality, the flag is a derivation of Saint Andrew's Cross; the Russians have used it for a long time, most recently as a Naval Jack. Its obvious what the Pro-Russsian Ukrainian Separatists where trying to link to when they picked that flag; even the Moscow Times knows that.

 The real question is why is the Russian propaganda machine drawing connections between the flag of their own guys in Ukraine and CSA's The Stars and Bars? Seems likely the Russians might be paying off a Western appeasement play by demonizing their own Confederates in Ukraine.

Those good 'ole Russkie boys in Eastern Ukraine might just be getten' ready to be sold out by their comrades. One might wager that Obama capitulated something very important to the Russians to get them to take three steps towards the door.  Certainly, the recent Russian hands off approach in Eastern Ukraine appears to support that Obama appeased the Russians with something BIG. 

Or on the other hand, maybe the propaganda is an attempt to appeal to Southern Americans to support the Ukrainian Separatists? Seems unlikely, given that no Southerner in his right mind would support the Russians knowing full well that Russia invaded Georgia from neighboring North Ossetia in 2008. If the Russian are trying to gather sympathy from Southerners, the Ukrainian separatists would be better served to base their flag off a Lynyrd Skynyrd album cover.


Russia and Georgia Clash Over Separatist Region

Friday, June 6, 2014

ALERT! Airborne Radiation Spike In Saint Charles Mo, Suspected Source Underground Nuclear Fire At West Lake Landfill

Our Live Outdoor Radiation Monitor is showing a several hour long ramping spike in airborne radiation levels. The spike appears to be tied to a shift in wind direction, surface winds are blowing in from the East. Based on wind direction, the suspect source of this spike is the underground nuclear fire at Bridgeton's Westlake Landfill (EPA Superfund site).

We can not precisely quantify the risk without further detail information from the EPA, our assumption is that it is not immediately life threatening. Nonetheless given that our indoor readings appear normal, staying indoors is likely a wise risk mitigation action. 
(edited to add) Based on the Outdoor - Indoor readings, this spike is likely driven ALPHA and/or BETA emitting radionuclides.


(1) The lone drop out on the outdoor radiation chart occurred as we were checking that Geiger Counters com port identification to verify that it was the outdoor unit.
(2) Normally we are several miles up wind of the West Lake Landfill's underground nuclear fire, only on the rare occasions that surface winds blow from East to West are we noticeably exposed to airborne emanations from that Superfund site.


LIVE! Saint Louis Outdoor & Indoor Radiation Monitors

Underground Radioactive Fire At Saint Louis Landfill: Airborne Readings

West Lake Landfill 

US Navy Orders Field Deployable H7N9 Rapid Tests For Special Investigations and Surveillance

  Arbor Vita:
"The Navy specified that the test be simple enough for non-laboratory personnel to use in field conditions. The alarming spread of the virus necessitated that such a test be available."

Solicitation Number: W911QY14P0209:
 "calls for the procurement of 400 A/H7N9 rapid assay tests that can be deployed through NHRC's surveillance network. The objective of this effort is to test specimens from ongoing surveillance programs and from special investigations of respiratory illness among military personnel and civilians."


The key take-away from this procurement is the limited number of detection kits ordered. Four-hundred kits seems like a rather minuscule supply if the US Navy is expecting a  H7N9 pandemic. But given that each kit is capable of performing 10 tests, one might surmise that having 4000 individual H7N9 test kits forward deployed to areas where the sampling will be done by "non laboratory personnel" is a sign that the USN sees a risk and wants to get an early lead if things start to go south. It will be interesting to see if the general public ends up being force fed a much higher level of concern about H7N9 than the Navy seems to be taking.


Rapid Test Kits for A/H7N9 Influenza: Solicitation Number: W911QY14P0209

Monday, June 2, 2014

Systems & Intrinsic Disorder: MERS-CoV's "Hard Shell" Is Key To Understanding Its Epidemiology

Since 2012 our take on MERS is that it is either wide spread (via Hajj) and of little risk, or that its not very contagious and again of little risk. Since that time, enough epidemiological information has come forth for us to deduce from a systems analysis that MERS-CoV has adapted itself to thrive in a very specific anthropogenic environment and outside of that (or similar) environment MERS-CoV won't sustain deadly pandemic reproduction.

Our hypothesis is that MERS-CoV's specific adaptation is the development of a "Hard Shell". That hardened shell allows MERS-CoV to survive in desert fecal aerosols, while also allowing it to survive as a wet fecal fomite or aerosol, even after Islamic cleansing rituals have taken place.

Based on our analysis, a search of relevant literature showed that others have come to a similar conclusion but a via a completely different path. (see sources below) Their path was based on determining the amount of 'flexibility' in MERS-CoV's inner and outer shells via Protein Intrinsic Disorder Prediction. The conclusion was that of all the Corona viruses modeled, MERS-CoV showed the lowest disorder /  hardest shell, and thusly was likely fecally transmitted .

Frankly, this finding should not be surprising since other animal Coronaviruses like SARS and Feline-CoV have been documented to spread via aerosolized wet feces and aerosol dry fomite dissemination. Where as, Human cold causing Cornoaviruses are believed to be spread via sneezing and coughing.

What it means in the Desert:

The dry environmental spread of MERS-CoV is likely from a desert dwelling animal that produces very dry dung. The Camel is a prime example, its fresh dung is immediately ready for burning, and is often collected for that purpose. Its safe to assume that people down wind of Camel (or Human) desert deposited excretia are at risk if Human disease producing MERS-CoV is present . For MERS to survive this kind of dust blown dehydrated environment it likely must have a hard shell.

What it means in the Hospital:

The other unusual aspect of MERS infection is that chain transmission has occurred only in hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [KSA]. Given the wealth, and Islamic piousness observed in KSA, this means that MERS-CoV must transmit in a western medical environment which strictly follows Islamic cleansing / palliative care requirements.

In short, KSA's wealth allows more health care workers per patient; a lot more health care worker exposure to fecal matter via close physical patient contact/care; and significant health care worker inter-exposure via common restrooms in which no toilet paper is used to block fecal hand contact, but instead soapy hands are relied for posterior cleanliness. For MERS to survive in this environment, it must have some resistance to soapy water aerosolization or fomite deposition degradation; again this points to a hard shell.

What it means outside of Saudi Arabia:

Given the lack of deadly MERS chain transmission outside of KSA, and our previous stated conclusions; it appears that lethal MERS transmission requires a minimum exposure dose, one which MERS has adapted to allow KSA hospital care to deliver. Outside of a wealthy discrete healthcare environment, similar dose exposures in a distributed environment might be expected to occur in poor, high population density areas with similar cultural / religious practices. This epidemiological analytical transformation is analogous to a MERS smart bomb on discrete target vs a cluster bomb on an area target. One might also expect chain transmission to occur in western nursing homes.

What it means for HAJJ:

HAJJ has not yet supported deadly MERS chain transmission, but that does not rule out that it will.

Quick Conjectures:

#1 One possibility is that Camel Coronavirus in Humans is to MERS, as Feline Coronavirus[FCoV] in Cats is to Feline Infectious Peritonitis [FIP]. CATS living in high density populations often have FCoV, but only in a small percentage of cats does that infection internally mutate into the disease manifesting version which causes FIP. The disease causing version is not believed to be transmittable to other cats. Since MERS is transmissible, a worst case reinforcing scenario would be a human MERS patient infecting a Camel with "human MERS".

#2 Camel herders are immune to MERS akin to the way in which Milk Maids were immune to SmallPox.

#3 If the in country dwell time for HAJJ pilgrims remains below the median time for symptom onset from exposure, the odds are an outbreak inside of Saudi Arabia is self limiting.

#4 The risk of a massive MERS outbreak at Hajj increases as a function of KSA's gross domestic product per (transient population) capita decreases.


Prediction of Intrinsic Disorder in MERS-CoV/HCoV-EMC Supports a High Oral-Fecal Transmission

Bedouin Camel Coprophagia Dysentery Cure A Pathway For MERS Infection

MERS Likely Spread Via Islamic Palliative Healthcare

MERS-CoV Infection Via Diarrhea & Eastern Toilet Habits

Feline Infectious Peritonitis

How cats become infected with feline coronavirus, the virus which causes FIP