Sunday, October 30, 2011

"BAFFLING" Solar Storm Neither Baffling Nor A "Treat" for Followers

"A baffling solar storm pulled colorful northern lights unusually far south, surprising space weather experts and treating skywatchers to a rare and spectacular treat". Of course, this Solar event was far less "baffling" and far less of a "treat" for those who follow the  alerts on

The POTRBLOG team first alerted about the risks of the interactions between Solar Coronal Mass Ejections and Fukushima Fallout back in April.  In fact one of the things we noted to look for were "unusual" Northern Lights.  The lights are more unusual in color, magnitude, and in scope because of the high atomic weight Fukushima Fallout in the atmosphere, and because of how the radioactive component of the fallout alters the electrical gradient in the atmosphere.

Post Fukushima such lights are no longer a treat, in fact they are the harbingers of the creation of a whole new witches brew of radioactive Fukushima related fallout.  It is a harbinger that grows more concerning as these Solar Storms are simultaneously increasing in magnitude as the upper atmosphere becomes more and more a long term dumping ground of both radioactive and non radioactive high atomic weight fallout from Fukushima.

For more information, see these links and watch this video originally posted in June.

[Threat Alert] Solar Proton Bombardment of High Atomic Weight Fallout

[Threat Alert] ONE Solar Storm = 71 American Fukushimas

Friday, October 28, 2011

Maximum Alert- Presence of IODINE 133 Is Indicated In Saint Louis 10/26/11 Fallout

Maximum Alert- Presence of IODINE 133 Indicated in the Saint Louis 10/26/11 rain fall.

10/31/11 Interim Result Update, SUBJECT TO REVISION

The presence of I-133 is still strongly indicated.
The CME-HAWF conjecture appears unsubstantiable with this data set.
The initial 58 minute half life estimate maybe explainable by the high initial levels of I-133 relative to Rn-222 daughters; there is some uncertainty in that explanation. However, the initial SWAG is that the uncertainty of the explanation is on the same order of magnitude as the inherent data variation.

Further analysis is pending.

The detection of Neptunium -239 in that rain fall is in error.
A simple math error of dividing minutes by "24" led to the miss-identification of a 2 day half life. The actual half-life is 19.25 hours which indicates Iodine-133.

Click the chart to enlarge it.
The vertical scale on the chart is logarithmic, hence the exponential fitted curves appear as straight lines. 

The Raw Data From The Iodine 133 And Xenon 133 Detections On 10/17/11 Are Now Available For Download

The original post has been updated with links to CSV formatted text files which contain both the radioactive background data and the radioactive sample data for the Iodine-133 and Xenon-133 detections in the Saint Louis radioactive rain-fall-out of 10/17/11.

The links may be found at the bottom of the original blog post here:
Fukushima Re-criticality Neutron Feast and Famine Cycle: Dancing With the Devil

Gun Fire at Fermi Reactor, Officer Wounded in the foot

NRC reports gun fire at the FERMI reactor; the unfortunate officer shot himself in the foot. The NRC event report calls it an 'accidental discharge'; almost 100% of the time such incidents are the results of Negligence, and are appropriately called "Negligent discharges". However, negligence is often reclassified as 'accidental' when either Governmental Regulatory agencies, Nuclear Plants, or Law Enforcement is involved, in this case we have a Trifecta.

See NRC EVENT notification 47383.

RETRACTED !!!! [Maximum Alert] Neptunium 239 Indicative Fallout in 10/26/11 Saint Louis Rainfall

UPDATE 10/28/11:


The miss-identification occurred as a result of dividing the number of minutes by "24" to calculate hours, and then again by 24 to calculate days.

Maximum Alert, the 10/26/11 radioactive rain fallout has a 2 day  19.25 hour half life component that is strongly indicative of  Iodine 133  Neptunium-239. Neptunium-239 decays into Plutonium 239.

The short half life component in the fallout is currently unidentified, it has a calculated 58 minute half life. The expected composite half life of Radon 222 daughters is 36.5 minutes. Previous POTRBLOG short half life detections greater than 46 minutes have been associated with Coronal Mass Ejections.  

The radioactive sample wipe was taken approximately 9:36pm 10/26/11. The sample was taken approximately 1/2 hour after the rain had stopped, and had a reading of 22X greater than background. The zero minute reading in the chart below corresponds to 10:08pm.

Please note that the vertical component in the chart below is Logarithmic in scale, this scale  results in exponential curve fits to the data appearing as straight lines. The radioactive sample was contained in a Ziploc back, hence all Alpha radiation was blocked.

Click on the corrected chart to see a larger version.

Further Analysis is on going and updates will follow

Thursday, October 27, 2011

US Government: Fukushima Radioactive Fallout TEN THOUSAND Percent Greater in IRAQ than In the USA

The POTRBLOG team decided to investigate the differences between the Department of Energy's recent release of Fukushima Radioactive Fallout data and the Enviornmental Protection Agency's RADNET Radioactive Fallout data; what we discovered was startling.

The DOE data lists a fallout monitoring location in Western Iraq which had taken fallout readings on March 30th 2011; an "apple to apple" analyis was performed comparing the EPA' Radnet data from March 11 2011 through March 30th. To make the "apple to apple" comparison the HIGHEST air filter fallout readings from each individual radionuclide in the USA (over the entire time period) was compared to each radionuclide measured in western Iraq on March 30 2011.

The only calculation/conversion the POTRBLOG team made was to convert the IRAQ measurements from micro-Curies per milli-Liter to pico-Curies per cubic-Meter; those calculations are marked in the charts below.

The result was that the IRAQ fallout measured by the DOE was as high as TEN THOUSAND Percent GREATER than the highest identical radionuclide measured in the USA by the EPA.

Obviously there has to be an error somewhere given that Iraq is a few days down wind from the USA. For all of our sakes lets pray that it is the POTRBLOG team that has made an error and not the US Government.

More updates/details and a video are to follow.

Updated with links to the source data:
US DOE/NNSA Response to 2011 Fukushima Incident: Radiological Air Samples

EPA RadNet Database Query

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 X Background Radiation Fallout Rain, 4:30pm 10/26/11

This 30X background radiation reading was taken from the leading edge of the rain which started here in Saint Louis around 4:30 pm. It seems as if now all of our rainfalls are at minimum greater than 20 TIMES background levels. More info to follow.

Update: 6:30pm STL 10/26/11 A new sample wipe from the previously wiped surface once again returns a 30X background radiation. However, Gamma ray activity has increased, as the truck surface now reads 4.5x background radiation at a distance of 1 foot from the truck surface.

More updates to follow.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Japan Map of High Certainty Strontium 89 Soil Detections

High Certainty Strontium 89 Soil Detections in Japan
Sr-89 Half Life = 50.5 Days

Source: US DOE/NNSA data

More Updates and Analysis to follow

View Larger Map

Google Japan Map of High Certainty Plutonium and Neptunium Soil Detections

Google Japan Map of High Certainty Plutonium and Neptunium Soil Detections as of April 6th 2011.

Source: US DOE/NNSA data

View Larger Map

[Alert] Mount FUJI, Nakahatanishi, Japan: Plutonium 236, 238, and 239/240 Detections

[Alert] Mount  FUJI,  Nakahatanishi, Japan, West of Gotenba

Plutonium 236, 238 and  239/240 detections in the soil on 4/3/2011 (data only available for March-April 2011)

These are the  high certainty, longest distance detections of Plutonium in Japan
Source US DOE/NNSA data

Pu-236           Amount: 3.65E-08  uCi/g      Half-Life:     2.8 Years

Pu-238           Amount: 4.57E-10    uCi/g      Half-Life:     87 Years

Pu-239/240    Amount: 1.11E-09    uCi/g      Half-Life Minimum 6000+ years

Exact Location:
Latitude 35.322197 Longitude: 138.865287

Approximately 200 miles south of Fukushima.


This is a list of all the HIGH CERTAINTY detections of radionuclides at this location on 4/3/11

Nuclide               Result Unit
Am-243          6.60E-08 uCi/g
Pu-236           3.65E-08 uCi/g
U-232             1.99E-06 uCi/g
Cs-137           3.76E-07 uCi/g
Cs-134           3.06E-07 uCi/g
U-238             1.54E-07 uCi/g
U-235             7.13E-09 uCi/g
U-233/234      1.63E-07 uCi/g
Pu-239/240    1.11E-09 uCi/g
Am-241          5.38E-10 uCi/g
I-131              3.37E-06 uCi/g
Pu-238           4.57E-10 uCi/g
Gross Beta    7.93E-06 uCi/Sample

[Alert] Miura Peninsula, Yokosuka Japan, Plutonium 236 and 239/240 detection

[Alert] Miura Peninsula, Yokosuka Japan, South of Tokyo.

Plutonium 236 and 239/240 detection in the soil on 4/6/2011 (data only available for March-April 2011)

These are the highest, high certainty detections of Plutonium in Japan
Source US DOE/NNSA data

Pu-236           Amount: 7.35E-08 uCi/g      Half-Life:     2.8 Years
Pu-239/240    Amount: 1.54E-09 uCi/g      Half-Life Minimum 6000+ years

Exact Location:
Latitude 35.293526 Longitude:139.671843
Approximately 200 miles south of Fukushima.


This is a list of all the HIGH CERTAINTY detections of radionuclides at this location on 4/6/11

Nuclide        Result Unit
Cs-134         9.33E-06 uCi/g
Cs-137         9.10E-06 uCi/g
Am-243        1.33E-07 uCi/g
Pu-236         7.35E-08 uCi/g
U-232           1.99E-06 uCi/g
U-238           3.63E-07 uCi/g
U-235           1.67E-08 uCi/g
U-233/234    3.92E-07 uCi/g
I-131             2.06E-05 uCi/g
Gross Beta   1.57E-05 uCi/Sample
Pu-239/240   1.54E-09 uCi/g
Am-241         8.91E-10 uCi/g

The location and sample are described as such

Field Team: DOSE RATE BICRON 250 CPM  WET WEIGHT 92.5 G; Description: Basketball Tower, (yokosuka Bldg 1315);

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fukushima Re-criticality Neutron Feast and Famine Cycle: Dancing With the Devil

As evidenced by alternating Saint Louis fallout detections of Neptunium 239 and Iodine 133 + Xenon 133, Fukushima is cycling between a free flowing neutron rich criticality creating Neptunium-239 > Plutonium 239  and a  neutron "poisoned" criticality where Iodine-133 > Xenon 133 is both the neutron poison and primary fallout product.

In essence it is a dance with the devil creating alternating fallout poisons. But as any dance with the devil, the risk is greatest when the tune changes. As ground water conditions change and the neutron poisoning influences of Xenon 133 wane, a too rapid conversion from neutron famine to neutron feast may yet lead to an explosive un-moderated re-criticality. 

Those with more precise instruments possibly understand this devil's dance in the ground water with enough quantitative clarity to more precisely ascertain  the risks and likely outcomes; but qualitatively for us,  the dance to is to see which comes first Thyroid or Lung cancer.

Update 10/28/11 with a link to the source data for the 10/17/11 detection sample.
The data is a TXT file in a CSV format.

Link to the background radiation data for the 10/17/11 detection.
The data is a TXT file in a CSV format

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Day THYROID CANCER Was Thrust Upon Saint Louis, North America: Monday 17th of October 2011

10/24/11 Video Update:

The POTRBLOG team has been able to identify a 19.25 hour half life and a follow on  4.8 day half life component in the radioactive fallout which rained down on Saint Louis, Missouri on Monday 17th of October 2011. The half lives and decay chain indicate the presence of radioactive Iodine 133 and its daughter product Xenon 133. Additional longer half life components are also present.

Further updates, and data will follow
1st Update

2nd Update

3rd Update: See Fukushima Re-criticality Neutron Feast and Famine Cycle: Dancing With the Devil

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Preliminary Alert] Decay signature of Iodine-133 tentatively Identified in the 2.76 mR/Hr Fukushima Fallout

[Preliminary Alert] Decay signature of Iodine-133 tentatively identified in the 2.76 mR/Hr Fukushima Fallout which occurred in Saint Louis, Mo on 10/17/11

UPDATE 2. 10/19/11

Assistance Request: Please scour and report any data coming out of Japan dated within the last few weeks that have any indication of Iodine -133 or Xe-133 detections. The shorter half life of I-133 would indicate an fission event in Fukushima within the last week (2 weeks max)

Further testing is on going to see if measurable levels of the I-133 daughter product Xe-133 is in the sample.

1st update

Monday, October 17, 2011

ALERT! 270+ Times Greater Than Background Radiation Rain Fallout @4:30pm 10/17/11 Saint Louis, Mo

UPDATE 10/18/11: IODINE-133 has been tentatively identified in this fallout
[Preliminary Alert] Decay signature of Iodine-133 tentatively Identified in the 2.76 mR/Hr Fukushima Fallout

Original Post:

ALERT- Saint Louis 4:30pm 1017/11 radioactive rainfall at 270+ times greater than background radiation- 2.7 mR/hr
The highest reading we have ever measured
more info to follow on

1st update

Thursday, October 13, 2011

NEPTUNIUM 239 Fallout Once Again Rains Down On The USA- [Maximum Alert]

[MAXIMUM ALERT] Fukushima Fallout Indicative of Neptunium 239 Again Hits the Western and North Western United States.

The Fukushima Fallout detected in Saint Louis, Mo on 10/12/11 contains radioactive contamination with a half life of approximately 2.4 days. The measured half life is indicative of Neptunium 239, which decays into harder to detect Plutonium 239. Based on Jet Stream patterns we expect that fallout concentrations were significantly higher in the Western and Northwestern states.

The specific identification of Neptunium 239 does contain an element of uncertainty; however, prudent cost effective risk mitigation actions are strongly indicated. Primary of such actions is to wash contaminated vehicles in a brushed car wash before allowing such vehicles to be parked inside of a habitable building.

Attached below is a graph of the longer half life component of this detection. Further analysis of the decay products is on going.

Hilary Swank Sorry for Attending Accused Murderer's White House Functions?

Hilary Swank sorry for attending accused murderer's White House functions?
According to Fox News Hilary Swank 'said that she was unaware of the disappearances, house torchings and extra-judicial killings reportedly orchestrated by ...[the] republic.'

Hopefully other "notable" individuals will now step forward and also condemn and refuse to attend party functions for the Obama white house. Unfortunately, upon further inspection, the ellipses I put in the quote above don't refer to the recent "kill list" extra-judicial killings of American citizens committed by the Obama administration, nor does it include the disappearances and house torchings committed in an undeclared wars in Libya and Afghanistan. Instead, those ellipses refer to actions "reportedly orchestrated by Ramzan Kadyrov in the southern Russian republic"

Hopefully Hilary Swank will now step forward and condemn the unconstitutional, unchecked by Congress or the Judiciary, killing of American citizens listed on the Obama administrations secret kill list, and also condem the associated indiscriminate disappearances and house torchings in the undeclared wars in Libya and Afghanistan.

Of course, the extra judicial killings may not have just been limited to the Obama presidency. The secret Presidential enemies kill list may go back as far in time as one of Obama's favorite Illinois confederates and presidential role models, Abraham Lincoln.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

[MAXIMUM ALERT] Persistent Long Half Life Radiation Detected In Saint Louis

Twenty Six days after the initial radioactive rainfall on 9/14/11,  the radioactive sample swipe taken from our truck still shows radioactivity at approximately 6 counts per minute above background levels. Based on the decay data, the POTRBLOG team strongly suspects that a primary component of this persistent long half life fallout is the Neptunium 239 > Plutonium 239 series; and, that it is highly prudent to take risk mitigation actions.

For the historical data on this detection please select the Maximum Alert tag.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

4000 mile Radioactive Road Trip: Disney World, Cinderella's Castle, and Royal Table

Another in the series from our 4000 mile radioactive road trip to the southern most point in the United States. This time July 30th 2011, a 2hour total count background reading from the Magic Kingdom and an instantaneous reading inside Cinderella's castle at her "Royal Table".

Fortunately we found no issues of radioactive concern in this segment; in fact our primary concern was how nasty the tap water is in Disney World. For those who have never had the pleasure of drinking the warm tap water in Disney World, it frankly is the second most disgusting tap water in the United States.

Our primary tip for this segment of the radioactive roadtrip, is to use a Berkey Sport Water Bottle to make the tap water drinkable. We purchased our Berkeys to mitigate the risk of radioactive iodine contamination in drinking water while out and about, but it's greatest value in Disney World was making the tap water drinkable. The savings from avoiding buying Scrooge McDuck priced bottled waters more than paid for the Berky Sport bottles.

We suggest buying a three pack of Berkeys; One for the hotel room and two to take along. This is especially the case if you are staying in a Disney Resort, we found black stuff in our hotel water more than once; we were told the contamination was was from work the resort was performing (more on this in an upcoming post).

Single Bottles:

Overall on the RadRoad Trip we discovered:

(1) the further away one is from the Jet Stream the lower the radioactive fallout in the rain.

(2) Storms traveling East to West from Africa via the hurricane corridor tend to have ZERO radioactivity in the rainfall.

Hopefully the radioactive baseline data recorded for Disney World will have NO future use.

Friday, October 7, 2011

ALL IS WELL!!! USA Reduces Fukushima Evacuation Zone to 20 km

ALL IS WELL!!! USA Reduces Fukushima Evacuation Zone to 20 km. I guess that finding will set a good precedent for places like North Anna and Turkey Point; hopefully the powers that be will release the engineering and medical basis for that decision.

In the mean time, as we wait for the US to release the data supporting the reduced evacuation zone, lets celebrate Fukushima's new found safety by enjoying a little IZ Kamakawiwo'ole

Saturday, October 1, 2011

North Anna Analysis: Seismic Activity Under Reported; Insufficient Cooling Was Available; Public Was Placed At Risk; Radiation Leaks Not Important To Restart

The POTRBLOG team has completed an analysis of the information presented at the September 8th Dominion North Anna / Nuclear Regulatory commission meeting; we present our findings here for your review and input. In this analysis we will present several key conclusions from our analysis; these are issues  which the NRC team seemingly missed during the meeting. Moreover, we will also point out several significant issues of public concern which the media should have reported.

Overall, the lower level NRC staff engineers & scientists did a good job questioning the significant weaknesses in Dominion’s thrust to underperform in restarting the North Anna Nuclear Power Plant. However,   the  issues listed below remain. Hopefully the NRC will discover and address these issues in their upcoming North Anna meeting on October 3rd, and we look forward to being proved wrong on these points of significant concern.

First, issues either undiscovered or unmentioned by the NRC concerning North Anna.
  1. North Anna Unit 2 underwent significantly more ground motion than Unit 1; as evidenced by failure of all three of Unit 2’s generator step up transformers and half of Unit 2’s back up generators, versus the failure of one Unit 1 generator step up transformer and zero of Unit 1’s back up generators. [Unit 1 has limited seismic recording, Unit 2 has no seismic recording]
  2. North Anna Unit 2 had its cool down stopped and was left in hot standby because Dominion was concerned about their capability to further cool down the reactor –“Defense in depth”. Indicators are that the lake levels were significantly dropped by the cool down of Unit 1
  3. Had North Anna’s seismic alarms functioned properly both reactors Units 1 and 2 would have been required to go into cold shutdown, which lake levels and cooling capacity may have not supported.
  4. The failure of North Anna to react properly as a result of the failure of seismic indicators to alert the operators of earthquake design exceedance combined with an approaching hurricane and limited reactor cooling capability placed the public at risk.

    Second, issues mentioned by the NRC but not covered by the media.
    1. The NRC does not consider radioactive leakage from the plant to be a hindrance to restarting North Anna unless it is “REALLY LEAKING” to the point of affecting functionality of the restart.
    2. North Anna’s limited dimensional seismic recording capability UNDERREPORTED the strength of the quake.
    3. The seismic recordings which were available were missing several frequency bands.
    4. Dominion’s inspection theory has been based on “if it looks good, it must be good”
    5. North Anna should have been able to interpret seismic results on site.

    Finally, there is at least one person at North Anna who deserves a pay raise. But, that raise is deserved based on his ability to skillfully “handle” regulatory engineers and scientists.