Monday, April 29, 2019

Oroville Dam Failure Begins at the 908 Foot Lake Level According to The California Department of Water Resources

Information recently released by the California Division of Water Resources indicates that

1.  Oroville Dam failures will begin at the Emergency Spillway when lake levels reach 908 feet

2.  Oroville Dam failures will begin at the Main Spillway when lake levels reach 908 feet

3.  At a 899 ft lake level it only takes ~ 6 inches of rain in 21 hours to reach the 908 foot failure point

4.  No risk assessment has been performed on the unreinforced section of Emergency Spillway

5.  The Emergency Spillway no longer has capacity to be a redundancy for the Main Spillway

6.   The Emergency Spillway can now only handle a 100K CFS flow rate (was 450K CFS)

7.   The Main Spillway can now only handle a 269K CFS flow rate (was 301K CFS)

8.   Oroville Dam can no longer survive the Maximum Possible Flood ( an 1,800 year flood)

9.   Oroville Dam can not handle the Standard Project Flood when lake levels are above 848 feet

10. Global warming will make the 1,800 year Maximum Possible Flood occur more frequently 

11. Global warming will make the 440 year Standard Project Flood occur more frequently.

12. No risk mitigation work has been done on either the Spillway Gate or Hyatt Power House

13. Down stream levee failures will occur when release rates exceed 150K CFS,

The above data assumes that Oroville Dam will function 100% as claimed by the California Division of Water Resources. 

We question the veracity of 100%  dam operations for the following reasons

1. Even after massively reinforcing the top half of the Emergency Spillway, the hillside is so unstable that the Spillway flow rates had to be dropped by ~80%

2. Oroville Dam authorities have shown an inability to problem solve real time, as proven by their 2017 decision to use the Emergency Spillway despite an obviously eroding hillside, leading to issue 3

3. Oroville Dam authorities have an inability to recognize life threatening situations until the last possible moment, as evidenced by declaring an Emergency Evacuation after continuous claims of safety just moments prior.

3. In an Orwellian maneuver, Oroville Dam renamed the Emergency Spillway to the "Auxiliary Spillway" after its use resulted in a MASSIVE EMERGENCY EVACUATION; this renaming shows they WILL place and push a false appearance of safety above actual safety.

4. News organization were complicit in renaming the Emergency Spillway to the Auxiliary Spillway

5  During the recent low flow Main Spillway usage, we noticed an anomaly possibly affecting future Hyatt Power House operations. (more to follow)

6. Insufficient live Main Spillway testing has been done despite unusually high lake levels

7. Their Risk Analysis understates risks, as all risk events treated as separate and not interrelated.


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Radioactive Orange Snow

According to Minneapolis National Weather Service the red dirt causing Minnesota's orange snow was picked yesterday from the North West Texas area by the jetstream. Unfortunately this area includes the locations radioactively contaminated by the Plutonium fire at DOE's WIPP nuclear waste dump. Details on the WIPP disaster can be found here

The radioactive snow levels measured today were approximately 3 times above normal background radiation