Friday, February 28, 2014

STAY OUT OF THE RAIN! JetStream To WIPP Plutonium Up I-44 Corridor: OKC, Stroud, Tulsa, Joplin, Springfield, Rolla, Saint Louis, Chicago

Saint Louis local TV channel 2 is forecasting the Jet Stream to flow directly from the WIPP Plutonium disaster up through the I-44 corridor into Saint Louis (see the 1:18 video below). In the Spring that often means Tornado's, this time it means PLUTONIUM embedded in Rain, Ice, & Snow Storm hitting Saint Louis Saturday evening.

We wish could better quantify the risk of this event to Saint Louis, but the authorities have not released enough data for us to make a good assessment. The data they have released  indicates that the WIPP site was still releasing approximately 6,667 Becquerel of Pu239 + Am241 every minute, based on an estimated 20,000 cubic meter per minute mine ventilation exhaust rate.

Given that there will likely be Plutonium present, and that rain/ice/snow fall may concentrate it, we believe it wise to take prudent risk avoidance measures. For us, that means avoiding travel, staying indoors, and using HEPA filters. Precipitation allowing, we will attempt to take surface samples.

We will have our LIVE INDOOR AND OUTDOOR RADIATION MONITORS up and running. However, we think it unlikely that we will be able to identify a noticeable spike from Plutonium, even if it is present. We may have had such a detection on 2/15, but that Plutonium plume was much larger than what is expected to arrive this weekend. But in anycase, better safe than sorry.


TIME ZERO Plutonium Cloud was 330 MILLION Becquerels in Size; DOE Claims Current Releases Safe--BUT

Insider WIPP Information Indicates PLUTONIUM CLOUD WAS MUCH LARGER Than Previously Calculated!

The POTRBLOG team has received additional inside information in a response to our analysis of WIPP's statements that it was using scaffolding, attempting to 'STABALIZE' the mine's ventilation system, and were bringing in outside experts to help with the stabilization effort (prima facie evidence of explosion damage).

The insider, who has proven him/herself to be a reliable source of WIPP information, gave us some very shocking information in reference to our report about the ventilation system and HEPA filters at WIPP.

As a result of that information, we will have to revise UPWARDS our calculation of the volumetric size of the Plutonium cloud released from the WIPP site on Valentine's Day evening. The revision comes because we had estimated the release time to have occurred over a 30 second period based on statements, which we had accepted as being truthful, of automatic HEPA filter activation, which only took "brief moments"

Based on the new information, and the historically credible nature of the provider, we are revising the Plutonium release event time estimate to have occurred over a period of 5 to 20 minutes (if not longer). This means that the volumetric size of the Plutonium Cloud was 10 to maybe 100 TIMES larger than previously calculated. We will follow up with calculations in the near future.

We would like to expound in detail on the information the insider provided, but have been ask to hold back the shocking details. Given that the release has already happened, we will hold back the details of  the systemic failure at the WIPP facility. But, we won't hold back on how that information influences that math of WIPP's Plutonium release. However, it does make it clear to us that no information provided by WIPP can be trusted at face value. Be ready to evacuate on a moment's notice, within 200 miles, of further activity at WIPP.

Moreover, when the information that was shared with us does come out, we believe that there should be a Special Prosecutor appointed, and people should ask what DOE, WIPP, & CERMC knew, and when they knew it.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

HIGH RISK of New Large Plutonium Release! 'Stabilization Efforts' Indicative of Explosion Damaged Ventilation System!

Current Ventilation Stabilization Efforts At WIPP may result in HEPA filtration failure, explosion, and additional Plutonium releases; THIS IS A HIGH RISK TIME PERIOD; BE PREPARED

Previously we stated: "We believe that it is unlikely that the DOE WIPP site has Air Filtration systems capable of surviving an explosion."  

Today a WIPP official seemingly has confirmed our analysis by stating that they were trying to stabilize their mine ventilation system, they have put up scaffolding, and even built a mock up of the system so that outside experts could stabilize it. Here is our transcript of what the official said, we have included a link to the actual audio below.

 "So this is this is the scaffolding that we have set up, right by where our exhaust filter building is. So The first step we wanna make sure to do is that we stabilize our mine ventilation system, and we have the experts already on site dats been working on dis. We actually built mock ups before dey showed up ugh on site, to make sure that you know once we establish dis at the facility its going to work. Ok so once we work on this and and get this thing done. And And I am letting you know dat we're gonna do dis quite rapidly, ok with in the next few days. Then we will follow our next step which is to re enter the mine. Ok"


PREPARE TO EVACUATE!!: Albuquerque Air Force Base Orders 1,200 Particulate Radiation Suits

We See Risk of "Back Draft" Explosion @ DOE WIPP Site: We Would EVACUATE If We Lived Within 100 Miles

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DOE Caught Bending The Truth Again! Falsely Claims Release Material Was Predominately Americium.


"The release material was predominantly americium-241, material which is consistent with the waste disposed of at the WIPP. This is a radionuclide used in consumer smoke detectors and a contaminant in nuclear weapons manufacturing." 

Of course this is not DOE's first FALSEHOOD about the WIPP site. For SIX days after the Plutonium Cloud was released on February 14th,  DOE reassured people that there was no above ground radioactive release. DOE's tune changed 2 DAYS AFTER the POTRBLOG team posted our mathematical analysis, on February 18th,  Our analysis was  based on insider information that WIPP had detected MILLIONS of Radioactive Disintegrations Per Minute [DPM's]. Two days later on  February 20th,  DOE sheepishly admitted that they had  indeed  detected 4.4 Million DPM's

It seems today, once again, we are going to have to use math to make the DOE admit the truth again, namely that DOE's Radioactive Cloud contained  490% MORE PLUTONIUM THAN AMERICIUM.

 The DOE desperately wants the word PLUTONIUM left out of the public's ears. DOE would prefer to have the public think the release was AMERICIUM. Hell can't nothin be bad that for somethin' named after America, especially when everybody keeps a little bit of the stuff in the smoke detector in their home. Its the updated version of the lie that inhaling Plutonium is like eating a Banana.

But don't take our word for it. DOE funds an radioactive monitoring organization which goes by the acronym CEMRC. Now CEMRC is no prize pig, we see obvious deception in their reports too. Things like making the release look smaller by averaging it out over the whole 7 days their measurement device was running, instead of just using the smaller 30 second period in which they claim the radioactive release occurred. Not only do we think that it is purposefully deceptive; we think improperly mixing units of measure speaks lowly of their Engineering Program.

DOE is running into the old problem of not being able to keep their web of deception from becoming tangled. DOE says the release MATERIAL was predominately Americium, where as the data released from CEMRC says that there was 490%  more Plutonium than Americium in that radioactive cloud.. But that should not surprise anyone, WIPP was built to hold WEAPONS GRADE PLUTONIUM, the Americium is just a minor contaminate that grows  as Plutonium 241 one starts to degrade over time. Finding Americium 241 is to Weapons Grade Plutonium 239 as mold is to a loaf of bread; its a minor blemish on the loaf but it really stands out. And, that is at the heart of the deception the DOE is using.

We show the math below based on CEMRC's latest numbers; take note that all the death and destruction came from 0.012 Grams of AIRBORNE DISPERSED radioactive material, then consider the site still contains TONS of Radioactive Material waiting for the next larger explosion.


CEMRC Ambient Air Sampling Results Following 2-14-14 Radiation Detection Event


PREPARE TO EVACUATE!!: Albuquerque Air Force Base Orders 1,200 Particulate Radiation Suits

Has the CDC Detected An Imported H7N9 Case Via Chinese New Year Travel? We'll Find Out Soon Enough

IF a H7N9 case entered the USA via international travel related to Chinese New Year Celebrations, AND IF it was detected, we are in the time frame in which a public H7N9 announcement would be expected. Those are a lot of IFs. It's also a big IF if it would have any immediate impact.

What draws our eyes to this question is recent BARDA activity related to PERMAVIR stockpiles, HHS's desire to track all TWEETS about H7N9, and CDC's recent positioning to let large orders for mechanical ventilators.

Frankly we believe it's likely H7N9 entered San Francisco by Valentine's day, carried in by Americans returning home from Chinese New Year celebrations in Mainland China. The best place for H7N9 to initially have spread in the USA would have been during the Chinese New Year parade and activities in San Francisco on 2/15 -2/16.
"According to a recent survey, this year plans to travel abroad for Chinese respondents, 29% of people choose to travel to the United States. Among them, 46 percent plan to the United States as a destination for Chinese tourists to California, 31 percent plan to go to New York, there are some Chinese tourists planning to go to Boston."

Did H7N9 make it into the USA? Our best guess is yes, BUT we think the odds of detection are low as the Bay Area is swamped with a H1N1 outbreak and deaths. The real point of concern would be if H7N9 made it into the Bay Area wild life, as its river delta and surrounding large human population fit the profile of outbreak locations in China.

Unfortunately, research studies of the Bay Area have shown that
 "Waterfowl in California can spread the avian influenza virus (AIv) during summertime when wetland temperatures are warm and waterfowl densities are low.
Researchers with the USGS and partners found low pathogenic (LP) AIv in water and waterfowl fecal samples collected in the California Central Valley during summer, indicating on-going infections in resident waterfowl, persistent shedding and active transmission of AIv.
Despite previous research suggesting that colder temperatures and increased bird densities as waterfowl congregate during migration are most favorable to the survival of these viruses, the recent findings suggest that high summer water temperatures do not prevent its circulation.l"
this means if H7N9 is imported into the Bay Area it can persist to seed a Fall 2014 H7N9 outbreak.
Other locations fitting that profile are Houston, and possibly New Orleans.

Of course this doesn't mean that we should hold our breath for an imminent announcement from the CDC that H7N9 has been detected in the USA, it only means that you should not be surprised if that is what happens (this year or next).


Technical Announcement:Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Transmitted During Summer in California Wetlands

US-Chinese New Year rush off New York "shopping" in Massachusetts visiting campus


Pandemic Alert! CDC Desires Info On H7N9 & MERS TWEETS in Real Time AND 5 Years Historical

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PREPARE TO EVACUATE!!: Albuquerque Air Force Base Orders 1,200 Particulate Radiation Suits

On Feb 20th, Kirtland Air Force base in Albuquerque New Mexico  awarded a sole source contract to  MRI corp of El Paso, Texas for 1,200 Particulate Radiation suits.  A obvious purpose for this order is to prepare for another massive Plutonium release from DOE's WIPP plant outside Carlsbad New Mexico.

" the contractor shall provide 1200 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) single-use overgarments, hoods and footwear as indicated by size and part numbers below. Hoods and bootliners may be integrated into the suit design, but at a minimum must be designed to afford full protection to the wearer when worn as an ensemble. All part numbers used are Orex brand. Non-ventilated protective clothing shall protect the wearer against particulate radioactive contamination"
"300 each - Orex Ultra Coverall, Medium, Part Number: CSA3500-M
350 each - Orex Ultra Coverall, Large, Part Number CSA3500-L
300 each - Orex Ultra Coverall, Extra Large, Part number CSA3500-XL
150 each - Orex Ultra Coverall - Double X Large, Part Number CSA3500-XXL
100 each - Orex Ultra Coverall, Triple X Large, Part Number CSA3500-3X
1200 each - Orex Ultra Bootliners, XL, Part Number CS3516-XL
1200 each - Orex Ultra Hoods, Part Number CS3555"

As we stated in our previous post: 

BUGOUT ALERT! CDC Preps MASSIVE Ventilator Order, References Radiological Event And Pandemic Influenza

One thing we know for sure, it would be wise risk mitigation to be able to IMMEDIATELY escape upwind of the WIPP site within a moments notice for anyone living within a 200 mile zone. This means having a P100 mask and items to sustain comfort immediately available and transportable (along with a plan to get out). 

We expect that the DOE WIPP site should be tracking levels of Hydrogen, Methane, & VOC's from increased radiolysis occurring in the WIPP mine. But, this does not mean they will alert youDOE denied the Plutonium release for DAYS.

Alternative media is just now reporting the size of the Plutonium release, we first quantified and reported the size of that Plutonium release over 1 week ago. People did not want to believe there was a massive release because of Normalcy Bias, don't make that mistake again! 


Personal Protective EquipmentSolicitation Number: HDTRA2-14-T-0001

Mechanical VentilatorsSolicitation Number: 2014-RFI-16388

Pandemic Alert! CDC Desires Info On H7N9 & MERS TWEETS in Real Time AND 5 Years Historical

TIME ZERO Plutonium Cloud was 330 MILLION Becquerels in Size; DOE Claims Current Releases Safe--BUT

[PANDEMIC WARNING] Public Health Service PRE-ORDERS 2,900 of Its HIGHEST Medals & Ribbons Awards

BUGOUT ALERT! CDC Preps MASSIVE Ventilator Order, References Radiological Event And Pandemic Influenza

Plutonium Lung or Pneumonia of Unknown Etiology (look for these latter words)

On February 24th the CDC put out a Solicitation tasking all Mechanical Ventilator manufacturers to provide CDC with information in preparation for a MASSIVE order for ventilators.

"Mechanical ventilators are a critical life-saving non-pharmaceutical medical countermeasure for patients experiencing respiratory failure that could result from the consequences of a pandemic influenza, emerging infectious disease or other chemical, biological or radiological event. These events can quickly overwhelm the hospital resources of the locale and the region. In a public health emergency resulting in respiratory failure for a large number of patients, hospitals will need to surge the medical capabilities needed to provide mechanical ventilation"

Based on the solicitation, CDC wants manufactures to be able to deliver 5000 ventilators each on a non-surge capacity.The CDC also wants manufactures to address their capability to rapidly and massively increase surge production over a 12 week surge capability, including identifying raw material sources.
CDC wants all this information by March 18th.

So the following things immediately come to mind:

(1) The DOE WIPP site released a Plutonium Cloud on Valentine's Day which we calculate to have been 330,000,000 Becquerel in size, released over an approximate 30 second period in an estimated 10,000 cubic meters of air. All of which rapidly shot Northwest towards Denver. We also see a significant risk of additional explosions and more significant releases (see more info below)

(2) Pandemic H7N9 avian influenza. The Government has been prepping for H7N9 like it was the Zombie Apocalypse. REPORTED cases in China have trickled off recently; there may be another up tick tied to the their celebration of Women's Day on 3/8/14. Provided that information is not being withheld we would not expect such a pandemic till Fall 2014

(3) CDC just released an order on COTS tools to establish a TWITTER firehose, with 5 years of historical data. The demonstrated purpose was for H7N9 and MERS information Fusion. The 5 year historical legacy makes less sense for an outbreak of H7N9 or MERS this year, but it does make a lot of sense for identifying NUCLEAR and Medical bloggers of influence.

(4) Lots of the Government's prep work for Influenza and Nuclear disaster overlap. We have covered much of the Pandemic aspect this year; but the Nuke aspect has not gone unnoticed and we have referenced that the Government seems to be preparing for a Plutonium Fizzle event. The outcome from a fizzle event and the release of weapons grade Plutonium dust from the WIPP site in New Mexico share similar outcomes.

So is this prep specifically for the Nuclear event in New Mexico? We don't know. But we do know that the primary shortage tied to this year's H1N1 outbreak was a shortage of ECMO (artificial lung) machines. A technology and manpower a step above mechanical ventilators.

One thing we know for sure, it would be wise risk mitigation to be able to IMMEDIATELY escape upwind of the WIPP site within a moments notice for anyone living within a 200 mile zone. This means having a P100 mask and items to sustain comfort immediately available and transportable (along with a plan to get out).

We expect that the DOE WIPP site should be tracking levels of Hydrogen, Methane, & VOC's from increased radiolysis occurring in the WIPP mine. But, this does not mean they will alert you. DOE denied the Plutonium release for DAYS.

Alternative media is just now reporting the size of the Plutonium release, we first quantified and reported the size of that Plutonium release over 1 week ago. People did not want to believe there was a massive release because of Normalcy Bias, don't make that mistake again!


Mechanical VentilatorsSolicitation Number: 2014-RFI-16388

Pandemic Alert! CDC Desires Info On H7N9 & MERS TWEETS in Real Time AND 5 Years Historical

TIME ZERO Plutonium Cloud was 330 MILLION Becquerels in Size; DOE Claims Current Releases Safe--BUT

[PANDEMIC WARNING] Public Health Service PRE-ORDERS 2,900 of Its HIGHEST Medals & Ribbons Awards

Pandemic Alert! CDC Desires Info On H7N9 & MERS TWEETS in Real Time AND 5 Years Historical

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a solicitation on monitoring Twitter in real time for tweets on H7N9 and MERS.
"Please demonstrate how your tool can continually monitor and send alerts based on user-made search criteria. Focus on MERS or H7N9"

One of the most disturbing aspects is that they also want 5 year historical capability too. Another key aspect is an API to allow data to be shared across Fusion centers. In short, what is going on is further development of the Government's C4ISR capability in regards to Public Health / ObamaCare.

The issue with Public Health emergencies is that the Government believes that Constitution does not apply to them. The most concerning scenario is one where CDC officials identify a Pandemic in progress before the public becomes aware of the outbreak. Having 5 year historical records of H7N9 and MERS tweets will allow them to identify those individuals who will break the news on Social Media and potentially interfere or contradict the desired official narrative. 

In a prelude too and during a severe Pandemic, contrarian bloggers and Twitter users with influential capability should expect to have their Constitutional Rights VIOLATED.

For those unaware, the Government has spooled up for a H7N9 pandemic in a massive way. Our personal assessment is that the near term risk of a massive / deadly H7N9 outbreak in the USA is low, but that the impact would be high. The Government's actions tend to point more to their belief that such an outbreak is a sure thing.


Social Media AnalysisSolicitation Number: 02182014

The FEDS Are Going C4ISR Crazy For H7N9:

Healthcare and Public Health (Federal) Threat Operations Center (HTOC)

The Seismographic Data From WIPP's Plutonium Explosion Seems To Be Missing

We have been trying to locate the seismographic data which was mentioned by the DOE WIPP officials when they refereed to a "Seismic Event" at the plant during the radiation disaster. Officials have been trying to point to a roof collapse as the source of the "event", but they seem to avoid at all cost any mention of explosion.

In that regard we have been trying to track down the seismic data from the WIPP site. However, it appears that all seismic data recorded at the WIPP site is missing just prior to 2/17/14. The explosion happened on 2/14.

An explosion at the WIPP site would be EXTREMELY embarrassing for WIPP officials, as they have been working to remove requirements to monitor Hydrogen, Methane, and VOC level at the plant. Their rationale was that explosion was impossible. 

The smoking gun pointing to an explosion is WIPP's own documents identifying ROOM 7, as the location most likely to have the greatest concentration of explosive gases. The reported location of the event is ROOM 7 of Panel 7. 

Of course what makes this of even greater concern is that the explosion has spread radioactive contamination inside the mine, that increases the opportunity for RADIOLYSIS, which in turn leads to more production of explosive gases. Another explosion at the site is a strong possibility.

Obviously, having the seismic data available would help answer the question if there was an explosion or mine collapse, or both. But that Seismic data seems to be missing.


 Data presented in Appendix D “Statistical Analysis to Evaluate Methane and
Hydrogen Concentration in Filled Panels at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant,” agree with theprediction that the first room (Room 7) will have the highest concentration

Monday, February 24, 2014

TIME ZERO Plutonium Cloud was 330 MILLION Becquerels in Size; DOE Claims Current Releases Safe--BUT

Based on new information obtained during a Carlsbad, New Mexico town-hall meeting, the Plutonium cloud size at Time Zero, Ground Zero can be estimated at 330,000,000 Becquerels, contained in approximately 10,000 cubic meters of contaminated air, released over a 30 second time frame.

The earlier measurements were based on information obtained at a site approximately 1/2 a mile NorthWest of the WIPP facility, the Plutonium Cloud at that site measured approximately 110,000,000 Becquerels. The new ONSITE information is from a detector located near the ventilation exhaust shaft, where the normalized reading came out to be approximately 3 times higher..

Information current as of Saturday 2/22/14 indicate that the site is still emitting approximately 6,667 Becquerel every minute, assuming that the WIPP site is using their maximum ventilation rate of 20,000 cubic meters of mine exhaust air per minute.

So while the on going minute by minute releases are still quite large at 6,667 Becquerels, they are dispersed in 20,000 cubic meters of air each minute. The average person inhales 0.05 cubic meters of air per minute.

Hence, a person on site at the WIPP plant would be inhaling approximately 0.016668 Bq per minute, which works out to 1 Becquerel per hour. Thats why DOE wants to claim its safe for people on site: Of course, these values get significantly more dangerous when they are concentrated over a smaller area by rain, fog, or temperature inversion. Unfortunately the Midwest, especially Saint Louis experience all those concentrating factors between 2/14 and 2/17.

Source info:

Carlsbad Town-hall WIPP meeting reporting 2x radioactive concentration in an onsite air filter exposed to 7 days of airflow, as opposed to approximately 5 days of airflow for the offsite monitor.

DEADLY WARNING: Initial Plutonium Cloud Size ~110 MILLION Bq, On Going Releases @ ~6,667 Bq PER MINUTE

Sunday, February 23, 2014

DEADLY WARNING: Initial Plutonium Cloud Size ~110 MILLION Bq, On Going Releases @ ~6,667 Bq PER MINUTE

New information from the WIPP town hall meeting in Carlsbad, NM puts the strength of the Plutonium Cloud THREE TIMES higher at the epi-center of the radioactive release, as compared to the data we previously had from roughly 1/2 mile Northwest of the radioactive release. Hence, at TIME ZERO, GROUND ZERO, the Plutonium cloud measured approximately 330,000,000 Becquerels, all released within a 30 second time frame; comprising an estimated 10,000 cubic meters of contaminated air.

A proven reliable source with inside information on the internal happenings at the WIPP  Plutonium disaster has provided us with radiation reading for Saturday 2/22/14, taken before and after HEPA filtration of the exhaust air from the WIPP mine shaft. Based on that information, and using risk mitigating assumptions, we calculated that Plutonium and Americium are CURRENTLY being RELEASED INTO THE OUTSIDE AIR at a rate of 400,000 Disintegrations Per Minute (DPM), for every single minute the ventilation system is running. For those more comfortable with the Becquerel as a unit of measure, that works out to the plant exhausting 6,667 Becquerels of Plutonium and Americium PER MINUTE into the outside air.

Our source informed us that at Station A (prior to HEPA filtration) that the small amount of air which is being sampled returned a reading of several hundred DPM's; and that the POST HEPA FILTERED AIR was reading approximately 20 DPM's.

WIPP planning documents indicated that their ventilation system has 3 fans, which which add up to at total ventilation capacity of 20,000 Cubic Meters of Air per minute. The ventilation system has 4 circuits. It is unclear which circuits are running, or at what rates. It is also unclear if there are even higher concentrated released going out of the other shafts at the plant. But given the information available, the wise risk mitigation based measurement for current releases is 400,000 DPM's every single minute.

It is also important to note that the sampling filters are tiny in comparison to the over all airflow, only a small subset of air is measured. The photos of the Station A sensors/ filters show a pipe roughly 1/2 inch in diameter as the air sample source. The actual exhaust pipe is tall enough for a person to walk in. The plant also has 4 ventilation zones, it is unclear which zones are currently being ventilated. Hence 400K DPM per minute is the MINIMUM Radiation release number on which a wise person would base risk mitigation decisions.

During the first 30 seconds of the disaster before HEPA filtration started, we calculate that a Plutonium + Americium cloud of 6.6 BILLION DPM's (110,000,000 Becquerels) passed by a radiation monitor 1/2 a mile North West of the Plant.

Those numbers do involve assumptions forced upon us by DOE and CERMC because they don't release the full context of the their detections (they prefer to use Bananas as a basis of radiation exposure). Our numbers are based on conservatively risk mitigating public health exposure, with context derived from WIPP data gleaned from the EPA permitting documents.

In that regard, understand that when  WIPP and CERMC release this data in a few days, you can expect AT BEST they will only mention 20 DPM being measured. Don't expect them to deliver the truthful context of what that means, nor should you expect them to release the RAW DATA and info to check their calculation. It is of utmost importance to them that they control the narrative of what is happening at WIPP.


Photos of WIPP Station A & Radiation Measurement

Permitting Docs for WIPP

DEADLY WARNING! Nearly ELEVEN THOUSAND Becquerels per Cubic Meter of Radioactive Pu239 + Am241 Air Released In New Mexico

Saturday, February 22, 2014

MAX ALERT! DOE is Funding FREE Whole Body NUKE Scans For People Living Within 100 Miles of the Airborne Plutonium Disaster

New Mexico is America's newest "Bikini Atoll" of nuclear research;  cause you can't just let a good nuclear disaster go to waste. Just tell the natives its all safe; then offer them free "Health" research and track them over the years.

"CEMRC provides a free lung and whole body counting service to adult citizens living within a 100-mile radius of the WIPP facility. Concerned citizens can be measured to see what radiation may exist in their lungs and whole body. This service is available by scheduling an appointment with the CEMRC Internal Dosimetry Lab at 575-234-5530"

If we lived within a  100 miles of WIPP we would have already evacuated. But this disaster has a huge Normalcy Bias, as people don't want to believe how bad it is, especially since people can't see or YET feel what's killing them. 

But again don't worry, in the same press release in which they're offering the free whole body and lung counts they are assuring people the inhaling Plutonium is no more dangerous that eating a banana. Funny thing is, you don't see the Dole Food Company offering free whole body radiation scans to people who eat their brand name  Bananas.

On the other hand maybe you should be VERY WORRIED,  as the people who lived near the 3 Nuclear Meltdown's in Fukushima were only offered  HALF-PRICED whole body scans.

These whole body scans won't directly detect the Plutonium these poor people have ingested, as the massive tissue destroying and cancer producing Alpha radiation particles don't travel very far. They may be able to detect some associated gamma radiation from the Americium traveling along with the Plutonium.

The best comparison would be if you had such a scan before the disaster and then after, that would offer some level of comparison and some evidence in court. Other than that, it smacks of nothing more than a DOE / DOD/ BARDA research project into the effects of Plutonium poisoning. Heck, you won't even know you're a research subject, they'll be able to track your progress / demise via ObamaCare reporting. 

So New Mexico, welcome to your own little Bikini Atoll; the only real difference is the Government hasn't evacuated you yet (the Navy hasn't figured how to get the evac boats in Carlsbad yet).


CEMRC detects trace amounts of radiation from WIPP, no danger to public (yet were giving you free whole body radiation and lung scans)

Tokyo Clinic to Test Internal Radiation Exposure

DEADLY WARNING! Nearly ELEVEN THOUSAND Becquerels per Cubic Meter of Radioactive Pu239 + Am241 Air Released In New Mexico

Thursday, February 20, 2014

We See Risk of "Back Draft" Explosion @ DOE WIPP Site: We Would EVACUATE If We Lived Within 100 Miles

A source who has been proven to have credible inside information about the Department of Energy's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico, has confirmed seeing a photo showing SMOKE coming from a shaft at the WIPP site which is NOT supposed to have smoke.

We take this to mean that DOE does not have Air Flow Control over the underground fire. DOE reportedly has attempted to shut off Air Flow into the mine. Since this effort does not appear to have been 100% successful, we see a risk of a "backdraft" induced explosion occurring at the site, if air breaks though their current efforts. The only way to be "sure" would be to start permanently sealing all the shafts, and that is NOT going to happen.

At this point, we would be set to evacuate the area and head West, if we lived within 100 miles of the location. If we lived further out, we would hope the distance would provide us enough warning time to react if there were additional explosions. But that would mean having the evacuation route mapped out, and the car and equipment ready to evacuate on a moments notice.

Those are the things WE would do in this situation, at a minimum wearing a p100 mask when outside is wise; along with having one ready to grab and go.

DEADLY WARNING! Nearly ELEVEN THOUSAND Becquerels per Cubic Meter of Radioactive Pu239 + Am241 Air Released In New Mexico

The WIPP plant likely released a combined Plutonium and Americium Radioactive Cloud measuring approximately 10,541 Becquerels per Cubic Meter of Air during the supposedly "brief moments" that unfiltered air was being released from the WIPP facility. We took "brief moments" to mean 30 seconds.

Obviously this value is significantly higher than what has been reported, the massive low ball 'error' in reported values stems from the fact that air filter sampling measurements are averaged over the entire time period since the air filter was last checked. The filter in question had been sampling from 2/11/14 - 2/16/14, a total of 5 days over which the calculated released values would have been smoothed across.

However, according to public officials DOE's filtering system kicked in very quickly after the alarms went off. Assuming that to be truthful, the radioactive release of Plutonium and Americium would have occurred over a relatively short 30 second period (OR LESS). 

Ratioing out the actual 30 second  interval minute release of radioactive contamination vs the 5 days over which it was mathematically peanut buttered out, the result is that the contamination was nearly 14,400 times greater than was reported. How such an engineering blunder of time unit mismatch occurred, we'll leave to the reader to ponder; but don't discount that values and units may have been erroneously assumed on either their part or our part.  None the less, for risk mitigation purpose the 10,541 Becquerel measurement is what we go by. Nor do we by any means consider the current situation either safe or stable. The source of the radiation alarm was reported to be Panel (tomb 7) Room 7.  WIPP's permitting documents indicate that Room 7 is where explosive gases are expected to be at their highest concentrations. All indications are that this was a radiation induced explosion of  Hydrogen, Methane, and/or VOC produced from radioactive wastes which are too radioactive to handle, which also happen to be coated with hazardous waste.

It is within DOE's power to release the raw data and let the fact fall where they may, but don't expect that to happen as the situation is a matter of National Security from a military radioactive disposal perspective.
We don't think it is coincidence that DOE originally reported there was 'no release' yet prevented people from going on site to recover air measurement filters. That recovery delay serves to reduce the total reported amount of contamination as those values are averaged over the entire time period the test filters are sampling.

The locations of greatest Airborne danger is a swath of the United States directly North and West of the WIPP plant. Airflow patterns during the event concentrated and directed the radioactive dispersal toward Colorado, normal weather patterns would have then dumped the Fallout over the Midwest Farm Belt.

Wind Map


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dept Of Energy WIPP's the USA with AIRBORNE Pu239 At 96 THOUSAND TIMES Previous Highest Background Reading

UPDATE 2/20/14:
DEADLY WARNING! The Radiation release is over 14,400 TIMES GREATER THAN WAS BELIEVED, hence all values reported below are significantly underestimated.
DEADLY WARNING! Nearly ELEVEN THOUSAND Becquerels per Cubic Meter of Radioactive Pu239 + Am241 Air Released In New Mexico


People on site in New Mexico were inhaling AT LEAST 1 TRILLION Plutonium atoms every 3.6 hours, based on a measurement taken 1/2 Mile away. The source was likely an underground radioactive explosion at DOE's WIPP site cause by Radiation induced off gassing of Hydrogen, Methane, and VOC's produced by highly radioactive wastes mixed in with hazardous wastes. Complete write and details at our previous blog post.


UTMOST ALERT! ~1 Bq of AIRBORNE PLUTONIUM + AMERICIUM Detected: The Document Trail Points To a RADIATION INDUCED EXPLOSION At DOE Plutonium Disposal Plant

UTMOST ALERT! ~1 Bq of AIRBORNE PLUTONIUM + AMERICIUM Detected: The Document Trail Points To a RADIATION INDUCED EXPLOSION At DOE Plutonium Disposal Plant

UPDATE 2/20/14:
DEADLY WARNING! The Radiation release is over 14,400 TIMES GREATER THAN WAS BELIEVED, hence all values reported below are significantly underestimated.
DEADLY WARNING! Nearly ELEVEN THOUSAND Becquerels per Cubic Meter of Radioactive Pu239 + Am241 Air Released In New Mexico

UPDATE: CEMRC reports they found 0.64 Bq of Americium 241 & 0.092 Bq of Plutonium 239+240 in the air filter 1/2 mi away from

Those contamination values mean that a person directly down wind during that time period inhaled 36 TRILLION Plutonium atoms. Assuming normal breathing rates, and uniform distribution, a person would have had to be on site for 3.6 hours to have inhaled 1 TRILLION Plutonium atoms, one of which would have released an Alpha Radiation particle INSIDE of his/her lungs.


We believe that it is unlikely that the DOE WIPP site has Air Filtration systems capable of surviving an explosion.

We looked through the recent paper trail of activities at DOE's WIPP plant in New Mexico, to see what current processes or activities could have resulted in that radioactive airborne contamination reported at the site.

Our conclusion is that IF there was a true radiological  event at WIPP, and not a false alarm detecting Fukushima radiation, it is most likely a Radioactive Explosion tied to the radiation generated Hydrogen, Methane, and Volatile Organic Compounds from hazardous wastes materials associated with and contained in highly radioactive transuranic waste containers, which are too radioactive to be directly handled by humans.

A search of documentation indicates that the WIPP site was trying to remove EPA requirements that they test for the presence of Hydrogen, Methane, and VOC's. On top of that, the WIPP site was trying to implement a cheaper way of sealing up the radioactive tombs (referred to as PANELS by WIPP)  using loose salt and steel doors; as opposed to the giant concrete plug which their site approval was based upon. It appears to us that that Panel Closure design, known as "ROMPCS" (see below) could potential trap hydrogen in the loose salt used to "seal' the tunnels to the tombs.

It just so happens that one such tomb, Panel Closure 6, had just been completely filled up with transuranic waste and was either recently sealed or in the processes of being sealed; as a result PANEL #7 had just been opened for business.  Just prior to the "event" at WIPP the following document trail occurred. Note the Item in Blue was requested 3 days prior to the "radiological event"

Below is a the Panel Closure System originally approved by the EPA

This is the cheaper (we believe more likely to trap explosive gases) design WIPP wants/IS? using on Panel 6


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Last night a Twitter user contacted us with information that a sample radioactive swipe taken at DOE's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico returned a Plutonium reading in excess of Millions of Disintegrations Per Minute per square centimeter.

Such a reading would indicate that Plutonium was spread over the DOE site at a concentration very roughly around 1 gram per square meter. Given that the Plutonium would have had to come from an exhaust vent at the site, the airborne PLUTONIUM concentrations leading to such a surface level deposition must have been MUCH greater. Readings at that level would also imply an underground fire and/or explosion.

That scenario is not out of line with what is being hinted at in the media this morning

"A less probable cause, he said, was a radiological process inside a container that forced material out" -LaTimes

It is also inline with a news report of a New Mexico engineer not being allowed on the property to retrieve samples from an airborne radiation measuring device.

"It's my understanding that at some point in the near future we will be allowed to collect our filters, and at that point we'll be able to do our analysis," Hardy said. "Our mission is to report whatever we find." -Russell Hardy, director of the Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center,

As such these reports are very concerning; and they indicate a level of above ground and underground contamination which seems to be beyond what would be expected from Fukushima event impacting New Mexico.

This morning things got weirder when we replied to Twitter user "PairofDeuces" pointing out to them the implication of the radiation detections they were reporting, they deleted all their Tweets regarding the matter.

We have asked them if they deleted the information because they were being untruthful or because they were scared of the implications, so far we have no response. Based on "PairofDeuces" initial contact and our questioning of him/her, we made an assessment of their competence and veracity: Our conclusion was they they may have some technician level knowledge of the applicable equipment and procedures used by DOE to make radiological measurements, but they have little theoretical knowledge; more over they seemed to be "puffing". That puts them on our list of people who might have information, but who might also be less than trust worthy.

In the end, it seems what is happening at DOE WIPP in New Mexico is worse than what is being let on, BE PREPARED.


Monday, February 17, 2014

The Joys of Shopping In the Soviet Union, As Experienced in 21st Century America

Sunday night we took a trip to our local Cabelas to buy a new FoodSaver vacuum sealer. Unfortunately the shelves were bare of the model we wanted. We asked a helpful employee when they might expect the next shipment to arrive, he dutifully checked the app on his smart device and said Cabelas didn't have any on the way, so there was no telling. Then we noticed the store employees' had a fast emptying roll away cart with about 100,000 rounds of 22lr ammo on it; they were handing it out one 500rnd brick at a time, limit one per person. Along with each brick of ammo came a Cabela's credit card application. Much like finding bread at a Soviet grocery store, the people in line were rapidly trying to call their friends and relatives to rush down to Cabelas and pickup their allotment while they still could. When I asked the friendly employee when they might expect more to come in, he didn't even bother to check his smart device to answer.

The beauty of the modern supply chain is the system has visibility of every empty shelf; just imagine what the Soviets could have done if they had known when their shelves were empty. Actually its not hard to imagine, its not like centralized planning could produce more food or goods even if it wanted to. No, the result would have been that the limited supplies would have been more readily doled out by the government as rewards for compliance and complicity with the system. Its a system the Government would love to implement on ammunition. Call it Smart Grid for ammunition, truth in advertising would actually call it Rationing Grid. Yes, that is the true purpose of the Smart Grid is to ration energy. That is why all funded Smart Grid designs are of Centrally Planned Top Down design architecture. A true functional Smart Grid would have a architecture driven from the bottom up; much like a farmer deciding what to plant and when, vs Soviet Style Famine'ing er "Farming"

But its not just ammunition or electricity, ObamaCare is such a system too. Its a classic example of creating more government as a supposed fix for governmentally created problems. As such, FDA regulations have caused a shortage of Saline (salt water) Solution, and many other drugs too.

Hard to imagine a shortage of salt water isn't it? To "fight" such shortages the FDA is putting out even more regulations to require the Government's approved manufactures to warn the Government when the harvest, err medical supplies are going to fall short.

In a free non Soviet world, someone would decide that now is a good time to start producing sterile salt water; TRY IT see how government regulation is designed to keep you from starting your own business to compete with the favored business. Try setting up your own Doctors Office outside of ObamaCare. Try loading and selling your own .22lr ammo and see how fast you end up in jail. Try selling cupcakes out of your home.

Of course someone reading this right now is screaming, BUT ITS ALL TO KEEP US SAFE. Lol, no its not! We had a perfectly good legal system designed to allow people to combat fraud; we also had a perfectly good system that allowed people to take their money elsewhere and NOT TO CHOOSE crappy products and services. And that is why regulations exist, to prevent you from taking your money elsewhere, and to force you to use "The Company Store".

More Info and Sources:

A Primer on Regulation

Soviet Official:  "It cost millions of lives, but the collective farm system is here to stay"

IV Saline in Short Supply

Health officials force local 11-year-old girl to shut down cupcake business

Sunday, February 16, 2014

MAX ALERT! Nuclear Alert In New Mexico, We Suspect Fukushima Radon + Fallout & Spallation Products.

FRIDAY evening, underground sensors at DOE's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant detected elevated Airborne radiation levels. Obviously taking 48 hours to warn the public is unacceptable. Based on JetStream patterns we believe he source of this detection MAY be Fukushima; as such we expect a report out of the DOE blaming Radon as the source. The Fukushima event in question would have occurred around 2/8/14

Hot Fukushima corium is steaming naturally radioactive Radon laden ground water on an industrial scale. It is ground water that has been in direct contact with the melted radioactive core, as such the steam also contains manmade radioactive materials.

Of course the obvious question is how would airborne Fukushima fallout make it into an underground cavern? The answer is that the DOE caverns are ventilated with fresh air. That ventilation was isolated when the alarm system went off.

One would hope that IF the source radiation was from the plant itself that situation would have been confirmed already and appropriate actions taken. It's possible that DOE is confused by the readings of Radon, Fukushima Fallout products, and possibly even short half life nuclear spallation products resulting from the interaction of Fukushima fallout and Solar flares.

In any of the above scenarios the situation is Max Alert worthy, STAY OUT OF THE RAIN. (freezing rain and rain is forecast for Saint Louis 2/17/14)



Fukushima Nuclear Fission Hit Ground Water on August 11: Detected in Saint Louis on August 20



Thursday, February 13, 2014

ALERT! CDC Orders Its Personnel to Prepare Their Families For National / International Disaster

The CDC is launching "READY CDC" a training and verification program designed to make sure that CDC personnel have prepared their families for a National or International Disaster. Their reasoning is as follows:

"ensuring staff are prepared to respond to disasters is ensuring that the workforce has their personal and family preparedness plans in place. Research has shown that individuals are more likely to respond to an event if they perceive that their family is prepared to function in their absence during an emergency."

Now notice the key phrase in that quote  
"if they perceive that their family is prepared". 
We take that to mean that the level of preparations required to be effective in their envisioned scenario are so overt as to scare the crap out of the people needing preparations, and as such CDC personnel would be likely to choose to stay with their families as opposed to "responding"; thereby defeating the purpose of the Ready CDC effort.

The obvious candidate for such a situation is anything which has the capability to reproduce and spread in an unpredictable manner, aka a pandemic such as H7N9

Large scale preparations are taking place all across the Government; whether or not these actions are justified we don't know. But they are worthy of note; especially when they start ordering medals and ribbons for nearly 50% of their employees and the major battle isn't even fully engaged.


Ready CDC—New—Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (OPHPR), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

[PANDEMIC WARNING] Public Health Service PRE-ORDERS 2,900 of Its HIGHEST Medals & Ribbons Awards

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

[PANDEMIC WARNING] Public Health Service PRE-ORDERS 2,900 of Its HIGHEST Medals & Ribbons Awards

You know its a bad sign when the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service (CCPHS) which is trying to increase its personnel ranks to 6000 members, makes an order for 2,900 of their highest awarded medals and ribbons for a Public Health crisis they haven't even fought yet. Especially when there are only 5,000 to 6,000 people in the Commissioned Public Health service to begin with. When a military organization is preparing to give half of its Commissioned personal the highest class of medals possible, you have to wonder how many will be given posthumously. We checked if they had ever placed an order like this before and we found none.

From the chart below, you can see they want these medals to arrive in 30 day cycles up to 120 days after the initial order. Its likely they will also award many other lower level medals that individual officers will have to purchase themselves. However, the roughly 3000 medals in this purchase order are considered so high in merit that the Government is willing to pay for the medals. Certainly seems like they are planning to claim so sort of major victory with an order quantity of that size

All of the Medals are for services beyond the call of duty, many are specifically awarded for the functional equivalent of achievement during battle

Standing out in the purchase order are 35 Distinguished Service Medals, the very highest medal the CCPHS can award.
"Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)
This is the highest PHS Commissioned Corps award. Criteria
includes outstanding contributions to the mission of the PHS.
Such achievement may range from the management of a major
health program, to an initiative resulting in a major impact on
the heath of the Nation
. Can also be conferred for a one-time
heroic act resulting in great savings to life, health, or property."
Also notable in the purchase order are 250 Field Medical Readiness Badges, which requires that the recipient took part in a deployment that was not part of the normal job criteria.

Of course none of this is happening in a vacuum, as we previously reported the CDC has created an entirely new division for the purpose of nationalizing State and Local level public health employees during times of crisis. Part of that involves the CCPHS increasing its manpower level by an additional 1000 officers. 

But all of this is just one spoke in the massive C4ISR nationalization of the health care system that is underway as things unfold. The Government doesn't like to let a good crisis go to waste, and H7N9 may provide the excuse to nationalize healthcare in away only possible in totalitarian society.