Thursday, March 26, 2015

[Sierra Leone] Ebola Vaccines Cause Ebola Symptoms & Offer Little Protection As Virus Levels Easily Overwhelm The Vaccines

Three things VERY few people know about Ebola vaccines

(1) Exposure to more than 1 Cubic Millimeter of Ebola infected blood "overwhelms" the vaccine(s)
(2) FDA's 10 years of required vaccine dosing safety studies have been whittled down to just 3 months of guess work
(3) Ebola vaccines have induced early Ebola type symptoms in those given them

Those three facts bring us to the very unusual Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone among foreign health care workers. Strangely that outbreak has coincided with the planned vaccination of foreign health care workers in Sierra Leone.

We knew something unprecedented had happened when we broke the news on Twitter that all 3 Ebola Air Ambulances were in Africa at the same time; the situation became even more concerning as these Air Ambulances started making same day flight turnarounds to go back to Africa to collect more and more Ebola exposed Health Care Workers (HCW's). As it stands 16 HCW's have returned to the USA, while others are in treatment or under observation in England, Honduras and New Zealand.

The USA victims are the most concerning as CDC is housing these Ebola exposed victims in hotels outside of Ebola treatment centers in order to save money on hospital care. The CDC has decided that it is a "sure thing" that pre-symptomatic airborne Ebola transmission is impossible, where as the US Army believes cold weather airborne transmission of Ebola is to be expected.

If we had to make a conjecture, it would be that the symptoms of an Ebola exposure to a health care worker(s) was ignored because that worker had received a dose of Ebola vaccine known to trigger similar symptoms. As such, that Doctor/Nurse did not self quarantine but instead continued to interact with the other HCW's and thusly exposing them to Ebola.

However, what is not conjecture is that the public is being sold a billion dollar load of poles when it comes to the Ebola vaccine(s) and their stockpiling. Of course we don't expect you to take our word for it, thats why in the attached video we include key excerpts from the National Institutes Of Health's [NIH] 8 hour long "Immunology of Protection from Ebola Virus Infection" video conference.

The key takeaways from NIH's conference are:

(1) The experts freely admit that even exposure to vomit is enough to overwhelm the Ebola vaccine(s)
(2) The current Ebola "Challange Dose" being used simulates a person in a Bio-Safety Level 4 Space suit having a minor needle prick and being exposed to a measly one cubic millimeter of blood.
(3) The vaccines producers would like to cut "Challenge dose" down by a factor of 100 times

Much more detailed information is contained in the above video.


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