Friday, October 14, 2016

What If They Held A War?

What if the major European banks were on the brink of insolvency, and
What if many European countries were functionally bankrupt?
What if the European Central Bankers thought quantitative easing was the solution, and
What if the trillions of dollars to solve this problem would create hyper inflation of Zimbabwean proportions?
What if you needed somewhere to hide all that money from the economy at large?
What if you needed a really big laundering machine?
What if war was the best way to trickle that money into the economy?
What if your really big laundering machine was a war machine?

What if Americans were holding a Presidential election, and
What if the Americans needed an external enemy to distract from domestic failures and civil unrest?
What if you created a European Reassurance Initiative because of Russia's "antics", and
What if the defense industry started making tons of weapons to restock Europe?
What if you needed soldiers, in theater, in Europe?

What if you decided to liberate Arab countries by attacking stable (if repressive) governments, and
What if you abandoned those countries to the chaos of tribal and religious factions?
What if you simultaneously threw open the door to Europe and said 'Come live here!'?
What if you told the native Europeans that immigration was necessary to solve their financial problem?
What if the immigration was an army of millions of mostly males of fighting age, from Arab countries and from Africa?

Would you draft your newly assembled army, and start a war?


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Does ISIS Have An Inside Source At The FBI?

Two days ago ISIS released an instruction manual for Jihad terrorists directing them NOT to use kitchen knives or folding knives for their attacks; the rationale being that such knives will bend and fail when used for stabbings. Today we find out in FBI released videos that the Crossroads Mall terrorist had used a kitchen knife and a folding knife in his attacks and that both those knives bent and or failed resulting a zero fatality attack.

It could be pure coincidence; it could be lots of Jihadi's having the same types of failures; but the timing sure makes it seem as if someone in ISIS was debriefed about how and why there was a low body count at the CrossRoads Mall attack. An alternative explanation might be that the ISIS English magazine is actually not created by ISIS, but rather is a dis info source targeted at ISIS followers.

Lets just hope that such knifing attacks don't become a regular shopping hazard, as they were for a while in Israel. The USA wouldn't quite know how to handle such a terror campaign in a politically correct manner, and as such it could be quite successful for them.

Given that the Crossroads mall terrorist actually advanced backwards into gunfire so that he would be shot in the back, it would appear that some politically correct force multiplication training was given to him. As claims of police shooting people in the back have resulted in Black Lives Matter type disturbances and often draw in the likes of Al Sharpton, we could be seeing the start of terrorists trying to tap into the politically correct racial/police discord that currently exists in the USA.