Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CDC Requiring Face-Seals On ALL Approved Masks And Points To H7N9; Shortages Imminent!

 Surgical Face Masks will go out of stock. Buy them NOW, if you need or want them!

UPDATE: NIOSH has started following our Twitter feed as a direct result of this video

From Federal Solicitation Number 2013-61145 and supporting document "J&A":
The Centers for Disease Control will require that all  Filtering Facial  Respirator  (FFR) manufacturers perform and pass fit tests on their masks in order to given NIOSH approval for their masks.

The CDC is having an ' H7N9 URGENT' economic analysis performed under the following ground rules:

(1) "What would the impact be to a given supplier if 10% of their current product failed the new performance test? 40% failed? 75% percent failed?"

(2) "What would the impact on the consumer populations be if 10%, 50%, 90% of all FFRs sold in North America, and globally, were no longer available?"

The CDC describes the urgent nature of this situation as follows:

"NIOSH further recognizes the urgency and the need for this economic analysis at this time due to the threat of Avian Influenza A H7N9. Lessons learned during the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak (considered a non-serious flu) include issues with the supply and demand of well-fitting N95 filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs) for healthcare workers and others. The intent of the proposed rule is to add a population fit test requirement to the NIOSH performance requirements in Subpart K of 42 CFR Part 84"
Our estimation is that this directive will result in a 50% reduction if the PRE-PANDEMIC supply of masks and a 500%  increase in the average cost of a mask from $1 per mask to $5 per mask

As we have previously reported, this urgent revision is being sought because the H7N9 virus is defeating hospital caregiver masks. Unfortunately, this type of centralized corporatist  planning will only serve to make the situation much worse.

The following results should be expected:

(1) An increase in the transmission of H7N9
(2) Shortages and Rationing of masks in Hospitals
(3) Complete public unavailability of masks

Our risk mitigation position on H7N9 is that it has a low to medium likelihood of occurring in the USA this year, but that it has insanely high, large scale, death potential in adults should the pandemic occur as the government expects. 

We believe the primary high risk scenario that the average person might incur is the home quarantine of a sick child (as directed by the newly create 2-1-1 phone triage system).

That scenario is based on the following:

(1) Nearly 100% of ADULTS presenting with an H7N9 infection will die quickly without advanced life support.
(2) Children may survive an infection without hospitalization, but will likely infect adults.

In that situation, a well fitting P100 mask appears to be the best last line of defense.
Below is an Amazon link to a P100 mask so that you may do further research.

As Missouri residents we make ZERO money from Amazon  links. But if this information ends helping  you not leave your children orphans, please feel free to donate in hindsight to our website using the PayPal button below.

H7N9 URGENT! Face Mask Shortage Imminent!. MUST READ!

NIOSH is looking to change disposable face mask rules to require  masks to have a face seal.
NIOSH has declared the study associated with this rule change 'H7N9 URGENT'.
Current PRE_PANDEMIC mask availability may be reduced by 50%

As we have reported previously, ,H7N9 is likely defeating hospital caregiver masks, hence the reason for a rule change that will dramatically reduce the availability of surgical n95 masks even if there were no H7N9 pandemic.

More info and updates will follow.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[Breaking] "TO INFORM RUMOUR CONTROL" Government Tracking Lung Ventilator Usage Nationwide

The US government's Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) released a Federal contract today to track ,in real time, the nationwide use of advance life support lung ventilation equipment. Below is a quote from that solicitation that explains ASPR's need/rationale.
From Solicitation Number: 13-100-SOL-00023:
" This requirement is intended to help to help inform senior USG leadership decision-making, leverage private-sector knowledge without being intrusive, build situational awareness to inform rumour control, and identify surge and preparedness strategies..... US-CIITG's unique capability is of particular importance when assessing ventilator capacities during potential influenza outbreaks."
A shortage of ventilators will likely be the first PUBLIC sign that the expected H7N9 pandemic is in progress. Delaying the Public's knowledge of overflowing intensive care units provides a key time based logistical advantage for health authorities to enact quarantines, and to place controls on critical supplies and infrastructure that a concerned public may rush out to buy or overwhelm.

Under such conditions, the first indication that observant medical staff may notice is that hospital administrators are attempting to level load ventilator usage across a city's or region's available bed space. Regional level loading of available ventilators serves to disguise the number of patients in need of ventilators.

Ventilators usage is a key item to track because:
(1) Nearly 100% of ADULTS presenting with H7N9 infections will die without a lung ventilator.
(2) The supply / availability of ventilators is VERY limited.
(3) A shortage of ventilators may induce public panic.

To understand the Government's need/desire to control knowledge and information in a pandemic situation we recommend watching the movie "CONTAGION". We're not alone in this recommendation as the movie has been used as training material in recent Avian Flu Federal Disaster drills.  The movie has only so-so entertainment value but it was basically written as a propaganda movie for / by the CDC seeking to up its budget. As such, the movie gives very good insight into the CDC's techniques and desires under a scenario they believe shows them in a good light.

We include an Amazon link to the movie; HOWEVER, as Missouri residents we make ZERO money from your rental or purchase of this video from Amazon. As always has been the case, we give links to inform.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Max Alert Down Graded To Alert: Columbia Nuclear Offers Partial Explanation As To Unusual Readings

We are down grading our Maximum Alert from yesterday to Alert, based on Columbia Nuclear's update to today's NRC Event Report #49290. In that report, Columbia Nuclear states: "There has been no change in the radiation levels at the plant.".

They blame the usual radiations readings from ONE of the monitors on failed cooling equipment, however they offer no explanation on why the second monitor also indicated usual readings.

There still are key things to be concerned about in this situation even if their partial explanation, in its limited scope, is 100% full and accurate; however, NRC event reports are known for their "Clinton Speak" where one never knows what the definition of "is" is.  For these reasons, we still remain "Alert" to this situation.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UPDATE [Max Alert] Columbia River Nuclear MULTIPLE Detections Of High "Background" Radiation

UPDATE: 8/22/13: Per an NRC Report update: Columbia states:  "There has been no change in the radiation levels at the plant";  and Columbia is blaming the unusual readings from the High Range Stack Radiation Monitor on  "failing cooling components", However, No mention was made why the Intermediate range stack monitor was also experiencing unusual readings.

 Unfortunately NRC event reports often seem full of  "Clinton speak", and as such their wording must be parsed carefully as one never knows for sure what the definition of "is" is, or what time frame the definition of "has been no change" refers to.

Maximum Alert! Primary Fallout Impact Locations Alaska, Washington State and all of CANADA

Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC] event report #49290 reveals that there were multiple detections of HIGH "BACKGROUND" RADIATION from multiple detectors in the REACTOR building stacks at the COLUMBIA GENERATING STATION located in Washington State.

Under the assumption that these are true increases in background radiation and not an attempt to cover up radioactive releases from the Columbia Nuclear Generating Station, we analyzed Jet Steam and weather patterns. Given that analysis of the weather pattern (see the attached video), it is possible to trace this radioactive 'cloud' back to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. We suspect that some significant nuclear event occurred in Fukushima on or around August 10th.  We suspect that these maybe Noble Gas detections, which would be indicative of a RECRITICALITY.

However, no matter what the source, these multiple radioactive detections bear significant concern; potential areas effected are indicated in the Jet Stream map below.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

[No Hospital For YOU!] CDC Call Center NURSES to Diagnose Bird Flu and Prescribe Medications Over The Phone

As we previously reported, the CDC is immediately setting up a National Nurse Triage Line using the 2-1-1 phone number and "Poison Control Center" Nurses to deal with a panicked public during the expected H7N9 Bird Flu outbreak.

Today the CDC has revised those solicitations with greater operation details; key among them that nurses will diagnose the concerned callers' avian flu status, prescribe appropriate medicine, and electronically transfer those prescriptions local pharmacies. 
Solicitation Number: 2013-Q-15473 and Solicitation Number: 2013-Q-15472 

The key facts to recognize are:

(1) Short of pending death you will not see a doctor or hospital
(2) H7N9 Bird Flu is nearly 100% FATAL for adults without advanced hospital life support equipment
(3) Very quickly into a pandemic ALL advanced life support equipment will be in use
(4) Children may have a reasonable chance of surviving H7N9 bird flu even without a hospital visit
(5) You will have to quarantine your children in your home if they show symptoms
(6) Practicing good infection control may help you survive your children's flu
(7) Purchase infection control items while you still can.

Five KEY items we believe will give you an affordable Darwinian edge over the rest of the herd are: 

(1) Hibiclens-Chlorhexidine Gluconate: A surgical scrub that keeps kill bugs up to 6 hours after use
(2) Child's Face Mask: Reduce they amount of virus a sick child spreads while sneezing & coughing
(3) HEPA Air Filter: For use in your house's "sick room", reduced airborne viral load
(4) P100 mask: H7N9 is VERY infective to lung tissue; high filtration and good fit are key
(5) Contagion: A so-so CDC propaganda movie which gives good insight into their Pandemic CONOPS


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kiss Your Free Range Poultry Goodbye! USDA Ordering 12 "Mobile Modified Atmosphere Killing (MAK) Trailers"

Because of the expected H7N9 Bird Flu pandemic, the USDA is ordering twelve trucks designed  to kill small farm poultry; especially those small farms flocks located near large commercial turkey and chicken farms. See  Solicitation Number: AG-6395-S-13-0131 

According to the information provided with the solicitation for these 12 mobile poultry killing trailers:

"The most critical small flocks to depopulate in an outbreak of virulent, potentially zoonotic poultry disease would be those located near large commercial poultry facilities.
"There is need to have on hand the means to depopulate small flocks of poultry in the event of an outbreak of highly pathogenic, possibly zoonotic avian disease.  These flocks might range from a few birds owned by private individuals for recreational reasons to a few hundred birds kept as a small commercial venture.  In many cases, the owner will have an emotional attachment to the birds that goes beyond economic considerations.  The birds may run loose or be confined in pens or cages.  In some areas, these flocks may be fairly numerous.  They are scattered geographically

Of course when the government goes in and tries to take over an industry by engaging in wholesale small farm poultry slaughter they have to provide some sort of payout to the farmers.

In that regard,  the USDA's Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health (CEAH)  has released a procurement to seek "specific production and financial parameters associated with commercial poultry production: broilers, turkeys, table egg layers, broiler breeders, and turkey breeders."

It appears as if they are trying to understand the entire industry and supply chain, almost as-if they were going to try and nationalize it in response to a H7N9 Bird Flu Pandemic.
see  Solicitation Number: AG-6395-S-13-0099

Pictures of a MAK trailer mentioned in the solicitation:

[MEGA FERRET DEATH] The CDC Gets Vanderbilt's Help On Why Masks Aren't Stopping Airborne H7N9

We recently broke the news that airborne  H7N9 Bird Flu virus is making it past the face masks of hospital caregivers. Today two new fronts have opened up in the Government's effort to figure out why Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is failing to stop airborne H7N9.

(1) The CDC has stated that it 'needs Vanderbilt Medical Centers assistance' in evaluating PPEs , and with tracking the failure of PPE's DURING the UPCOMING Pandemic.
(2) The CDC announced that it immediately needs more Ferret cages because:  "This caging system is currently used in the branch for reduction of potential aerosol transmission of influenza between ferrets". 
: 2013-55783

Given this information and  the Government's other urgent and massive preparations for H7N9, it is wise to consider HEPA filters and P100 masks for use in the home as a quarantine measure.

The key features to look for in a HEPA filter are a large room filtration size,  an easy to remove filter,, and lastly a built in germicidal UV light. For face masks, the key features are a P100 designation and a good face seal. Below are EXAMPLES of such items to get you started in your own research.

Monday, August 12, 2013

[H7N9 TRIAGE PANIC] CDC Contracting With Poison Control Centers and 2-1-1 to Create Public 'Phone-In' Bird Flu Triage Centers

To avert panic during the expected H7N9 Influenza outbreak the  CDC is creating a national severe pandemic flu triage center which will allow people to dial 2-1-1 and speak to a Poison Control Center Nurse who has been trained to triage pandemic bird flu cases.

See Federal Solicitations: 
Number: 2013-N-15473
Number: 2013-N-15472

Despite our own belief that there is a low risk of a wide spread high fatality Bird Flu pandemic this year,  the massive preparations the Federal Government is undertaking for just such an occurrence can only be foolishly ignored.

We have recently purchased the following types of items to cost effectively risk mitigate the expected H7N9 outbreak. These are low cost items we believe offer a Darwinian advantage IF there is a severe pandemic. In those regards, the Thanksgiving turkey may also be off of our menu as turkeys have a H7N9 history in the USA.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

H7N9 BirdFlu Defeating Current Mask Technology, FEDs making 'Urgent Preparations'

UPDATE: 8/9/13 a new H7N9 Bird Flu case is being reported just outside of Hong Kong. That makes two new cases in the last two months; it may be the leading edge of a 'Bell Curve'.

On July 10th another human case of H7N9 was reported in China, by July 16th the US Government urgently released a Federal Solicitation searching for 6 experimental technologies to combat the expected H7N9 Bird Flu pandemic. Primary on their list is a desire to find, and pull forward into use, breathing masks and respirators which are only partially through their  Research and Development phase.

The Government's solicitation ( Number: BAA-13-100-SOL-00019) contained this very telling direct quote which the Government highlighted in red:  

"Note to Potential Offerors:  Due to the urgency of ongoing preparedness activities for avian influenza A(H7N9) virus, available funding for awards under this solicitation may be limited. In addition, submissions that directly address H7N9 preparedness may be evaluated more favorably than those directed towards other influenza subtypes."

Our key takeaways from reading through that solicitation are:

1: Airborne H7N9 Bird Flu is infecting caregivers despite their use of masks
2: The Feds expect patient loads to overwhelm the available number of life support systems
3: A shortage of vaccine is expected because of the large number of potential victims.
4: A shortage of vaccine will be tied to the large dosage amounts required to get minimal immunity.
5: Not enough diagnostic tools are available to make wise decisions on who to treat and how.
6: If a H7N9 pandemic occurs, hospitals will be the breeding ground for untreatable mutations.
7. The Federal government is in a much greater tizzy over H7N9 than most people know.

Our Risk Mitigation Position on H7N9 Hemorrhagic Bird Flu.

1: We believe a near term, wide spread, high fatality pandemic is possible but not likely
2: Cost Effective risk mitigation preparations would be wise for items likely to quickly go out of stock

Three Items to consider purchasing:

(1) Hibiclens Surgical Scrub: Kill germs/viruses continuously for 6 hours after washing with it
(2) P100 Mask: Better protection than N95 masks.
(3) HEPA Air filter: Reduces Airborne Viral load in sick (quarantine) rooms

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013

BIRD FLU: US Government quietly orders 600 Million syringes stockpiled in 10 Cities

Friday 8/2/13 the US government quietly released a solicitation for a total of 600 million syringes to be stockpiled in 10 geographically dispersed locations across the United States for the purpose of pandemic flu vaccinations.

The driving force behind this activity is the hemorrhagic H7N9 Bird Flu outbreak in China. Whether the threat of a massive outbreak in the USA is real or just a plausible excuse to line Federal contractor's pockets, we don't know; but we see that the level and scope of Federal activity is highly unusual.

We ask that people look for and share any reports of cities engaging in Feral Pigeon slaughter, as we suspect the primary human threat is from contact with Pigeon droppings

We believe it is a wise cost effect risk mitigation strategy to maintain a supply of Hibiclens Chlorhexidine Gluconate surgical scrub as it provides 6 hours of on-going protection against viruses and bacteria after washing with it. Based on our usage patterns, we expect that a gallon of Hibiclens "soap" will last the average sized family one month under actual pandemic conditions.

Medical Chlorhexidine Gluconate

Veterinary Chlorhexidine Gluconate