Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dying In The Rain, One Non Detect At a Time: The Radioactive Proof

Long half life radioactive fallout is raining down on the USA; we provide the proof from our April 14th radioactive rainstorm sample and detail how academia and industry misrepresent "non-detects / non-identifications" as if they meant no radioactive contamination was present.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Radioactive Rain At 11 Times Background

We took a sample from our truck at approximately 4:30pm on 4/28/12 and it returned a reading of 11 times greater than background radiation. The reading is inline with the lower readings we would expect from the Southern Jetstream POST-Fukushima, Pre-Fukushima we would not expect more than a 3x reading.

One interesting thing we were able to show in this video is that sampling/collection of fallout via a swipe is self limiting; we doubled the surface area wiped and only slightly increase the radioactivity of the sample.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Radioactive Rain / Pollen Mix at 40 Times Background Levels

Another unusually heavy day for fallout today, a sample of rain and pollen off our truck returned a radioactivity reading of forty times background radiation. We have place the sample into our lab area and will take measurements over the next several days.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ALERT- Persistent Long Half Life Radioactive Fallout

The fallout sample from the April 14th radioactive fallout rain event remains radioactive 5 days after the initial collection. The sample was still radioactive at approximately 1.3 counts per minute over background, (Beta + Gamma). Data analysis is on going, and more information should be available in a few days.

The continued presence of persistent long life radioactive fallout in these storms does not bode well for long term radioactive environmental build up and migration into food products.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

ALERT! Radioactive Fallout At FORTY NINE Times Greater Than Background Radiation


We took a sample swipe from our truck around 1:30pm on 4/14/2012; that sample was radioactive at 49 times greater than background radiation. The truck was parked indoors overnight and was only exposed to the rainfall in this sample over a 3 hour period; approximately 10:00am to 1:30pm. The rainfall sample was from the trailing edge of a weather system that has been bringing heavy rain and flooding to the Saint Louis area for the last two days.

Friday, April 13, 2012

10:30am Friday 13th Rainfall Radioactive At Eleven Times Greater Than Background

We took a swipe from the hood of our truck this morning. The swipe was radioactive at 11 times greater than background level. The rain was from the leading edge of the storm system; typically the highest readings are measured at the trailing edge of the storms.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ALERT! Buy Potassium Iodide "iOSAT" NOW! The US Military is Rapidly Stockpiling! Shortage is Imminent!

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Read The Rationale Below.

The Defense Logistics agency has just released a SOLE SOURCE NO COMPETITION Solicitation for 1,050,000 Doses of iOSAT thyroid blocker. This solicitation will affect the civilian availability of iOSAT. The "no competition" aspect of the solicitation indicates HASTE on the military's part.

The perceived haste of this iOSAT order may be indicative of a preparation for a near term radiological event.

We expect the solicitation to impact the availability of civilian iOSAT supplies.
iOSAT is the least expensive nuclear risk mitigation item one can buy -WHEN IT IS NOT IN DEMAND. The current market price of iOSAT is approximately $10, during Fukushima it spiked upwards of $400.

iOSAT is one of the few items we recommend buying directly from Amazon. Click the link below to purchase from Amazon.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

5pm Passing Drizzle 5x Greater Than Background Radiation

We had a very short duration light drizzle, that came through around 5pm, which left a few sprinkles on the truck. We sampled those sprinkles and the measurement was approximately 5 times greater than background radiation. Pre-Fukushima the greatest we would expect would have been approximately 3x background radiation.

Post-Fukushima, we consider this to be a "good" reading; the worst reading we have had was 276X greater than background radiation. Typically, strong storms have a greater potential for pulling fallout from the upper atmosphere; whereas low passing clouds, such as this afternoon, tend to clean out what is in the "local" air.  Given Missouri's proximity in Tornado alley, fallout readings here may be higher here than in other areas of the country located away from the Jet Stream.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Alert! Overheated Spent Fuel Rod Storage At Earthquake Damaged North Anna Nuclear

Overheated spent nuclear fuel rod storage at Earthquake damaged North Anna nuclear plant, and Dominion's resultant request for a Federal Exemption seem like a very bad idea to the Potrblog team.

On the other hand, for Dominion and the NRC, an exemption could save a world of money and a massive industry wide nightmare if the dry casket storage is shown to have not measured up.

Click to see the April 4th release in the Federal Register regarding the North Anna overheated spent fuel rod casket exemption.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

19x Background Radiation; Unusually High Southern Jet Stream Radioactive Fallout Continues

At approximately 11:45 pm on 4/4/12, a sample swipe of the rain on our truck returned a reading of 19 times greater than background radiation. Given that the source of the rain was the Southern Jetstream, the fallout is unusually high.

Since approximately March 15th, the rain driven fallout readings arising out of the Southern Jet Stream storms have been abnormally high. Prior to that time period; Southern Jet Stream Storms typically topped out at 10X over background radiation. Post March 15th 2012,  the southerly originating storms have been consistently returning 19x times background radiation. Unsurprisingly, after our March 15th detection, reports started coming out of Japan of increased fallout. We suspect a precipitating event occurred in Japan around the first week of March.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

ALERT! New Virulant Version of the "S.M.A.R.T HDD" Virus Is In The Wild

There is a new version of the SMART HDD virus in the wild and it is running rampant.  The virus is designed to take over one's window start page; hide nearly every thing on it; and make it appear that one's hard drives hard failing.

The OBVIOUS goal of the software is to make one purchase an illegitimate  "fix". There may be more nefarious non obvious aspects to the infection that current Legitimate malware removers may not address. It is unclear how targeted this threat may be.

If you have not yet been hit by this "virus", the wise thing to do is make a restorable system image of your primary drive on a removable drive, AND THEN PHYSICALLY REMOVE that system restoration drive from your computer.

A useful preventative measure may be to create an alternate "user" on one's computer with NO administrative powers and then ONLY use that user account to surf the web until more information and solutions are available. If the alternate user account becomes corrupted, the primary administrative account should still be functional for recovery purposes.