Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[VIDEO] TSA Agent Picks Up "Light Grenade" Sends 5 To Hospital

See the "video" of the event below

From The New York Post:

The agent, Chris Yves Dabel, discovered the device at the Terminal 2 security checkpoint and tried to determine if it was real, a source told The Post.
He told Port Authority cops that he “found the canister on the floor and thought it was a laser pointer.”
“They were playing around with it,” said one Kennedy Airport official.
The screener sprayed five other TSA agents around him, sending all six to Jamaica Hospital and halting security checks at Kennedy for at least 15 minutes, police said
Reinforcements were called but the device was expended by then.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Archduke Ferdinand Spotted in Cyprus

Archduke Ferdinand Spotted in Cyprus

Radioactive Palm Sunday Snow Storm


13 inches of snow fell in the last 24 hours, around mid-day our Live Airborne Radiation Monitor indicated radiation levels 150% of normal. Late this evening, we ventured outside to see if the snow was still radioactive. The rest is in the video.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Would Michael Moore Kill Children to Pass The Assault Weapons ban?

Saw the other day that Michael Moore wants explicit pictures of the dead Sandy Hook children released in order to force the Assault Weapons ban to happen.

Some where, there is some one of Michael Moore's ilk who is weighing the benefits of slaughtering more innocents to force the greater good of passing a so called assault weapons ban. Somewhere, there is a less benevolent evil person who only sees the slaughter of innocents as a force multiplier to assault every individual in the  entire  nation out of their individual right to defend oneself.

In both these scenarios the weapon of evil is not the gun, but rather the weapon of evil is the legislative body which is happy to be wielded by such an evil person. It certainly has been done before, ala Osama Bin Laden wielding the Congress into the Patriot act, and the Fed into a loose money supply.

Of course in the current situation the evil bastards don't have to fly airplanes into buildings, they only have to step into the safety of "gun free zones".

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Earthquake Early Warning Detector For The Home

These devices work by detecting the faster traveling "P" waves that immediately precede the damaging earthquake "S" waves. The warning time works out to around 1-3 seconds for every 5 miles distance between  you and the epicenter of the earthquake.  For the Magnitude 8 earthquake risk we face here in Saint Louis, Missouri, that works out to 37 to 111 seconds of warning time. We'll have a follow up video to go into more details.

Below are Amazon links to the detector we use and other similar devices.