Wednesday, August 31, 2011

North American Radon Spikes As Indicators of Fukushima's "China Syndrome"

The following is a direct link to the relevant portion of the previous blog post's video which correlates recent massive short-half-life radiation spikes in North America with recent Fukushima reports as being indicative of "Corium" interacting with ground water in a China Syndrome event.

Monday, August 29, 2011

[Update] 178X Saint Louis Background Radiation Source Identified

I have been able to analyze the half life data from the high radioactivity 8/20/11 Saint Louis rain fall. The video goes into detail on the detection; how the source relates to recent events in Fukushima; and how this detection was different from previous radioactive rainfalls which had longer half lives.

Update 9/7/11:
Fukushima August Re-Criticality: Groundwater, Iodine 131, & Radon 222 = China Syndrome
On August 20th, the POTRBLOG team reported that the 178X background radioactive rain fall "may be indicative of a RECENT SIGNIFICANT radiological event in Fukushima." That assessment now appears to be now born out by a Japanese report of large Iodine-131 detections in radioactive sewage collected in Oshu City 180+ KM north of Fukushima on August 25th. The collection date of the sewage sample correlates to several earthquakes during the period and reports of radioactive steam rising up from cracks in the ground at the Fukushima nuclear site. It also correlates strongly with large increases in radioactive detection along the jetstream in North America.

Taken together, the data is indicative of Coruim entering the ground water, becoming re-critical, and inducing the release/production of large amounts of Radon 222. The associated detections of extremely large quantities of Radon Daughters in the radioactive fallout raining down on North America are likely indicators of harder to detect longer half life fallout in the same rainfall.

Update 8/31/11:
I had planned to post the "crib notes" version of the video. But I found a commentary on LiveLeak which gives a good 3rd person insight into SOME aspects of  the video. Here is a "fair use" snippet of that commentary:

By: john1054
Okay. In the really bland jargon I associate with the nuclear engineers and consultants I know who work in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, this guy is laying out why he believes Fukushima may very well become a sustained global disaster.

He is not able to directly identify the radioactive elements causing increases of radiation in the rainfall in Saint Louis. However, the decrease in radiation in a given sample over time gives him enough data to identify the predominant radioactive isotopes that are present in the rainwater.

The occasional spikes in Radon tells him that something, somewhere, is generating large emissions of radioactive material in the atmosphere at irregular intervals. Kind of like a sick kid having intermittent vomiting episodes.

These occasional large emissions are consistent with various theories floated over the years of how a nuclear meltdown event would play out in the soil, bedrock, and water-table beneath a nuclear power plant.

In short, he says we may be experiencing the opening stages of the nightmare scenario from the old movie "China Syndrome".

8/30/11: Updated with requested graphs

Unknown Source with a I-134 half life.

Suspected Radon Daughter composite half life.

[ALERT] PLANT SAFETY SIGNIFICANTLY DEGRADED: North Anna Nuclear Earthquake Limits Likely Exceeded


Only "reasonable assurance that the Safety Related systems are fully functional." 

the nuclear power plant is  "in an unanalyzed condition that significantly degrades plant safety. "

NRC Event reports indicate that the earthquake exceeded North Anna Nuclear Plant's Design earthquake limits by over at least FIVE cycles per second. It is interesting to note that immediate aftermath of the earthquake North Anna Nuclear plant's televised spokespeople where quick to assure the local residents that design limits where not exceeded; they apparently have not be so forth coming in admitting that the initial information was incorrect.

Information drawn from NRC event reports 47201 and 47181

Sunday, August 28, 2011

June Cleaver Died of Ennui

The fifties mom so many cherish and yearn for wasn't sacrificed to "Womens' Rights", the fifties mom died of ennui.

The grocer gave her a plucked and packaged chicken, technology cooked her dinner, Sears' braided her rugs and the government taught her children.  Maytag washed the clothes and Standard Oil fed the iron horse.

What was she supposed to do?

Eureka! The floor was swept and the rugs beat, in an instant!

Housewives didn't stay home for 6000 years because men dominated them.  They stayed home because they were busy.  When the work finally dried up, they made tracks for new occupations.  Considering how long they had stayed home, the exodus was remarkably fast.

Womens' exodus from the kitchen followed mens' exodus from the farm very closely.  Men left the farm for the same reasons - technology lightened the farm work load while it offered new work in the cities.

The early women rights advocates were mostly single or weathily connected without dependent families. The early protestors weren't leaving their cows unmilked or the stove unstoked to join their sister suffragettes for the right to work in the cities. Thanks to industrialists like Isaac Singer, by the second wave in the 1960s, undergarments were even so plentiful and cheap they were burned like dried leaves.   When the home didn't need them, women sought work elsewhere.

Many voices these days decry the breakup of the nuclear family.  Rather than sitting on our heels blaming the vapid specter of "womens' rights", this author maintains the nuclear or even extended family can be reunited only by the thing that tore them apart...employment.  The biggest target today to bring home employment is home schooling.

If parents wish to recreate the family synthesis, they (particularly mothers) must realize that the family that is busy at home stays home.  Working outside the home is no more a repudiation of June Cleaver than working at home is an abdication of rights.  Far from it. Following the work is the nature of humanity.  Being busy at home is a shouldering of the self responsibility which rights exist to protect.

You may believe Ms. X when she says if Ward and the Beaver had been homeschooled, June would never have been an icon.

8/28/11 6:30pm Light Rain Radioactive at 39X Background

Short light rain this evening at 6:30 pm. Three separate samples were taken from the truck. The samples stabilized at 0.039 mR/hr, or alternatively 39 times greater than background. This is the fourth highest reading we have had since the Fukushima disaster began.

Friday, August 26, 2011

[ URGENT ] North Anna Nuclear, Hurricane Irene, Personal Evacuation Decision

A detail analysis of the Lake Anna nuclear plant's dropping lake levels; decay heat steam discharges; earthquake design limits; and the key indicators that one should evacuate the immediate crisis zone before Hurricane Irene arrives.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

[ALERT] For families Downwind and Downstream of the NORTH ANNA Nuclear Plant; It would be wise to INCREASE Preparations for a Radiological Release.

New information, most of which is foggy, indicates a new vector for cooling loss at the North Anna Nuclear plant. Working on the presumption that positive information does not remain foggy,  wise risk mitigation would indicate that further vigilance and preparation is required by those that might be affected by a radiological release.

Delving through the fog of officially UN-clarified data, the risks are as follows.

Risk 1:

The decay heat steam venting is dropping lake levels at potentially ONE  MILLION GALLONS PER MINUTE. Lake levels are already dropping and obviously this cooling mechanism cannot continue indefinitely. Note the freshly dropped lake levels in this photo.

To resolve this issue the plant must restart electrical generation post haste. Apparently North Anna Nuclear is aware the need for speed in restarting generation, BUT they claim they are hurrying because they want to lower their customers electrical bills.

"Because the nuclear plants are the lowest-cost source of generation for our customers, we're making all efforts to return the units to service as soon as possible," 


Despite claims to the contrary, it is exceedingly plausible that the earthquake design limits were exceeded. This probability decreases the likelihood that the plant will restart safely and quickly. It also increases the likelihood of a single point failure in the decay heat steam cooling leading to a radiological escape. All of which increase the magnitude of RISK1 above.

A North Anna spokesman has stated on television that the plant was designed for a 6.2 earthquake and that they were "ready for this". To the contrary, because of the shallow nature of the quake, the probability is that ground motion and acceleration exceeded the design limit of the plant (but remained within the ultimate limit).

It is disturbing that a North Anna representative would declare the plant safe based on a general Qualitative measure such as a 5.8 earthquake being less than a 6.2 earthquake, as opposed to a specific Quantitative measures such as ground motion and acceleration of this quake versus the specific engineering limits for those values. Had the seismographs not been removed from the plant because of budget cuts, some of the fog regarding this issue would be clear-able.


 Another Emergency has been declared at North Anna as a result of the 8/25/11 after shock; Event Number: 47196. The report states that "There was no radiological release". However, that statement is contradicted by reports that "No release of radioactive material occurred beyond the minor releases associated with normal station operations" One has to ask what exactly are normal releases when the plant is operating in an emergency mode, do they mean no more than expected under this type of emergency?

The fog of Risk3 aside, given that the probability the plant exceeded its design limit from the initial quake, further aftershocks increase the potential of surpassing the ultimate limit of the plant.

Mitigating factor:

A mitigating factor for all of these risks is that the quake did not cause massive infrastructure disruption, hence the logistic response capability appears not to be affected.

Note: Hat tip to ENENEWS for several links

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[ALERT] North Anna: Be Prepared for Radioactive Leakage Into The Atmosphere

Based on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Operations Center Event Reports For 08/23/2011 - 08/24/2011, fifteen nuclear plants made emergency notifications related to the 8/23/2011 Virginia earthquake. Out of the 15 different Nuclear plants which made emergency event reports, only the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant nuclear operating plant reported that they DID NOT have any radiological releases [Event Number: 47184].

The most serious of the 15 emergency reports is from the North Anna Power Station in Virginia [Event Number: 47181]. The North Anna station went into complete shutdown as a result the earthquake; it lost all offsite power; it went on emergency backup generators (1 of which failed). The event report states "Decay heat is being removed via the steam dumps to atmosphere".

Based on a quick check of the design of the North Anna unit ( a 3 loop Westinghouse), Radioactive core coolant is being pumped to a heat exchanger were it is cooled by feed water. That non-radioactive feed water is turned to steam and released directly into the environment. Under normal conditions the steam is used to power the generator turbine and is NOT exposed to the environment but is returned in a closed loop system.

In the current situation of direct venting of steam into the atmosphere, the North ANNA plant appears to be operating in a single point of failure mode. Namely, a simple leakage in the heat exchanger (or any seals in the steam generation unit) could result in the escape of radioactive materials directly into the atmosphere via the ongoing decay heat steam venting.

Given that the nuclear reactor has just experienced an earthquake that appears to be at its design limit, it would be wise to be prepared for direct leakage of radioactive material into the atmosphere via the ongoing decay heat steam venting.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

ALERT!!! 178 X Background Radiation in Saint Louis Rain


This data may be indicative of a RECENT SIGNIFICANT radiological event in Fukushima.

The reading was taken at approximately 10:20am on 8/20/11 in Saint Louis Missouri from a vehicle that had driven approximately 4 miles through the trailing edges of a thunderstorm.

The sample returned a reading of 1.786 mR/hr,  which equates to ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT times greater than normal background radiation. This reading is almost 3 times greater than the previous high reading of 62x background radiation.

UPDATED: Video Added


UPDATE 8/23: I have been able to analyze the decay data. Much like the radioactive Sulfur detected in California, based on the amplitude, I suspect this fallout to be TENORM. A follow up video will be forth coming. For more information follow the following link:
Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM)

UPDATE 8/30:  I have identified the radioactive source based on the half-life, a complete follow up video may be found at:

[Update] 178X Saint Louis Background Radiation Source Identified

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beautiful Baby Girl Picking and Eating FUKUSHIMA Blueberries

Even in the heart of the darkness people refuse to see the high speed photons.


The video has now been made "Private", in the interests of "fair use" (commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship) I have updated this report with a few screen shots of the video:

The original information and translations may be found at the end of the post.

Video description from the uploader niidamasugata:

We went to blueberry picking in Niwasaka, Fukushima-city.
Part of Fukushima-prefecture is subject to the government control.
This area is not restricted area.
Radio active material was not detected in these berries.
Farmers in Fukusima-prefecture were hit by rumors.
Even if radio active material was not detected, consumer does not buy any foods made / produced in Fukushima.
It's unseasonable!
Of course it's your decision call us stupid parent who does not protect child from radioactivity.
They are just words, from far away from Fukushima

a follow-on comment from the uploader niidamasugata:(Translated by Google)

• The explanation for the lack of English skills and their written in Japanese like it I is misunderstood - The. It had been completely polluted 'Place is a neighborhood has confirmed , Has confirmed that there were also contaminated crops were harvested. I believe the word means no foreign • non Fukushima Land, people living in Tokyo, for example, all-risk coverage and incite the media, particularly believe in Fukushima - That is to say. After decades • my own children "or 逃Genakatta Why?" And blame Has been recognized that it may be. The purpose of this video posted, it was because the sight of a girl ask a friend abroad . Some people can not see the video was quite a provocative picture is observed - Or. However, it is disappointing for me. So video is going to be removed soon. Please let me say the last one. My friend calls and emails every day from friends who live in other regions, "or What are you Fukushima, "" flee as soon as possible "is attacked, and mental illness 冒 - I now. I think the advice out of kindness, acts such Fukushima I would like to know given the fact that mental distress.

Original Japanese:

• 自分の英語力と説明不足の為に、誤解されてる様なので日本語で書¬きます。 ・自分の住む地域が全く汚染されてしまった事は認識していますし¬、収穫された 農産物も汚染されたものがある事も認識しています。 ・外国人の言葉だから信じないという事もありません、福島以外の¬地域、例えば 東京に住む人達、特にマスコミが福島=全て危険と煽る報道は信じ¬ないという 事です。 ・何十年後、私は自分の子供達に「何故逃げなかったか?」と責め-られるかも しれないという事も認識しています。 この動画投稿の目的は、海外の友人に娘の姿を見てもらう為でした¬。 見る人によってはこの動画がかなり挑発的な映像であった事は認め¬ます。 しかし、それは私の本意ではありません。 よって近日中に動画は削除するつもりです。 最後に一つ言わせてください。 私の友人は他地域に住む友人から毎日のように電話やメールで「ま¬だ福島に いるのか」「一刻も早く逃げなさい」と責められ、精神的な病に冒-されてしまいました。 親切心からのアドバイスだと思いますが、そういった行為が福島県¬民に精神的な 苦痛を与えているという事実も知って頂きたいと思います。

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4000 mile Radioactive Road Trip: Cool Rain in the Florida Keys!

Part of our 4000 mile radioactive road trip: Marathon Florida in the FL Keys.
The rain was remarkably cool from a radioactive perspective, given the SIXTY TWO times greater than background radiation Fukushima fallout storms we have had in Saint Louis. The further the one gets from the Jet-Stream the lower the radioactive Fukushima fallout.

Notice in the video that the storm is moving from West to East; storms traveling in that direction showed radioactivity. Storms coming from the Hurricane corridor, moving East to West, tended to have ZERO radiation.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Potentially Crazy High Radioactive Rainfall in Indianapolis

The samples were taken in Indianapolis Indiana on 7/3 and 7/4 of 2011 as part of our 4000 mile radioactive road trip
The 7/3 sample was bone dry dust wiped from the hood of my car; it had rained heavily approximately 6 hours earlier. The 7/4 sample was from fresh rainfall and returned a radioactivity of approximately 10 times greater than background radiation.

I decided against publishing a back-calculated radioactivity for the 3am 7/3/11 rainfall because of the known unknowns regarding the sample and the high radioactivity the calculation returned.

Radioactive Acid Rain !!!

The discovery AND ANALYTICAL REPORTING of radioactive Sulfur 35 emanating from the ocean surface at Fukushima and transporting to California has restored some faith in scientific due diligence.  I can well imagine that the University of California Berkeley's Nuclear Engineering Departments BRAWN team would have dismissed the detections as "NATURAL"; it would have been another case of ALL BRAWM and NO BRAINS
Hence, the authors of the study deserve some praise for giving scientific-due-diligence something more than just dismissive lip service.

Having had some more time to go over the abstract and supporting documentation, it is not so clear if the author's models compensated for the washout of the radioactive Sulfur as acid rain H2SO4; it also does not appear as if the author's tested rainfall for the presence of RADIOACTIVE SULFURIC ACID RAIN.

The ocean surface off-gassing of radioactive compounds and their subsequent redeposition via rainfall may be a modality of rapid hopscotching of water born radioactive contamination across the Pacific. It could also preclude the claims of 'no worries' some have made of the detections; getting caught in such a Radioactive Acid Rain Fall may be much less than safe.

Fukushima's Radioactive Ocean Contamination Has Already Hit California

Thanks to a tip, I was directed to the following abstract from the
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Evidence of neutron leakage at the Fukushima nuclear plant from measurements of radioactive 35S in California

The abstract shows that radioactive sulfur off-gassing from the SURFACE of the Pacific Ocean around Fukushima reached coastal La Jolla, California on March 28, 2011. Their calculations indicate that roughly 1% of the Fukushima radioactive contamination rapidly reached La Jolla; and that seems to be the focus of their analysis.

Not having yet seen the full paper, I suspect it will be easy to blow holes in their transport model and calculations. HOWEVER, that possibility pales in comparison to their actual detection indicating that SURFACE LEVEL radioactive contamination of the Pacific ocean was rapidly transported several thousand miles to California.

That information is EXCEEDINGLY concerning given the large amount of radioactive materials are still spewing into the ocean from Fukushima. The data portends the rapid uptake and spread of radioactivity into both the aquatic and avian food chains.

Improved environmental risk data may be achievable by using the study's data to extrapolate ocean/atmosphere boundary layer radioactivity spread across known fishing and migration routes. The resulting data would provide location data to sample plankton uptake of radioactive sulfur, and as a result possibly confirm the study's back calculations of neutron leakage at Fukushima.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Radioactive Glass Bottom Boat Tour of John Pennekamp Coral Reef

This video is part of our 4000 mile Radioactive Roadtrip field investigation. A two hour timed total count was taken lasting the entirety of a Glass Bottom boat tour off of Key Largo at John Pennekamp state park.

The result was a two hour total of 2322 counts, which averages to 0.0055 mR/hr (standardized to Cs137); this is the lowest average background reading we have encountered.

Radioactive Rain Fall and Storms in Atlanta Georgia

The video is part of our 4000 mile Radioactive Roadtrip fact finding mission down to the Florida Keys and back. This video was taken driving South to North through Atlanta, Ga. During a heavy down pour, the Geiger counter INSIDE the car registered a sustained THREE times background radiation as its MINIMUM reading. Approximately 10 minutes later a sample wipe from the windshield returned a 6x background reading. The highest reading we had in Atlanta was approximately 9x background.

The pattern we noticed is that the radioactivity in the rain decreases the further one gets away from the jet stream, and the radioactivity goes to zero from storms that blow in East to West via the hurricane corridor.

Friday, August 12, 2011

8/12/11 6:30 pm Rain Radioactive at 4 Times Background

8/12/11 6:30 pm Rain Radioactive at 4 Times Background. Please note that 4x background is what I consider the cutoff for radioactive fallout that may be attributable to the Fukushima nuclear disaster; a 4x detection using the identical equipment and methodology was made pre-Fukushima in the Washington state area.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Butchering Jimmy Buffett with a Radioactive Baseline

This is the first in a series of Radioactive baseline readings taken in key locations of interest during the 4000 mile Radioactive Road trip. Hopefully, the data will never become useful.

The location was Porky's BBQ in Marathon, Florida. A 10 minute reading was taken on 7/22/11, totaling 224 counts. The measurement equates to 0.0064 mR/hr (Inspector Geiger counter)

First Fukushima Free Non-Radioactive Rain Fall- Tropical Storm Bret

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Return to the Radioactive Jetstream Rains

This is the first rainstorm I have been able to test here in Saint Louis since our 4000 mile radioactive road trip to the Florida Keys. The key take away is that rain storms blown in via the Jet Stream are radioactive, where as the only NON RADIOACTIVE rain I have detected since Fukushima was in central Florida and blown in from east to west via tropical storm Bret.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A 4000 Mile Radioactive Road Trip! Seek LESS Jet Stream and MORE Hurricane

From mid-July to early August, the Potrblog team took a nearly 4000 mile long radioactive road trip to the southernmost point in the United States and back to Saint Louis; we ran the Geiger counter nearly the entire trip. We encountered the first radioactive fallout free rain fall since the Fukushima disaster began, and complied further data that the radioactive fallout in our rainfall is directly attributable to the Fukushima nuclear nightmare.

The executive summary is as follows:
(1) The radioactivity in the rainfall decreases the further one moves away from the jet stream.
(2) The radioactivity in the rainfall goes to ZERO for storms originating from Africa traveling westward to the USA. (tropical depressions, tropical storms, hurricanes, etc)

Stay tuned for further details, videos, and an informative radioactive tour of Disney World.