Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel is Trimming Their Wicks for Mohamed, and Obama Is Begging for Oil

Israel is trimming their wicks for Mohamed, and Obama is begging for oil. While this is an allegory to Matthew 25,  the Israel's aren't exactly virgins. But, it sure looks like they are attempting to thin out the wedding party for what they see coming.

By striking at Hamas they reduce the the number of front lines they face from an Arab/Persian "ALL IN" that might result from a later strike on Iran. In so doing, they also send a clear message to Obama. It is an important message because a populist Arab "ALL IN" with the Persians is only possible because of Obama's handling of the Arab Spring.

Obama only has one last trick in his current play book, and that is to innocuously declare that Mohamed is the Prophet. Expect it to be stated in such a way to for the American media to rationalize that statement, while making the meaning clear to its target audience.  Of course the outcome of using that play is unpredictable, but it likely would be meant to defuse current situations in favor of  acting at some future time when there are 72 virgins waiting instead of just 10.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

11/11/12 Armistice Day Radioactivity At 11 Times Over Background

We took a swipe off of our truck @11pm this evening which returned a reading of 11 times over background radiation  The winds had been out of the South and the rain had been ongoing for several hours.
Video to follow tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ATF Profiling Women: The Crime of Being a Female Gun Buyer

If you buy a gun and your female, you're likely a criminal in the ATF's eyes.
We have had direct report(s) from Federally Firearms Licensed dealer(s) that ATF compliance inspectors have been focusing exclusively on women gun purchasers during compliance inspections.

We suspect the ATF's profiling of women gun buyers is behind the recent report of Walmart denying a woman the purchase of a shotgun because they believed it was TOO BIG for her and that she did not 'need' it; and threatening to report her for what we are calling the crime of buying a gun while being female.
see: Extreme Sexism At Walmart: Woman Can’t Buy Big Guns