Sunday, November 17, 2013

ALERT: Unusual Increase In Airborne Radioactivity, Saint Louis

There is an unusual 20-30% increase in Airborne radioactivity blowing into the Saint Louis area, tied to the Fukushima jetstream moving into the area.  We can not say with certainty that the increase is Fukushima related; given the high surface winds, we don't don't discount the possibility that the radiation increase may be from Weldon Spring Ordnance Works Nuclear Superfund Site:

If the increase in radiation is related to Fukushima we would expect elevated readings to soon be reported from other reporting locations.

  A screen capture of our Live Indoor and Outdoor Radiation monitors {link}

Weather Conditions at the time:

Sunshine (no rain)
High Winds from the South and West, @ 20-40 mph with Gusts 30-60 mph
Jetstream blowing in from Fukushima

Friday, November 15, 2013

CDC's Secret Security Force, Not Very Secret, But Definitely Scary

The Drudge Report had a headline today informing people about ObamaCare setting up a Secret Security Force. For those aware of what is going on with the Government's H7N9 pandemic planning, it is not very secret. But it is something the media does not cover much, likely because of the concern it would cause if the citizenry knew that- yes the CDC believes it has the authority to put a gun to your head and force you to take that shot of experimental H7N9 vaccine. And, oh by the way, they just did order 600 million syringes to give every person in the USA two shots.

Moreover, not only does the CDC have the 600 million syringes on the way, they just created a new Division, and are staffing a that Division, for the primary purpose of nationalizing state and local health departments by embedding their own people in these health departments and by moving the locals onto the Federal payroll.  Of course you need not take our word for it they are very forthright about the situation and plans in their announcements in the Federal Register and their orders of FedBizOpps. see the source links below

Source Documents:

U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps  MEDICAL OFFICERS BEST KEPT SECRETS U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Opportunities

ONE Day delay in Hospital Admission may Significantly reduce ICU Loads & Costs

CDC Says: "the US health care system is likely to be overwhelmed" from a Fall 2013 H7N9 Outbreak

CDC Plans Live EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM Pandemic Flu Broadcast

[FEMA] 48 Hour Delivery Order: 100,000 "Doctor Scrubs"; 1000 (100 Person) Shelters; + Fuel, Showers, Bathrooms, and Hygine Equipment; Apparent Mobilization of the National Disaster Medical System

[ALERT!] ALL 300 Million American Citizens WILL Be Given TWO Experimental Adjuvant Laced H7N9 Vaccinations!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chris Farely Faked His Death, Changed His Name To Rob Ford, and Became Mayor of Toronto

Saturday Night Live actor Chris Farely supposedly died in 1997,
but the video evidence shows him as being alive, not well, and working in his new job as mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, under the assumed name of Rob Ford.

See the videos below for the unmistakable evidence.

Toronto Mayor "Rob Ford" (aka Chris Farely aka Matt Foley)

Chris Farely (aka Matt Foley, aka Rob Ford):

Apparently Mr Farely took  Mr Ford's identity after discovering him dead at the scene of a DUI accident in Miami in 1999. Mr Farely had been secretly living in Cuba between 1997 and 1999, and managed to return to Miami in a boat flotilla that same year. Sadly, both Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix died at sea on the same attempted return trip.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ALERT! Airborne Radioactive "YELLOWCAKE" Leak In Richland, Washington

There was a airborne Yellowcake release in Richland Washington, it had the makings of a catastrophic failure in both their primary and secondary filtering systems, it is the 2nd time we know that it has happened.

Based on NRC Event Reports  #49524 and #45402

Once again the NRC reports that AREVA's Yellowcake is flying into the air in Richland Washington. Albeit, its supposedly below the point where you'll be legally able to prove they caused your cancer, or as they put it in their own terms  "Potential dose to a member of the public and the effect on the environment are essentially negligible."  Unfortunately there is no good way to know how long they have been spewing out the  ammonium diuranate this time, but we do know they have learned anything since the last time they did it in 2009.

AREVA seems rather lackadaisical about the whole thing, after all they claim  its "still below required administrative action levels". But don't worry, because 

"A Corrective Action Report, 2013-8809, was written on November 8, 2013. The cause of the apparent deterioration is under active investigation. Steps to prevent recurrence will be developed as appropriate."

Of course that is the exact same thing they said back in 2009 the last time AREVA spewed Yellowcake over Richland.
"A Corrective Action Report was written on October 1, 2009. The cause of the apparent deterioration is under active investigation. Steps to prevent recurrence will be developed as appropriate."

It certainly seems their so called corrective action is to boiler plate the same report over and over again. Beyond that, they seem more than satisfied to rely on multiple catastrophic filter failures as their primary  means of system maintenance.

In the end, anyone living down wind or down river of this location should expect to have fewer birthday cakes as a result of this recent Yellowcake release. But if the NRC lets this kind of tight rope walking incompetence continue at AREVA, a large scale nuclear catastrophe is just waiting to befall on the public.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

BREAKING! Possible / Likely H7N9 Outbreak In Hong Kong

Update 11/12:

The outbreak location has been identified as the Hong Kong Ling Liang Church Kindergarten @ Causeway Bay . From all reports the school has a very good reputation.

Note that the suspected outbreak is in Wan Chai, HK;  a geographic hotspot for H7N9 coming in from mainland China (see map below)

From the Hong Kong department of Public Health:


Influenza-like illness outbreak under CHP investigation

11 November 2013
The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health is today (November 11) investigating an influenza-like illness outbreak at a kindergarten in Wan Chai affecting 20 pupils, and hence reminded members of the public and staff of institutions to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene against influenza.
The affected pupils, comprising 14 boys and 6 girls aged between 3 and 6, developed symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, including fever, coughing and sore throat, since October 31.
One of the girls aged 5 required hospitalisation and has been discharged. The respiratory specimens of the girl and another 6-year-old boy both tested positive for Influenza A upon laboratory testing.
All the affected pupils are in a stable condition.
Officers of the CHP have visited the school and advised the management to adopt measures against respiratory tract infection.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

H7N9 CLUSTER ALERT! 63 People in Quarantine After Contact With Infected 3yr Old

A new report out of Hong Kong states that 63 people are under a one week quarantine after coming in contact with "Andy" the 3 year old boy who was reported as being H7N9 positive yesterday. See the known time-line of his infection here: The quarantine number is up from the 7 to 9 people who were originally stated as being under quarantine.

We have marked this as an Alert because the high number of people being quarantined; we suspect this is actually indicative of a cluster.  Given claimed poultry transmission route, it certainly seems strange that they would quarantine persons supposedly associated with ANDY rather than the supposed infection source. Especially since the first photos of Andy in isolation show him and his visitor not wearing masks PPE.

So far, two health care workers and Andy's father are reported to have the flu, but are supposedly not testing positive for H7N9. It seems there is more to this case than is being let on; we'll wager that were this case not in close proximity to Hong Kong, there would be a near information blackout on this case similar to what is occurring in Jiaxing with the 64yr old infect female farmer. That case may be tied to its own cluster, see that report here.

UPDATE: 28 of the quarantined individuals are school children all of whom are reported to be asymptomatic. More troubling however is that medical personnel are also in quarantine.

Other factors of concern are:

(1) None of the market chickens have tested positive
(2) There are a large number of people with Influenza Like Illnesses in the area,

Under these conditions, and given the long time it took to diagnose "Andy", a large quarantine group looks like a stop gap measure. We seek a significant risk of spread from this situation. On the positive side, there is no large reported death count yet; hold your breath for worse news within the next 10 days.

Expect a very strong push in the USA for Seasonal Flu vaccination.

Source Information:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

UPDATE 11/8: Cluster Alert! Additional H7N9 Case in Jiaxing City, China

On October 25th we reported via Twitter that there were UNCONFIRMED reports of an H7N9 cluster in Jiaxing City China, related to the case of a 67 year old male farmer whose infection was announced on October 23rd.

Today (11/5/13) we have confirmation, via Macau, that a 64 year old female farmer from Jiaxing was reported as being H7N9 positive on November 4th.  In a giant warning sign, the Chinese have only reported minimal information on this situation. 

We suspect that situation is related to the rumored cluster in Jiaxing; bear in mind that the Zhenhang province is a disaster area from Typhoon Flooding in October. 

UPDATE 11/7:  As we suspected, the Jiaxing is a cluster, the 64 yr old female lives across the river from another H7N9 victim, likely the 67 yr old male farmer. The Chinese authorities are looking for further cases and have the area under strict qurantine and are taking disinfection actions.

Here is the direct machine translated quote:
"the emergence of cases it makes sense. The patient at home, chicken, close contact with poultry, and her home and family on one case in Jiaxing patients are separated by only a river. "An indication that the area may have a virus spread, the need for strict quarantine disinfection measures do, and pay close attention to whether there will be a third cases."

One thing to note is that things the rest of the world call rivers are typically referred to as creeks here in the USA.  Shown below is a Google map of the general location where we believe the infected area is located.

While information is still scarce, the mainland Chinese media are now reporting on this case publicly.

So what ever happened in this cluster, it took 2 weeks for the Chinese to either clear it up, clean it up, or otherwise feel comfortable about the outcome.

Based on the news black out time period  length (Oct 25-Nov 8th) and the known  H7N9 incubation periods, the Chinese likely suspected that this cluster could be explosive (no doubt the typhoon flooding did not help matters).  Our SWAG is that there was a concurrent outbreak of Influenza Like Illness [ILI] in this location, and that the Chinese believed it was H7N9 related.

It is plausible that such a ILI outbreak was actually H7N9; the Chinese reaching such a conclusion would be the obvious cause of their apparent policy shift that the food shortages from an H7N9 cull / market shutdown would have a greater impact than the spread of H7N9.

If this conjecture holds true, expect the Chinese media to dial back any hysteria or panic causing reports related to H7N9.  The question still remains though, how different will the impact and spread of H7N9 be once it gains a foot hold outside of the Chinese population.

A different H7N9 pandemic expression in the rest of the world's population is a wild card that should not be underestimated as the Chinese public as a whole has taken preventative Traditional Chinese Medicine "self help" countermeasures. Moreover, the Spring 2013 H7N9 outbreak may have served to inoculate many Chinese against the ravages of a otherwise more severe Fall 2013 outbreak. In that regard, the rest of the world may still be a sitting duck. The next few weeks will tell us just how dangerous this current incarnation of H7N9 really ends up being.

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Source links:

[H7N9 Vaccine] New Information, Its MORE Dangerous Than Previously Thought

If you want to get Narcolepsy, you'll want to try the new experimental H7N9 vaccine. Unfortunately you're not going to have much choice in the matter, as the U.S. government just awarded a $243,855,195 contract for 600,000,000 syringes for the explicit purpose of giving every person two shots with the vaccine.

 "Provide pandemic vaccine to all U.S. citizens within 6 (or less) months of a pandemic declaration: pandemic vaccine (600 M doses)" 

The evidence is now out that the AS03 adjuvant made by GSK in Canada (used in the H7N9 vaccine) causes NARCOLEPSY just like the AS03 made by GSK in Germany did when it was used in the H1N1 vaccine.

“I was shocked,” said [Dr] Witmans. “I noticed that the cases were more severe.” She added that most children she sees now have cataplexy, a sudden loss of muscle function that’s unusual in children."

Of course it seems sort of stupid hunch to expect that a dangerous product made by the same company would somehow become safer because it was made by the same company in a different country. Unfortunately, that hunch was exactly the excuse the CDC and BARDA used as the safety basis of adding AS03 to the U.S. H7N9 vaccine.

To put it clearly,  for the CDC and BARDA to  excuse a known dangerous risk of Narcolepsy based on a qualitative hunch with no quantitative knowledge, and then to test the end product on kids, = witchcraft.  Again, it is not science it is witchcraft. It is the difference between Alchemy and Chemistry, and it IS a dangerous practice.

Witchcraft passes as health care science these days because our private medical system is being transitioned to an Agribusiness HERD based veterinary type system where everyone is expected to believe that they will be treated as if they were a prized Hefer. Whereas, the historical truth of the system is that the health choices of the individual will be sacrificed on the alter of Centrally Planned and Paid for Public Health (CPPP), resulting in a health care famine.

Those who think that CPPP is a good thing should read the history of how the CCCP transitioned Agribusiness from private to public. This quote alone speaks volumes and it quite succinctly expresses the same sentiment as those who force vaccinations on individuals who are at greater risk from the vaccine than the proffered cure.
"the famine was a great success. It showed the peasants "who is the master here. It cost millions of lives, but thecollective farm system is here to stay."

Source Links:

H7N9 Infection Time Line For The Recently Infected 3 Year Old Boy In Changping Town, Dongguan Yuan Shan Pui Village China

The boy is 3 years and 5 months old.
He resides in Changping Town, Dongguan Yuan Shan Pui Village, China 523583 (see map below)
There are 81 farms in that location which supply Hong Kong.
The boy lives withing 13 miles of these chicken farms
UPDATE: The parents are electronics factory workers.

 October 26 or 27th:(conflicting reports)

The parents take the boy to a rural market ("does not exclude a downtown infection")
UPDATE:  Yuanshanbei market

October 30th:

The boy has Influenza symptoms and a high fever

October 31st:

The boy is taken to the Changping hospital for treatment and samples where collected

November 4th (afternoon)

The boy tests positive for H7 subtype influenza

November 5th

The boy's test and symptoms are reviewed and he is declared H7N9 positive.
He is moved to the Dongguan City People's Hospital and is treated in isolation; currently his symptoms as mild and he has no fever.
Nine additional people who had close contact with the boy are under quarantine; three of these people have influenza like symptoms but so far have not tested positive for H7N9
UPDATE:  Two of the three probable H7N9 cases are health care workers, the other is the boy's Father.

Supposed photo of "ANDY" the boy in "ISOLATION"


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