Friday, November 15, 2013

CDC's Secret Security Force, Not Very Secret, But Definitely Scary

The Drudge Report had a headline today informing people about ObamaCare setting up a Secret Security Force. For those aware of what is going on with the Government's H7N9 pandemic planning, it is not very secret. But it is something the media does not cover much, likely because of the concern it would cause if the citizenry knew that- yes the CDC believes it has the authority to put a gun to your head and force you to take that shot of experimental H7N9 vaccine. And, oh by the way, they just did order 600 million syringes to give every person in the USA two shots.

Moreover, not only does the CDC have the 600 million syringes on the way, they just created a new Division, and are staffing a that Division, for the primary purpose of nationalizing state and local health departments by embedding their own people in these health departments and by moving the locals onto the Federal payroll.  Of course you need not take our word for it they are very forthright about the situation and plans in their announcements in the Federal Register and their orders of FedBizOpps. see the source links below

Source Documents:

U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps  MEDICAL OFFICERS BEST KEPT SECRETS U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Opportunities

ONE Day delay in Hospital Admission may Significantly reduce ICU Loads & Costs

CDC Says: "the US health care system is likely to be overwhelmed" from a Fall 2013 H7N9 Outbreak

CDC Plans Live EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM Pandemic Flu Broadcast

[FEMA] 48 Hour Delivery Order: 100,000 "Doctor Scrubs"; 1000 (100 Person) Shelters; + Fuel, Showers, Bathrooms, and Hygine Equipment; Apparent Mobilization of the National Disaster Medical System

[ALERT!] ALL 300 Million American Citizens WILL Be Given TWO Experimental Adjuvant Laced H7N9 Vaccinations!


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