Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Twitter Cancels POTBLOG Over Joe Biden Censorship Canary; and Demands ID / NOW SUSPENDED

UPDATE 12/7/2020
Twitter now has official suspended the POTRBLOG Twitter account

The primary difference between the previous state of being 'locked out' vs "Suspended" is that previously people could still read POTRBLOG tweets and see for themselves the censorship that caused the lockout; where as now  POTRBLOG has been unpersoned such that the previous tweets can no longer be read by the public.

On November 17, 2020; POTRBLOG was locked out of TWITTER
The lockout was triggered shortly after Twitting day 58 (day 14 post election) of the Biden Censorship Twitter Ban Canary. 

After nearly a DECADE posting on Twitter, here is the tweet that caused Twitter to cancel POTRBLOG.
Of course back on September 21, 2020, Day 1 of the Twitter Ban Censorship Canary, it was apparent that both Biden would be declared the Election Winner and that Censorship of those questioning the result would take place. 

What was somewhat unexpected is that Twitter would DEMAND IDENTIFYING INFORMATION such as "verifying" previously undeclared phone numbers of such dissidents. But given recent demands for a "Truth And Reconciliation Commission" for dissidents, it is no wonder they wish to know who you are. 
POTRBLOG has NEVER given Twitter our phone number(s).
As to if we'll ever give it to them, well when the Canary in the Coal Mine keels over, its time to vacate.