Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[WAC] Hajj SARS And Denial of Iranian Hajj Visas Linked

Wild Assed Conjecture of the day: A novel form of SARS has made itself known in Saudi Arabia just in time for the massive Muslim Hajj period to Mecca. The interesting thing is who won't be at this year's Hajj; the Iranians.  The Saudis had denied visas to Iranian Hajji's because the two countries are arch enemies.  One has to wonder if the two issues are linked.

For POTRBLOG it is just a pure [WAC] Wild Assed Conjecture that the novel SARS is IRAN's (or a third party's) response to the visa situation. But have no doubt,  somewhere someone official is looking into the possibility and the consequences.  Who knows, maybe a unexpected comet spotting and earthquake might be next for the region.

Gamma Ray Bursts & Fallout At 37 Times Background Radiation

3 Fallout Events Today!
The fallout worsened as the storms grew stronger and reached higher in the atmosphere
Gamma &  X-ray bursts from lightning were detected by our live full time outdoor radiation monitor. Once burst at approximately 5pm was strong enough to set off our radiation alarm.

The events were as follows:

1pm RAIN 10x over background
5pm STORM 20x over background
11pm STORM 37x background

The red X in the chart below shows the Gamma / X-ray burst which triggered our radiation alarm.
The value recorded in the chart is a one minute average reading. Our radiation alarm triggers off  of a 30 second moving average for anything over 50 CPM. We estimate that the instantaneous Gamma burst detection peaked at 600 counts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

5PM Storms @ 20X Over Background And Lightening Strike Xray Bursts

@4:45 pm we took a sample swipe off of a minivan and got a reading of 20X greater than background radiation. @ approximately 5:10pm a nearby lightening strike released an X-ray burst which triggered our 50cpm alert on our live outdoor radiation monitor.

The difference between  the 10x reading from the 1pm rain and the 20x reading from the 5pm storms was their ability to reach into the upper atmosphere where Fukushima radiation resides. 

A video will likely follow this evening.

1PM Showers At 10X Greater Than Background Radiation

We took a sample swipe off of our truck around 1pm after a short burst of rain came through the area. That reading returned a value of ten times greater than background radiation.
The reading is in line with what is expected Post-Fukushima from rain NOT originating out of the Northern Jetstream. Currently, the Northern Jetstream is located over Canada.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Last of the Southern Jetstream Rain @ 10X Above Background

We took a sample swipe from the truck this evening around 10:30pm; that sample returned a reading of ten times greater than background radiation.  Our live full time outdoor airborne radiation monitor read approximately 2x over background levels.

The swipe reading is typical maximum for post August 2011 Southern Jetstream storms. This reading may be one of the last Southern Jetstream storm of the season, as a strong dip from the Northern Jetstream has pushed in behind these storms.

Post August 2011, the Northern Jetstream storms have typically had MINIMUM readings of 20x greater than background radiation. The primary difference between the Northerly and Southerly Jetstream flows is that the Northern jetstream typically flows over Fukushima.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Southern Jetstream Fallout 18X Greater Than Background Radiation

We took a paper towel swipe from a piece of sheet metal which had been left outside during this evening's rain. The sample returned a reading of 18 times greater than background radiation. The storms stopped around 8pm and the sample was taken about 45 minutes later.

After April, when we suspect there was a fuel rod fire at Fukushima, these samples from storms blowing in on the Southern Jetstream have been running around 20x background radiation. Prior to that period the southern storms had been peaking at 10x over background, and the storms from the northern "Fukushima" Jetstream had been averaging around 20x background. We suspect ongoing elevated releases from Fukushima.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Southern Jetstream Fallout 22X Greater Than Background

At 12:15pm, we took a paper towel swipe from a piece of sheetmetal that had been left out in this morning's rain. That sample returned 22X greater than background radiation. The reading is about twice as high as we  would expect from the post Fukushima southern Jetstream.

Our full time airborne radiation monitor's average moved up by one standard deviation during the 3 hour rain to about 18cpm. The Jetstream was broken but position above Saint Louis during this reading period.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The End of Isaac: 7pm Rain @ 19X Background Radiation

We took a paper towel swipe sample from our truck at 7:20 pm. We expected the readings to be higher because the rain came out of the North and was from the back wrap around edge of hurricane Isaac. As expected, the readings came in higher at 19x over background.

Hurricane Isaac has been a useful indicator which once again has shown that storms driven by the Fukushima influenced Jetstream have much higher radioactivity than storms originating from Africa (via the hurricane corridor)

 In this case as Isaac's first winds from the South blew in several days ago, we had the lowest radiation swipe since Fukushima began, only 5x over background radiation. As Isaac moved towards Saint Louis and more mixing occurred with Jetstream driven air, the radiation swipes increased to 9x over background. Finally, today as the hurricane's back end sucked in airmasses from the North (closer to the Jetstream) our radiation swipe increased to 19x over background radiation. The amazing thing is some people will likely still claim that all the radioactivity is natural LOCAL Radon fallout, as if somehow 3 days of ongoing hurricane driven rain isn't enough to wash all that out on day one.