Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gamma Ray Bursts & Fallout At 37 Times Background Radiation

3 Fallout Events Today!
The fallout worsened as the storms grew stronger and reached higher in the atmosphere
Gamma &  X-ray bursts from lightning were detected by our live full time outdoor radiation monitor. Once burst at approximately 5pm was strong enough to set off our radiation alarm.

The events were as follows:

1pm RAIN 10x over background
5pm STORM 20x over background
11pm STORM 37x background

The red X in the chart below shows the Gamma / X-ray burst which triggered our radiation alarm.
The value recorded in the chart is a one minute average reading. Our radiation alarm triggers off  of a 30 second moving average for anything over 50 CPM. We estimate that the instantaneous Gamma burst detection peaked at 600 counts.

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