Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reduce Your Cesium Fallout Uptake, Choose 100% GRASS FED Beef

With the 4th of July coming up, 100% grass fed  and  grass finished beef  is our risk mitigating choice for the grill.

We will cover this subject in more detail when we release our analysis of the nearly $2000 dollars worth of professional radiological laboratory tests we have had performed on the pre and post Fukushima beef samples. (Many thanks to those who stepped up and helped us fund this effort by using the DONATE button on our webpage;  so far we have raised approximately $439 of donations to off set the lab costs ).

Pending the release of the  tests performed on our own farmer's grass fed and well watered beef, we suggest reading these two Cold War era studies of the Cesium uptake of grass fed and grain fed beef.
The transfer coefficient of 137Cs from feed to meat was about twice as great for a high grain ration as for rations high in roughage or about 3.0% as compared to 1.5%.

Metabolism of Radioactive Cesium and Potassium by Dairy Cattle as Influenced by High and Low Forage Diets 

The data also showed a less efficient transfer to milk with diets consisting predominantly of hay as compared with rations containing a high percentage of grain.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Going Max Alert : Air, Food, & Water - Cobalt 60 and Sb-124

We are maintaining our maximum alert for airborne and rain related radioactive fallout.
Because of the increased risk, we are working on improving our air monitoring capability. We believe the risk is proportional to Jet Stream location and to the magnitude of short half life radioactivity detected in fresh rainfall.

Additionally, there are 'low' level indications of  Cobalt 60 and Antimony 124 in our most recent June 2012 beef gamma spectrometry tests. We are still analyzing the beef results and hopefully will have the analysis ready before the Independence day holiday. In the mean time, we believe that selecting  100% grass fed beef is the best risk mitigation position for beef. Based on Cold War research, we suspect that grain fed beef is likely a greater risk.

More to follow.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

39X Background Radiation 12 AM 6/17/12

Prior to Fukushima hitting  ground water in August 2011, this paper towel swipe, from a piece of sheet metal, would have been in our top 5 highest readings ever. After August 2011, in the new normal, this reading is only high above average. Our highest reading ever was 276X background radiation.

However, there is an additionally  troubling thing about this reading and that is that the jetstream is several hundred miles north of Saint Louis over Minnesota. With a reading of 39X, we would expect the jet stream to be directly overhead.

On a positive news side, we did not notice any elevated airborne radioactivity while we were conducting the sampling process.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Indiana Take Two X-rays To The Chest, But Don't Call In The Morning

If you took two X-rays to the chest while you were sleeping, would you want to know about it in the morning?
That is the question facing South Bend, Indiana residents.
The rest of us may face that question soon enough.

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brunswick Nuclear Sabotage Again? North Carolina Be Alert!

Once again another strange "Event" reported by the NRC at the  Brunswick North Carolina nuclear plant.
But before we get into the details of the event report, first lets deal with a simple question.

What would happen if all of a sudden the Forth Knox gold depository had a on site failure  that resulted in a loss of site Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS), Emergency Response Data System (ERDS) and Plant Process Computer (PPC)? 

Imagine Fort Knox being blind to what is happening in their facility for a 2 hour period. What do you think they would suspect might be happening? Now imagine that happening at a nuclear plant that has a reported history of sabotage.

Well you don't have to imagine it, because it happened yesterday at the Brunswick North Carolina nuclear plant. From  the NRC event report # 48019

"At 1757 EDT on 6/12/12, Brunswick Nuclear Plant experienced a fault on the Emergency Response Facility Information System (ERFIS) uninterruptible power supply (UPS) electrical bus 'A'. This resulted in a loss of site Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS), Emergency Response Data System (ERDS) and Plant Process Computer (PPC) for both Unit 1 and Unit 2. The cause of the fault is not yet understood and under investigation. No other major plant effects occurred and no major plant evolutions are planned. 
"During the loss of SPDS, the emergency response capability of that system was lost to the site. During the loss of ERDS, the automatic data transfer feature of that system was lost for transmissions to the NRC, however manual data transfer is still available. During the loss of the PPC, automatic core thermal power averaging and automatic core thermal limit monitoring was lost. Manual calculations are available for these functions. 
"Unit 1 SPDS was restored to the Emergency Operations Facility (EOF) at 1949 EDT. Unit 2 SPDS was restored to the EOF at 2030 EDT. ERDS and PPC remain unavailable with troubleshooting in progress. Both units reduced power to 98% as a conservative measure. 
"The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified."

The NRC has documented serious sabotage at the Brunswick Nuclear plant. They have also explained away some happenings, like not properly bolting down the lid of a nuclear reactor, in a way that can only be described as complete, total, and utter incompetence.

So what are we to make of the recent "event" at Brunswick?  Well, what would they think and how would they respond had this happened at Fort Knox or at a 'deadly force authorized'  nuclear weapons/materials storage facility?

Given its history, our take is that if we lived any where near or downwind of Brunswick nuclear plant, we would be concerned about what was either just stolen at Brunswick or what might have just been set up to happen next.

We would be less concerned about these things if the happenings at Brunswick were investigated from a criminal standpoint (just to be safe) versus the NRC method of relying on incompetence over malice.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Data Shows Highly Radioactive Field Saturated Geiger Counter In South Bend Indiana

We have reanalyzed  the data from the June 6-7th, 2012 airborne radioactive detection in South Bend, Indiana.

The key findings are as follows:

  1. The termination edge of the Jet Stream was located over the radioactive detection area
  2. The high radioactive readings commenced after the 5 mph North wind dropped to zero mph.
  3. The high radioactive readings persisted for the entire 5 hours the wind was not blowing
  4. The high radioactive readings stopped when the wind picked up at 5 mph from the west. 
  5. Normal radioactive readings continued for 40 minutes after the surface wind resumption ended the event. 
  6. The bimodal "clipped" peak features and dropout shown in the 5 hour long radioactive detection are from a highly radioactive field saturating the detector's Geiger-Mueller tube.
  7. Hysteresis is evident on the saturation recovery condition side of the readings.
  8. A Weibull based radiation intensity distribution approximates both ends of the detection curve.
  9. High Beta radiation (electrons) likely tripped the reported Ground Fault Interrupt outlet.
  10. There is no simple power supply driven failure mode that can duplicate the above conditions.
  11. Higher airborne radioactive readings have been detected along the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream.

The key steps forward are as follows:
  1. Perform sample swipes in and around the specific area Geiger counter area
  2. Identify the specific detection location within at minimum a 5 mile area.
  3. Identify the specifics of the Geiger counter and associated setup.
  4. Attempt  to replicate the 5 hour long detection via a power supply / GFI failure
Possible conclusions:
  1. The airborne fallout was from a small  but very radioactive source near the detection location
  2. A near source scenario would likely be South-East of the location, or possibly North of the location.
  3. A far source scenario would be Jet Stream born

ALERT! Indiana High Radiation Event Likely True Occurrence


The  June 6-7, 2012 high radiation event in South Bend, Indiana was likely an actual detection of high levels of radioactivity. We have completed a reanalysis of the data from the Indiana detection and resolved a previous ambiguity related to bi-modal peak clipping evident in the detection data.

Despite supportive wind data and a matching increase and decline and radioactivity, our initial false detection  "gut reaction" was influenced by a report of an electrical fault. That fault report limited our analysis boundary condition in viewing the bimodial peaking clipping radiation reading as possibly being driven by a wiring fault.

Further analysis indicates that the bimodal radiation peaking is actually extremely strongly indicative of an actual high range radioactive field being measured by the Geiger counter.

Much, much more is to follow. A video update with an easier to understand explanation will follow this evening.


Max Alert Continuation! Airborne Radiation + Ground Shine at 3x Above Background Radiation

Another very unusual radioactive fallout reading this morning. It started storming around 9am and blew through by 10:30 am. At 10:45 we went outside to take a sample.

As soon as we stepped outside the Geiger counter started reading 3 times above normal background radiation. We took a paper towel sample swipe from a sheet metal surface and it returned approximately 29X greater than background radiation.

We took free air readings at approximately 4 feet above the ground. With the Geiger counter pointed perpendicular to the ground we had an airborne reading of approximately 2x over background radiation. Pointing the Geiger counter directly towards the ground to measure "ground shine", the same reading at 4 feet returned a value of 3x over background radiation.

We took a reading from approximately 1cm above the surface of a plastic garbage can, that reading was 7x above background radiation.

The situation remains very unusual because of the ground shine and airborne readings. The situation is additionally unusually in that the Jet Stream is not directly over head, but rather a few hundred miles to the North West. As a result, our Maximum Alert for the Jet Stream an rainfall avoidance remains in effect.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Airborne 300X Radiation Alert In Indiana, and How To Spot False Alerts

Data Shows Highly Radioactive Field Saturated Geiger Counter In South Bend Indiana


From midnight of June 6th 2012 to 4am June 7th 2012, there was a four hour alert sent out on private radiation monitoring networks concerning a private radiation monitor in South Bend, Indiana which was detecting airborne radioactivity at 300-400 times above background levels.

In this video we step though our rapid methodology for judging the veracity of these kinds of detections. As a bonus, at the end of the video we give a sneak preview of the results from our professional laboratory testing of Pre and Post Fukushima Ground beef.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maximum Jet Stream Alert, STAY OUT OF THE RAIN!

We are extending our Maximum Alert to stay out of the Jet Stream and rain for the following reasons.

(1) Recent large Iodine 131 detections in Japan
(2) Multiple individual reports of high AIRBORNE radiation along the Jet Stream
(3) EPA Radnet data showing high, multi hour, AIRBORNE radiation

Given our own readings on 6/4/12 of airborne radiation 5 times greater than normal levels, we consider this a prudent risk mitigation move.

We consider it imperative to STAY OUT OF THE RAIN, and to use home HEPA air filters.

Current Jet stream Map

Monday, June 4, 2012

San Francisco ALERT! 3X AIRBORNE Radioactivity Detected

Our "Maximum Alert" detection of 5x Airborne Radioactivity detected in Saint Louis, resulted in a report of a 3x AIRBORNE detection of radioactivity 1 hour north of San Francisco, California. We can not verify the report as it came in the comment section of the previous blogpost, however given that the Fukushima Jet Stream was directly overhead in both San Francisco and Saint Louis at the time of detection it deserves an Alert of its own.


Update: We are experiencing difficulty uploading the video to YouTube, hopefully this will rectify shortly.
UPDATE: There is also a 3X AIRBORNE detection in San Francisco, see blog comment section below


We noticed elevated AIRBORNE radioactivity after a super cell thunder storm moved near our location. The heaviest part of the storm had passed approximately 15 minutes prior to the readings you will see in the video.

These are the highest airborne radioactivity readings we have ever measured in Saint Louis. The airborne readings can be seen at the start of the video and at approximately 5:20 minutes into the video. At the 5:20 minute mark we retrieved two additional pancake Geiger counters to confirm the measurements. These two additional Geiger counters were set to record 6 minute averages but visually update more frequently; one of them had the Beta shield removed. The original Geiger counter was recording on a 30 second moving average.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

POTRBLOG's Ingestible Radioactive Cesium Limits Given In Becquerels per Kilogram

As a default position, the POTRBLOG team will avoid eating /drinking any staple food or beverage that contains more than 3 Becquerels per kilogram of radioactive Cesium.

If you would like to understand how we calculated our personal intake limit, and its basis in the  EPA's published data, please watch the video.

If you find the knowledge useful, please donate to our professional lab food testing effort. We just received a  fresh sample of all natural grass fed beef from the same pastures, and your help in testing it will go a long way in exposing the truth.

Donate using the button below.

The PDF link to the EPA's water contamination limits is shown below

Friday, June 1, 2012

Yodeling Songs Of Her Youth At Rock City

Music bridges many differences, this touching video is a prime example. It is also an uncanny example of how sometimes life imitates art as this impromptu occurrence is a doppelgänger  for the 1929's movie short featuring Jimmie Rodgers  yodeling this same song to an elderly lady.

We captured this moment in Rock City Gardens over the Memorial Day weekend; it was an impromptu trip for us, taken to avoid the radioactive jet stream fallout from May's recent recriticality in Fukushima.

The musicians in the video are the New Binkley Brothers; the song is "Waiting For A Train" by the legendary Jimmie Rodgers.   After watching the video above, compare it to 1929 short shown below.