Thursday, May 24, 2012

!MAXIMUM ALERT! Unusual Jet Stream Radioactivity Detected

Unusually high levels of airborne radioactivity have been detected in proximity of the Jet Stream in eastern Colorado on 5/23/12 by a member of the RADIATION NETWORK. A check of the Jet Stream map indicates that the flow is a veritable freight train coming out Fukushima. Given the unusual nature of the detection and our recent Gamma Spectrometry detection of Barium-140 (see video below), we have labeled this detection a  "Maximum Alert".

For the POTRBLOG team the alert means:
  1. Running HEPA filters full time,
  2. Avoiding air travel any where near the Jet Stream
  3. Staying out of the rain
  4. Avoiding brining rain soaked items into the house
We give a big hat tip to the Radiation Network for noticing the unusual nature of the fallout pattern and reporting it.

Here is an image of the current Jet Stream Location

Here is an image of the Jet Steam over Colorado near the time of the detection

Video of the Barium-140 detection indicating recent fission event and fire

The following is a link to the Jet Stream maps so that you may check them yourselves.


  1. Check this from Unit #2 on May 2nd:

    1. Thanks for the link, certainly something is afoot in Fukushima. Our best SWAG is a control rod fire starting right around the end of April 2012. Time to pray to be wrong, and ask the situation does not escalate.

  2. Thank you. I am taking heed and am hoping others will. We have a 2 year old girl and 4 year old son in Korea. Woe to the those days...

    If you haven't mentioned this earlier and are ok in answering it, how or why are so knowledgable about this subject. Once again thank you!

    1. We make no claims about our backgrounds or any special skills; we expect any information that we share to be judged on its own stand alone content. We share information in hopes that others share information back.

      Our approach is from a risk mitigation perspective ; in that regard, if there is any sort of uncertainty in the data or information, we follow the path that is most protective.

  3. Dear potrblog...

    Here is my question...

    When a cigarette is lit... In the smoke that stems from the lit end of the cigarette we see traces of nicotine. This nicotine then is carried into our homes and eventually even coats our walls. Correct...

    So I am asking this question due to both its importance and the practicality of it's likelihood...
    Here are two statements that your team has provided: Please infer as my question will soon follow...

    ALERT! Recent Radioactive Soot = Recent Radioactive Fire At Fukushima?
    UPDATE: The professional lab gamma spectrometry results from this radioactive soot may be seen at the following link- ALERT! Radioactive Fallout Identified In and On US Ground Beef

    ALERT! Barium-140 Indications of Recriticality In Fukushima
    There are indications of Barium-140 contamination and detection occurring in the USA between April 29th and May 8th of 2012. The approximate 12 day half life of Ba-140 points to a SIGNIFICANT and RECENT nuclear reaction, likely a recriticality from Fukushima.

    The main topic shared (if not all month but all year is: Recriticality...

    So what I am asking is...
    Is it possible that a Recriticality has not occurred. But mainly... That the fuel has escaped reactor 1.... Thus Reactor 1 is simply in a state of constant criticality. ?

    Being That I feel the reactor 1, is a china syndrome...

    What I am also asking is:
    Does your team have the ability to scientifically prove that the corium is burning off key elements such as limestone, granite, cement, limestone, dirt, steel, ect... Which would only have been created in the event the fuel escaped the primary containment...?

    Would these gasses and would this fallout be the "ringer" in exposing possibly the greatest secret about the Fukushima nuclear crisis???

    And Could you determine whether these particular traces of matter; (ones involving materials that would only be present in a china syndrome) would be present in your st louis samples... Meaning if there is limestone or granite samples being detected for instance... (would they A. Be conclusive to a china syndrome, And B. have traveled this far. & C. be detectable and D. Indisputable of and nuclear elements / atoms that we would expect to see in the current state of the reactors)...

    So the main question I am asking is:
    Can you prove that a china syndrome is taking place with A. The data you have collected. Or B. With future data...

    Emmy. 2011

    1. The direct answer is that there is not enough data and/or budget available for us to "prove" those things; but, we believe that eventually history will show that our analysis was insightful. For the time being, the best we can do is look at what data is available and use it to make decisions on what risk mitigation actions are cost effective and prudent; For example: we followed our recent "Maximum Alert" and left the Saint Louis area for the holiday weekend, and went to a location that was less exposed to the Jet Stream.

      Our best SWAG is that the fission is occurring to lesser and greater extents depending on how it is moderated by the groundwater, and that release of high levels of Radon from the groundwater are indicative of increased fission.