Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pre Fukushima Ground Beef Gamma Results Undergoing Analysis: Preliminary Results

Thanks to the donations of several people, the majority of the Gamma Spectrometry testing costs were covered for our most recent test of PRE-FUKUSHIMA ground beef; we will post the total costs and donation amounts received after we have completed analyzing the Gamma Spectrometry data (likely next week).

A quick analysis of the data from the Pre-Fukushima beef sample indicates that it did NOT have any radioactive detection above the 95% confidence level. In short, the radioactive Cesium detected in the Post-Fukushima sample was from Fukushima.

The samples where from all natural 100% grass fed beef, who drink primarily from well water. The samples came from two cows (pre and post Fukushima) which were raised on the same fields. The respective dates of the samples are December 2010 and July 2011, four months before and after Fukushima. The cows typical go to the butcher at 2 years of age. We expect have a sample of fresh beef available next month (June); that cow will have spent the majority of its life eating post Fukushima grass.

Each sample we test helps us improve our analysis and gives us a clearer picture of how Fukushima has contaminated the farm fields and food supply. We believe we will be able to identify specific farm practices that will help people identify food sources that have reduced risks of contamination.

If you wish to know the truth about the Fukushima radioactive contamination of the American food supply, we ask that you step up and donate to make further professional independent Gamma Spectrometry (and other)  lab testing possible.

Please donate using the donate button on the POTRBLOG website.

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