Thursday, May 31, 2012

Radioactive Milk Testing Results

We followed up our July 2011 test of Organic Valley dried milk by retesting the exact same package for radioactivity. We also tested Mexican NIDO milk to see how it would compare; the results were surprising.

Please support our further testing of all natural grass fed ground beef by using the donate button below. Our previous lab tests of pre-Fukushima ground beef and 4 month post Fukushima ground beef have proven Cesium 137 contamination of American beef.

With your help we can test to see how much more Cesium and other radioactive fallout has contaminated beef that has been feeding on post Fukushima grass now for the majority of its life; please step up and donate if you wish to find out the truth.


  1. If you are interested ,I have pre Fukushima grass fed beef ,last summers harvest and this summer's it is avet duo aced and frozen. Our farm is in northern Vermont on the western flank of the green mountains. On a sad historical note , Vermont had the highest radiation hit from Chernob in the US

  2. Thats about $1300 in gamma spectrometry lab fees, unfortunately as of right now we don't have the donations to cover that testing.

    But please keep the samples, I don't think there are more than a handful of people in the country with pre-Fukushima and post Fukushima samples all from the same farm. Hopefully funds will eventually become available.

  3. Will you support this petition?