Thursday, May 10, 2012

Live in San Francisco? You Inhaled 75 MILLION Plutonium Atoms In Just 4 days

In order to make the EPA's Plutonium 239 detection from March 15- March 18, 2011 understandable in terms people could visualize, we calculated the distributed average number of Pu-239 atoms inhaled by EVERY single person in the Bay area during that time period. We also discuss the other radioactive elements detected, and how the EPA's detection of Iodine-133 is especially troubling.

We hope the video will give people additional insight into the topic of "Hot Particles". For links to the charts shown and the associated assumptions and ground rules please follow the link below to the original blog post on this subject from April 2011:
Four Hundred & Eighty Two Lung Cancers from FOUR days in San Francisco !?! 

Here is an additional link to the EPA database so you may search and verify the data for yourself. EPA RadNet DATABASE QUERY


  1. Since yesterday, I have not been able to get any of your videos to play. Have you made any changes in them? Even the one about the cat, which played before, no longer works for me. I'm not aware of any changes on my end; that it why I'm asking about changes on your end.

    Thanks for all your work, by the way.

  2. No changes on our end. We checked the videos and they work for us.