Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Radioactive Blue Siamese Feline Flees From Fukushima Fallout Fog

At 7 seconds into the Fukushima video below you will see a blue point Siamese cat run for cover as Fukushima's deadly radioactive steam approaches. Had TEPCO not installed radiation absorbing Nagalene Beta shields on the camera, the video would have also featured psychedelic flashes across the screen.

One of the most interesting aspects of this video is that Fukushima Diary is reporting that TEPCO admits that source of the radioactive steam is heated radioactive water. The POTRBLOG team has been pointing out for a long time that the source of high short half life radiation raining down on the USA is from the natural Radon steamed out of the Japanese ground water from events like the one shown below. Of course all the nasty artificially created Fukushima Fallout products tag along with that Radon, making it much like a canary in a coal mine. STAY OUT OF THE RAIN!

Hat tip to Majia's blog for first alerting us to the recent radioactive steam emission.

This following video gives the detail on how the Fukushima "fog" makes it to the USA and is detected as short half life radiation.

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  1. I appreciate your interest in this and look fwd to more posts. I have taken this very seriously since the fallout began as my son has taken obviously ill over this in addition to the US being particularly polluted. He is 12. Thanks.
    Bobby1's baby momma, Karen