Sunday, June 17, 2012

39X Background Radiation 12 AM 6/17/12

Prior to Fukushima hitting  ground water in August 2011, this paper towel swipe, from a piece of sheet metal, would have been in our top 5 highest readings ever. After August 2011, in the new normal, this reading is only high above average. Our highest reading ever was 276X background radiation.

However, there is an additionally  troubling thing about this reading and that is that the jetstream is several hundred miles north of Saint Louis over Minnesota. With a reading of 39X, we would expect the jet stream to be directly overhead.

On a positive news side, we did not notice any elevated airborne radioactivity while we were conducting the sampling process.


  1. If you are interested in Having the west coast sent to you...

    I recently traveled to pacific beach washington and collected some japanese tsunami debris. If you are interested in this debris... Its yours. I will mail it to you asap.

    I only need you to email me at ( With a telephone # and address)...

    My only request is that you include Tacomagroove in a hattip for getting you the pay dirt.

    Other than that I ask nothing of you except that your team analyze's it to the best of your ability, and make the results public as soon as possible.

    As we both know the us media is assuring the general public that the debris is quote: "Non radioactive":...
    (which we both know is BS)...

    So I decided to go get you some: Here are pics / links to the items below...

    Location: Pacific Beach WA. Central Avenue – West coast (destination of stay 3 city blocks from Pacific Beach WA).

    Items for radionuclide sampling:
    First item is: Rain water from rainout on final day of stay (sat June 16th)

    (Purpose is to find out if rain is higher near coast than here in Tacoma, Washington)…

    Second item: (Qty 5) Mutations in plant life: (three two headed plants, and one three headed plant):

    Third Item: (Qty: 3) Water bottles from japan (Qty 1) Glass bottle (Qty 1 water bottle)…
    Total 5 bottles in quantity…

    Fourth item: (Qty 3 Crab legs / for radionuclide testing )

    Fifth Item: (Qty 1 Sand dollar / for radionuclide testing )

    Sixth item (Qty 1 oyster shell / for radionuclide testing )

    Seventh Item: Qty 1 Tobacco sack / for radionuclide testing )

    Eighth Item (both sand from the west pacific ocean and Sea Water) With the addition of rainout water (as noted above)

    Distance of cabin to beach: (3 city blocks

    These are some other things I came across which seemed like they could be potentially from japan:

    There was also hundreds if not thousands of dead crabs all over the coast as well as several seagulls. (this all within a one mile stretch of every sample taken)…

    Again email me at the above email address so that I can recieve an appropriate shipping address. I would also be interested in talking to you for a bit via tele to get an understanding of what you will do to analyze the samples...

    Again I want nothing but credit for getting them to you, as well as the results of being testing being made as soon as possible....

    Thanks again...

    1. Thanks Emmy, unfortunately we don't have the budget to have those things tested. We suspect there are people testing tsunami debris, and you'll probably hear about it in a year or two. Our best guess is that any significant contamination has already either been mostly washed off the debris, or been incorporated into the marine organisms clinging to the debris. The exception to that would be any larger fallout pieces trapped in and on surfaces. What that means is there probably lots of claims that the debris is "safe" until somebody stumbles into the "right" debris.

      The best testing approach would be to try and weed out weak radioactive hits with a Geiger counter, and then seek to test the hotter stuff further . The folks at might specifically be interested in those samples, they have been doing a lot of work on west coast beaches.

  2. Just noticed this

  3. Another one, but he's not showing the swipe of the rainwater in the video...

    1. We were aware of the first link but not the new one. The radiation network also reported a 2X+ airborne detection along the jet stream. Given the right weather conditions, we lay odds there will be another very high airborne detection again somewhere soon in the near future.

  4. Radioactivity above and outside the jet stream: