Sunday, June 3, 2012

POTRBLOG's Ingestible Radioactive Cesium Limits Given In Becquerels per Kilogram

As a default position, the POTRBLOG team will avoid eating /drinking any staple food or beverage that contains more than 3 Becquerels per kilogram of radioactive Cesium.

If you would like to understand how we calculated our personal intake limit, and its basis in the  EPA's published data, please watch the video.

If you find the knowledge useful, please donate to our professional lab food testing effort. We just received a  fresh sample of all natural grass fed beef from the same pastures, and your help in testing it will go a long way in exposing the truth.

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The PDF link to the EPA's water contamination limits is shown below


  1. Thanks,

    Recently purchased a water filter from
    that is supposed to remove radiation. It appears they have also added a house wide filter.

    We ran tests on both tap water and the filtered water. Both came back clean.

    I don't know what type of MDC the machine that checked the product had.
    I do know that it has picked low level contamination of 2011 brown rice, peppers, cabbage, mushrooms, eggs and powered milk in South Korea. .2 bg/kg and up. This was all done privately and some of it through donations and others done by a uni.

    1. Roughly 60% (by weight) of ingestion exposure comes from water; so water is the most important risk to try and mitigate, fortunately it is also the most cost effective. The WP4-V filter we use is shown on the "risk mitigation" Amazon widget on the left side our page. For details on the hows and whys we picked that model see:

      For whole house water purification, probably the best bet is a GE branded "water softener". Using a good water softener in conjunction with a reverse osmosis system certified to handle volatile organic vapors is probably the best bet for drinking water.