Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Lab Finds 4 Bq/Kg in Missouri Black Walnuts

So far the POTRBLOG team has spent approximately $2,300 for professional gamma spectrometry lab services to test key food products which may give insight into the ongoing buildup of Fukushima radioactivity in North America. We thank those who have supported this effort via donations, as of today we have received approximately $1,000 in donations to help offset these expensive tests.  Anyone who has donated may email us to request copies of the lab reports (with personal information redacted).

In the most recent lab test we submitted wild black walnuts harvested from a local playground area; these trees reside in a usually muddy/swampy small bottom land area. As such, these black walnuts may make for good indicators of bio-available radioactive contamination. Our own Geiger counter tests indicated that these Walnuts were radioactive at 150% over background radiation (580 counts vs 376 counts), hence we sent these off to the professional lab for further testing.

On the good news side, heavier radioactive man made isotopes such as Cs-134/ 137 were not detected by the lab. This is good news as previously we had detected Fukushima Cesium 137 in a 2011 ground beef sample. On the negative side, the Black Walnuts tested positive for  lighter weight radioactive Be-7 at  4 Bq/Kg.

 Be-7 is lighter than both Nitrogen and Oxygen, it is formed via spallation when Neutrons and/or Protons slam into Nitrogen / Oxygen atoms.  One possible source for the creation of Be-7 is the interaction between Fukushima Corium and the liquid (or gaseous) Nitrogen being pumped into the Fukushima 'containment'. The other possible source is from Solar Coronal Mass Ejections impacting Earth's atmosphere. The former the Nuclear Industry will likely never ever mention. The later is a well known phenomena, and was heavily mentioned  as a cause of Be-7 detections during the initial phase of the ongoing Fukushima disastor;

In the case of our Missouri Black Walnuts, we cannot rule out Fukushima as a source, but we give more credence to CME production as the majority source. Overall, as the results of our tests, we have lowered our risk mitigation threshold for MIDWEST produce grown prior to December 2012. Our risk mitigation threshold remains high for any and all food products from  Canada and those food products west of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountains. 

Our risk mitigation lowering is based on the Midwest drought and the negative bio-available detections since the initial phase of the ongoing catastrophe. On the other hand, every rain storm once again raises the long term bio-accumulation risk.

In possible future tests, the next item we would like to have tested in the professional Gamma Spectrometry lab is a Florida Key's Coconut which fell from the tree in July 2011. We believe this coconut will provide insight into the southerly range of the initial radioactive Cesium  plume from Fukushima. If you would like to make this test happen please donate at the link below.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Stop the Evil!

"We will be told the causes of such violence are complex, and that is true.  No single law, no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society, but that can't be an excuse for inaction.  Surely we can do better than this." - Barack Obama, December 16, 2012
Can we stop the evil?  The loudest solution offered by the loudest voices in our society, the President and the Press, tell Americans (and the world) gun control is the only possible solution.  Many people who would never look at gun control before now look at the faces of those 20 unprotected little angels from Newtown and wonder if maybe, just maybe gun control really might feel better.  Like they are doing something.

A few days before the Newtown slaughter, a similarly deranged person went to a mall in Oregon and began shooting.   That criminals' gun jammed after he killed two people.  In that moment, a citizen hero with a concealed carry permit did something.  He pulled his self defense weapon.  The hero had an opportunity to stop the madman.  But when the hero saw something move near the murderer, he held his fire.  The madman fixed his gun and looked up to see the citizen hero ready to stop his evil.  The madman turned and ran, to a stairwell where he took his own life.

The countries of Israel and Thailand have faced evil.  Many of their school children were killed by evil of a  complex nature that they could not eliminate.  Those countries reacted proactively, by arming the people entrusted with the care of the innocent children.

They knew the nature of the evil they faced, and it would not stop.  They knew, from their own experience, banning guns could not stop it.

Other countries, nearer to our own, will say gun control was enough to stop the evils they faced.  Great Britain will tell you they haven't had a repeat of Dublane since they tightened gun control. 

But are we that confident, that our current evil, which appears to be the mental health of our own young men, will submit to gun control?

The country of Norway recently came face to face with an unexpected evil in their midst.  They already regulated gun ownership.  Would banning gun ownership stop a budding evil in its tracks?  Or was the horror unleashed at the Utoya summer camp a one time attack on Norway's children?

One thing we know of evil, with unerring certainty, is that banning guns will eventually give evil more power.  Turkey, Germany, China, Cambodia and far to many more countries have witnessed evil without restraint.  Several years after Dublane, Great Britain may be learning what Israel and others have already learned.

Evil, unchecked by freedom, is even worse than we can imagine on this day.

The solution to the violence of genocide, and the massacre at the elementary school that President Obama seeks, was found by a hero in Oregon, and articulated by an Irish Catholic friend of America from our early years searching for life, liberty and happiness.   Edmund Burke wrote
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
When good men are banned from stopping evil, nothing will.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Japan Earthquake Agency Confirms POTRBLOG's M8 Aftershock Alert.

We've warned for quite sometime that a M8.2 aftershock should be expected from the 3/11/11 "Fukushima" quake; in fact, we have even specified a probable location for that aftershock. Our latest on  warning 10/20/12  was a detail video explaining the situation and risk. Well, at last finally, Mr. Nagai at the Japan Meteorological Office had enough to concern to at least give the populace a warning that they should expect an M8 aftershock.

A big hat tip to Fukushima Dairy for making us aware of  Mr. Nagai's M8 aftershock warning.