Thursday, March 29, 2012

There's No Limit; Blame the Hoodie; Blame the Gun; Blame Snoop Dog

There's No Limit;  Blame the Hoodie; Blame the Gun; Blame Snoop Dog; Blame the System; Blame Everyone.

Why Blame Snoop Dog? The claimed death threat "gonna die tonight" and Trayvon's claimed user name "No Limit Nigga" both are quotes from Snoop Dog's rap Ain't Nut'in Personal [Explicit]. See the video below for the analysis.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

[ALERT] 3.1 Magnitude Earthquake Near North Anna Nuclear Plant, Mineral Virginia

A shallow 3.1 Earthquake occurred Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 23:21:51 (Local Time) within approximately 15 miles of the North Anna Nuclear Plant.

The situation bears monitoring because of previous earthquake damage at the plant and likely associated reports of degraded station batteries (possibly caused by the previous quake)

Friday, March 23, 2012

23X Background Radiation in 4pm 3/23/12 Rainfall

We took a sample swipe of our truck around 5pm; the rain had stopped a little bit after 4pm. The sample returned a reading of 23 times greater than background radiation.

Stay Out Of The Rain

Saturday, March 17, 2012

17X Background Radiation in 3/17/12 Saint Louis Storms

We took a paper towel swipe from our truck at approximately 5:30pm; that sample read 17 times greater than background level. Post Fukushima, and given that the Jetstream is far north of Saint Louis, the sample is unusually hot by a factor of two.

The sample was taken during a downpour and was preceded by approximately 4 hours of nearly continuous heavy rain and strong lightening. Given the unusual nature of the sample, we once again strongly suspect a recent increase in radioactive releases at Fukushima.

Friday, March 16, 2012

11am Rainfall Radioactive At 3 Times Greater Than Background Levels

We took a sample swipe from a piece of sheet metal at approximately 11:00pm; that sample returned a reading of 3 times greater than background radiation. 3x is the maximum we would have expected prior to the Fukushima Meltdowns.

Today's readings are significantly lower than yesterday's 19x reading, and the jet stream remains far north of Saint Louis. However, one significant obvious difference remains betweens last night's thunderstorms and today's rain. Thunderstorms can pull 'weather' in from much higher in the atmosphere than the type of rain we are currently experiencing here today in Saint Louis.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

ALERT: 19X Background Radiation in 11:30pm STL Storms on 3/15/12

We took two samples swipes today from the various pop up storms that have been blowing through the area. The first sample swipe from the truck was at approximately 5pm, that sample returned a reading of 9x greater than background. Typically the tail ends of storms produce higher readings, the 2nd reading at 11:30 pm followed that trend with a 19X greater than background radiation.

The 19x reading is unusually high considering that the Jet Stream is currently North of Missouri. This may be an indicator of worsening conditions at Fukushima within the last 2 weeks. Based on our readings and the Jet Stream image below, we suspect unusually high levels of Fukushima fallout maybe contained in the Jet Stream currently encroaching on the west coast.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

1 Year After Fukushima, 3x Background Radiation in Saint Louis Rainfall

Update: A check of the jet stream shows that this rainfall generated from over Mexico and that the Fukushima fallout laden NORTHERN jetstream is far to the north of Saint Louis (see image below).

3/11/12: The leading edge of today's rainfall returned the lowest fallout radiation reading we have had in Saint Louis in a very long time; the situation may change as typically the trailing edges of the storms have the highest radioactive content.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Solar Storm, Another Round of European Radioactive Iodine Detections To Come?

Another series of Solar storms have been underway this week, previously these solar storms have correlated well with indeterminate radioiodine detections in Europe. Our hypothesis predicting these European Iodine "Jod" events has been solar proton spallation of Fukushima generated Cesium 133, and/or Plutonium 239. Given that the geomagnetic impacts of this storm are predicted to potentially be severe, the available spallation zone may be greater than typical. Please keep an eye out for reports of unusual radiation detections over the next week or so, especially in the sunlit side of the impact area (expected to be eastern Europe)

Spallations aside, a severe geomagnetic storm prediction would indicate that it is advisable to take cost effect appropriate risk mitigation actions. A simple wise precaution would be to make sure one's vehicles have a full tank of fuel

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A supplier has identified that steam temperature/pressure gauges, which where shipped to MULTIPLE nuclear power plants, were faulty; "it was concluded that a substantial safety hazard may exist"

The exact nature of the hazard is difficult to determine without detail data on how and where these pressure gauges are being utilized, hence the "may" in the quote from the NRC report. However they do identify the hazard as "substantial".

Our quick analysis of the situation indicates that as a result of 'zeroing out" the gauges at the factory a non linearity was introduced into the response curve of the instrument. The simple explanation is that large changes in pressures may result in small or no changes in the pressure readings.

Likely the greatest risk is during emergency conditions when having correct data may be exceedingly critical to any decision making process. Additional risks include: premature failure of steam turbines from improper steam phase change conditions, or sudden catastrophic failure of components unknowingly being operated at 'redline' conditions.

The event reports indicate that the manufacturer has been able to create serial number specific calibration charts to address the issue. However based on our own armchair analysis, we find it dubious that a substantial nuclear plant safety hazard arising from a non-linearly responding pressure gauge would be addressed without physically testing the response curve of each pressure gauge against the new "repair" calibration data.

The event report indicates that the Nuclear Sites affected by this substantial safety hazard are:

"Farley, D.C. Cook, Palo Verde, ANO-1, Calvert Cliffs, Point Beach, Oconee, Catawba, Waterford 3, Braidwood, La Salle, Davis Besse, Crystal River 3, Vogtle, Millstone, Diablo Canyon, Salem, Hope Creek, San Onofre, South Texas, Watts Bar, Comanche Peak, Wolf Creek, St. Lucie, Dominion Energy - Unspecified, and Northeast Nuclear Energy - Unspecified."

The NRC event reports associated with these findings are
#47693 on 2/24/12
#47693 on 3/06/12
#47716 on 3/06/12

Please note that the NRC apparently has changed the way it implements links to its event reports, as a result the above links may not point to the correct locations after 3/6/12. In that event, you will need to look up the event reports on the NRC website by date and event number.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Strange Indeed: The Great Saint Louis Ammo Can Shortage

With Spring Sprunging early here in Saint Louis, we made a run by our local Army/Navy/Camping store. The instant we walked into the store it was immediately clear something was very wrong; the place was devoid of ammo cans. Frankly it was the moral equivalent of walking into a Casino and not seeing or smelling cigarette smoke and urine; its not something your looking forward too, but you KNOW it is ALWAYS going to be there. Well, not this time.

We walked around the store just to make sure that cans were not just hiding somewhere, but not a single rusted out, over priced, ammo can of any type was to be seen anywhere in the store. Finally gathering up courage and enough resolve to question this mysterious event, we inquired with the proprietor about where she was keeping all the ammo cans?

The kind lady informed us that none of her three stores had any ammo cans of any kind left. Moreover not only did she not have any ammo cans, her distributors could not even get them in stock for her to order. At that point we just shook our heads and left, not even remembering what it was we came in for in the first place. We're not brave enough to check the Casino's.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

9x Background Radiation In 7pm Saint Louis Drizzle Fallout; Maybe Some Good News

We had a light amount of cold drizzle this evening; we took a sample swipe from the truck and the reading returned 9x greater than background radiation. Post August 2011, this is a surprisingly low reading from the leading edge of the Northern Jetstream. Currently we have low level warm air and high level cold air, with drizzle that occasional contains a small amount of sleet.

Since the August down turn in Fukushima, we typically receive a MINIMUM of 20x background radiation from the Northerly Jetstream fallout. Hopefully this lower reading is a sign of improving conditions at Fukushima. The highest readings we have had to date were 276X greater-than-background radiation on 10/17/11 (see video below). By comparison today's readings are a great improvement, however 3x background is the maximum we would have expected pre-Fukushima.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Alert Chattanooga Sequoia Nuclear: Reactor Output Dropping - Multiple Transmission Lines Down

TVA's Sequoia Nuclear plant has been reported as UNDAMAGED
However, tornadoes have damaged locations within the immediate 11 mile PREPLANNED evacuation area surrounding the site; multiple transmission lines are down and the Sequoia Plant has been slowly dropping its power output through out the day. Sequoia #2 is currently reported to be at 70% power, a few hours ago it was reported at 80%; this morning the reactor was at 100%.

More storms are expected to impact the area this evening and is important to note that many of the localities within Sequoia's PREPLANNED 11 mile evacuation zone DO NOT HAVE TORNADO SIRENS. The lack of tornado sires may prove dangerously confusing should the Sequoia plant sound nuclear evacuation alarms during a severe storm event (if those alarms still work).

The POTRBLOG team believes it would be wise for people to remain abreast of the situation by making via "All Hazards Weather Alert Radios" and maintaining their supply of iOSAT pills in their home tornado shelter area. For those without such All Hazards Weather Radios, the POTRBLOG team suggests purchasing a "Sangean CL-100 Table Top Public Alert Certified S.A.M.E. Weather Hazard Alert Radio". One great feature of this radio is that it can be set so that ONLY THE MOST DANGEROUS ALERTS set off the radio. No one wants to be awoken from a sound sleep at 2am on a workday for a flash flood watch, but if a Nuclear Evacuation Alert is issued you do want that radio to scream.

iOSAT is available here