Friday, August 31, 2012

6pm Tornado Warnings, Radioactive At 12x Background Radiation

In the midsts of several tornado warnings in the area, we took a paper towel swipe sample from our SUV at approximatly 6pm. That sample returned a reading of 12x over background radiation. The reading was a bit higher than we expected / hoped for from a tropical depression, but Tornadoes still do have a way of accessing higher altitude fallout. We don't know if that is the case for this reading, as 12x is still a low reading post Fukushima.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neil Armstrong LASER'ed Petroglyph Monument On MARS, help make it happen!

See the Petition Below:

Neil Armstrong, the first human on the Moon passed away on 8/25/2012; the POTRBLOG team believes it would be an inspiring and fitting monument to his memory and human accomplishment to use the Mars Curiosity's ChemCam LASER to create a dot matrix petroglyph  of Neil Armstrong's name on a Martian Cliff face.  The endeavor would be in the finest tradition human tradition of creating archaeological markers to future generations,  such as Signature Rock at El Morro National Monument, and Chauvet Cave in France.

The JPL image below was not created with our petition in mind, but it does show how the appropriate selection of a Mars Cliff face could provide enough strata to allow an artistic sampling method to create a Neil Armstrong Signature Rock Monument while simultaneously supporting scientific analysis of the strata surfaces selected.

To make the memorial happen please do the following two things:

visit the Mars Curiosity JPL webpage located at
and fill out the feedback form with the following:

We petition that the Mars Curiosity team  make  a Neil Armstrong memorial in the finest human archaeological petroglyph tradition by using Curiosity's ChemCam laser to combine science with art to create a dot matrix petroglyph of Neil Armstrong's name on a Martian cliff face, as described on

Tweet the Mars Rover @MarsCuriosity  with :

@MarsCuriosity #MarsPetroglyph ChemCam Laser a Neil Armstrong memorial PETROGLYPH on a Mars cliff face, see details

8/26/12 Rain Fallout at 9X Background Radiation

We took a sample swipe from the hood of our SUV at approximately 3:30pm; that sample returned a reading of 9X background radiation. The sample is almost double yesterday's reading of 5x background. The difference may be related to the slightly more Southwesterly direction of the in coming moisture mixing with colder winds out of the North resulting in today's storm.

See the above video for more details.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurricane Isaac? Lowest Radioactivity In a LONG Time

When we took our RadRoad trip to the Florida Keys, one thing we immediately noticed was that tropical storms blowing in from Africa had very little radiation in them.

Fast forward to today as tropical storm Isaac is blowing in to the Gulf of Mexico, we have had the lowest radioactive swipe  from a Saint Louis storm  since Fukushima exploded. That reading returned on 5x over background radiation; 3x is the max we would expect pre-Fukushima.

So far it is only a correlation, but the Jet stream map and surface winds suggest that Isaac is keeping the Fukushima winds at bay. If Issac continues to strengthen we may have a chance to take more data.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

USA Radioactive Ground Beef Test Results 2012, 2011, 2010

Thank you for your donations to our professional food testing effort. We received $1016 in pre-tax donations and  spent approximately $1900 for professional Gamma Spectrometry, Strontium, and Plutonium testing on 100% grass fed and grass finished Missouri ground beef. 

Based on the results we found clear evidence of Cesium-137 contaminating US ground beef; we also found indications of a recent fuel rod fire showing up as Barium 140. On the positive news side, the 2012 drought has reduced contamination, and the geography combined with the soil composition of our particular farmer's land seems to have removed the bio-available Cesium from the grass at a rate faster than the ongoing fallout deposition. However, there are also some indications that Cobalt-60 has become bio-available since the onset of Fukushima.

Please watch the complete video for more detail and information on the tests and what other factors may mitigate exposure to the long term build up of Fukushima fallout.

As a show of appreciation for those people who previously donated to our food testing effort, we will be making available the raw lab data (minus personal and lab identifying information). If you previously donated and would like a copy of the lab data for your own personal use please email at the address in your PayPal receipt.

If you would like step-up and to donate to support our testing efforts and future tests we have planned, please use the DONATE button below.

Radioactive Rain Remains

On August 8th we took a paper towel swipe sample from a piece of sheet metal left out in the rain; that swipe returned our 3rd highest radioactive reading since Fukushima began, ninety one times greater than background radiation.

Since then, we have continued to run continuous Geiger counter readings of both the sample and background radiation. Those readings have continued to show that radioactive fallout remains detectable on the sample. (see video below)

We now update the results from our previous video with an additional 5 days of continuous sampling. As seen in the graph above, there continues to be a persistent long half life radioactive rain remnant remaining at 0.04 counts per second (2.4 counts per minute)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Avoid Watershed Bottomlands! Persistent Radioactive Fallout in Rainfall

Avoid Watershed Bottomlands

The August 8th storms which passed through Saint Louis have left behind persistent long half life radioactive materials. The fallout measured from our paper towel swipe continues to be radioactive at 2.4 counts per minute above background radiation.  This spike in radioactivity correlates well with Iodine-131 detections in Japanese sewage sludge.

Avoid Watershed Bottomlands

Updated to include charts

Note that the last chart has had the elapsed time corrected to reflect  readings taken every 6 minutes. 
The previous version of this chart had 15 minute readings shown from approximately 3000 minutes onward. The correction does not effect any calculations/results; it only serves to show that the readings were taken over a 8000+ minute time period and not a 17000+ minute time period as previously indicated.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

3:30pm Storms @ 9X Greater Than Background Radiation

 After an hour long thunder storm, we took a paper towel swipe sample off of the surface of our truck at approximately 3:40pm, . That sample returned a reading of 9X background radiation. Our live airborne radiation monitor did show an up tick, see chart below.

. Compared to our 8/8/12 storm readings which were 91 times greater than background radiation (and still continue to be radioactive),  the current sample is one of the lower readings we have had since Fukushima.  The amount of fallout in our rain strongly correlates to the Jetstream's location. At present, the Jetstream is broken up and several hundred miles north of Saint Louis.

Monday, August 13, 2012

MAXIMUM ALERT! Cesium-137 Detected In Pennsylvania

UPDATE: In an interesting coincidence, the Pennsylvania Health Department started making free Potassium Iodide pills available to the public on August 9th (see this press release)

30,000 DPM of Cesium-137 were detected on a 100 square centimeter surface of a dry casket tractor trailer rig in Pennsylvania; NRC Event Number: 48178.  This detection was of REMOVABLE Cs-137, meaning that weathering would have removed the contamination after some time period.

We suspect that the rig was contaminated by the Jet Stream borne rain storm which blew through  the Pa area around approximately August 5th.  Our own readings have detected significantly elevated levels of airborne and surface radioactive contamination in the past free weeks. See the video above for full details on the Cs-137 detection.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zambada-Niebla Spills the Coke On Obama's Fast and Furious Sinaloa Cocaine Contra Affair

 It wasn’t about tracking guns, it was about supplying them — all part of an elaborate agreement between the U.S. government and Mexico’s powerful Sinaloa Cartel to take down rival cartels.  

We told you about these apparent connection  back on 9/26/2011, but only now is the media starting to report about  Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla of Sinola Cartel fame spilling the beans on Obama's Fast And Furious Sinaloa Cocaine Contra Los Zetas - Hezbollah Scandal.

The apparent unholy harmonic convergence of desired political outcomes driving Obama's Fast and Furious gun running scandal to the Sinaloa cartel are as follows:
  1. Give the Sinaloa drug lords the upper hand in their war against the "Los Zetas" drug cartel (and its partnership with Iranian backed Hezbollah.)
  2. Destroy our God given right to resist tyranny as expressed by the 2nd Amendment
  3. Accomplish Items 1 and 2 above by having uncle Sam buy a bunch of guns for their favorite Mexican cartel and have the media blame the result on gunshows, gun dealers, and red necks.
Unfortunately, don't expect a modern day Woodward and Bernstein to show up and investigate the trifecta above. If the government's Fast and Furious relationship had not been stated in court by the Sinola cartel's supposed logistics officer,  Zambada-Niebla, even this much of the story would not  just now be tinkling out in the press.  Based on the date of this court filing which lays out the details of the affair, the media should have been all over this story back in July of 2011.

Even without prior knowledge about the court filling, the POTRBLOG team saw the connections back  in September of 2011. One has to question what ever happened to the concept of news reporting ala the "4th Estate"? Despite the 4th Estates self appointed/anointed job  to prevent a 4th Reich;, they seem more like comrades in arms to the same.


Our full time airborne radiation monitor alarmed at 50 CPM during the 11:30pm Saint Louis storms. The unusually high airborne readings caused us to follow up with a surface swipe of a piece of sheet metal that had been left out in the rain. That swipe returned a reading of 91 TIMES greater than background radiation.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alert: Unusual Airborne Radiation Spike In 10:30pm Storms

Updated 10:45pm: Levels spiking even higher
Earlier Graph below

Our full time live airborne radiation monitor is detecting unusually high airborne radioactivity, as seen in the chart above.


Libyan Arms Trafficking to "Free" Syrian Army Abdul Wahid

The video below shows a supposed "Free" Syrian Army member shooting a Belgium FAL. The interesting thing about this armament is that the Libyan army had large stocks of FALs and they were in prominent use during their uprising.  The presence of these FALs in Syria is a strong indicator that the Syrian rebels are being supported by the new Libyan government. It would also be safe to guess that there are SAS trained Libyan rebels being used as force multipliers in the conflict.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

11pm STL Storms @ 11X Over Background Radiation

Two storms so far today, 8/4/12. The first storm at 5am markedly increased airborne readings on our full-time radiation monitor. The second storm, which passed at approximately 11pm, had a lesser impact on the full time monitor. (see chart below).

We were able to do a surface swipe of a sheet metal surface after the 2nd storm,at approximately 11:30pm. The swipe returned a reading of 11x background radiation; that reading is one of the lowest readings we have had for an extended period of time.

More storms are inbound, updates to follow Sunday.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ALERT: Over 1000 CPM Radioactivity Reported In Charleston, SC

There has been a report of a radioactive swipe reading exceeding 1000 counts per minute taken in Charleston, Sc. Hopefully the person taking the data will have further updates available.
See the initial report here.

This report has triggered an ALERT because we believe it indicates higher levels of radioactivity in the upper atmosphere. We plan to have an updated analysis this evening. Updated with video.