LIVE! Saint Louis Outdoor & Indoor Radiation Monitors


This is an EXPERIMENTAL live data feed from our outdoor & indoor "pancake" Geiger Counters . (see details, other important  disclaimers, and information below)

NOTE: The page may be slow to load AFTER the initial commercial has played; (if a static AD appears you will need to close it "X" to start the live video feed)
sometimes it may take a full minute of "black screen" or "rainbow OFFLINE" before the live radiation monitor will display on the screen below.

          OUTDOOR Radiation                      INDOOR Radiation

Watch live streaming video from potrblog at

As of 4/6/13:
  • The graphs display up to 24 hours of  CPM (counts per minute) data based on minute by minute counts.
  • The "speedometers" display the current airborne alpha, beta and gamma radiation based on a 30 second moving average.
  • The detectors are located west of the Missouri River / Saint Louis airport at a height of approximately 10 feet above ground level.
  • The short term average reading of the outdoor Geiger is 40 counts per minute
  • The short term average reading of the indoor Geiger is 32 counts per minute.
  • Previous testing indicates that both Geigers provide similar readings when under similar conditions.
  • The Outdoor unit is located under an eve and has the "pancake" pointed downward
  • The Indoor unit is located in the center of our home above an HVAC air intake, (pancake pointed down)
  • As may be required, real time, short term updates MAY be found at the "CHAT" link contained in the video feed . 

The data presented may be inaccurate.
Until further notice, data should be considered as presented for educational purposes only.



    Larry monitoring rain in Charleston...previously reported.

    Still monitoring. A contact sent me this old paper about the radon rains I'm monitoring. The halflife fits my observations and we are assuming this is what we're measuring as it's very short lived.

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