Sunday, December 21, 2014

Based On NIH's Ebola Immunology Work Shop: Ebola Vaccines Are An Expensive and Near Worthless Joke

After watching the full 8 hours of the "Immunology of Protection from Ebola Virus Infection" workshop (sponsored by the NIAID/NIH, FDA, BARDA, DoD, and CDC) it is abundantly clear that the Ebola vaccine efforts are sadly an expensive and near worthless joke. We say this because at best, if the vaccine designs are perfect, they will only protect those who have been exposed to the most minuscule amounts of Ebola.

The vaccine developers are clear that the proposed vaccines will be utterly overwhelmed if the person is exposed to anything more than a needle prick's worth of virus. And even at that tiny amount, the vaccine researchers are complaining that its too much virus; they want 1/100 of a needle prick's worth of virus, at maximum, to be the challenge standard for the vaccine.

As such, the vaccines in development are not to protect the public; at best, they are designed to offer a modicum of protection to Ebola researchers who may develop small holes in their spacesuits as they are working in the their Bio Safety Level 4 Laboratories. These vaccines would likely NOT have protected either of the Dallas nurses who were infected with Ebola in the course of treating Thomas Duncan.

The researchers at the conference are aware of the fact that these vaccines will offer no real individual protection. In fact it was indicated at the conference that if all goes well and the vaccine is given to a large enough segment of the public, that maybe the vaccines might slightly reduce the virus reproduction number, ie every infected person only makes 2 other people sick instead of 3.

Frankly thats a very large safety gamble to force an experimental vaccine on the population for the outside possibility that it might ever so slightly reduce the reproduction number of the virus. Its pretty clear now why the Government has declared that no one working on the vaccines ,or forcing those vaccines on the public can be held civilly or criminally liable for their work.

At this point, its becoming very clear that the greatest return on research dollar investment is on post exposure treatment with Antibodies and Antivirals; the vaccine work is a joke.


Immunology of Protection from Ebola Virus Infection A workshop sponsored by the NIAID/NIH, FDA, BARDA, DoD, and CDC

ACTION: Notice of Declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act

Aerosolizing ONE DROP of Ebola Infected Blood Can Kill 500,000 People

NIH: Airborne Ebola Infectious Down To Extinction Levels

Thursday, December 18, 2014

CDC Doubles Estimate: Says 3,400 US Airline Passengers Will Sit Within 3 Feet Of An Ebola Patient Next Year

On December 12 the US Centers for Disease Control reported to the Office Management and Budget [OMB] that CDC expects to interview 3,400 US commercial airline passengers that were seated within 3 feet of an Ebola patient.
"so that CDC can better assess the risk to individuals who may have been exposed to a confirmed case of Ebola while traveling to or within the United States"

Using the conservative estimate that 8 airline passengers are seated within the 3 foot zone set out by the CDC, the CDC is expecting 425 actively infected Ebola patients to fly into the USA next year. We believe the Winter New Year time frame is the high risk period for these entries.

Just as CDC's short sighted Ebola risk assessment and PPE direction lead to the infections of two nurses in the Thomas Duncan Ebola case, the CDC has taken no steps to mitigate the Department of Defense's concern that Winter weather may facilitate a super flu like airborne spread of Ebola. As such, the CDC is counting on Ebola to only spread as it does in warm weather, ie close contact with the VERY sick.

Apparently even the fact that CDC just DOUBLED the number of expected Ebola exposures to US flyers is not enough to raise their concerns.  In November the CDC had informed OMB that they expected to interview 1,700 commercial airline passengers, now exactly 1 month later CDC has doubled the number to 3,400 directly exposed airline passengers.

The CDC expects to interview these 3,400 people at 20 minutes each. CDC also informed OMB that CDC expects the 50,000 exposed people who were on these flights but seated further than 3 feet away from the Ebola patient, to call the CDC and be read a "script".

"this script assesses the risk of a plan passenger who was not in the immediate vicinity of the Ebola patient but still has concerns about the level of exposure and risk of contracting the virus."


CDC December OMB Ebola emergency notice

CDC November OMB Ebola emergency notice

Department of Defense Says EBOLA IS "AEROSTABLE"; Fears Persistent Sewer System Contagion

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

Aerosolizing ONE DROP of Ebola Infected Blood Can Kill 500,000 People

CDC Says It Will Actively Monitor 65,250 Ebola Exposed Travelers Entering The USA Per Year

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

CDC Says It Will Actively Monitor 65,250 Ebola Exposed Travelers Entering The USA Per Year

The CDC has notified the Office of Management and Budget that CDC expects to actively monitor 65,250 at risk Ebola travelers entering the USA per year. Obviously CDC came to this number by counting the number of travelers that have already entered the USA in the last 3 months and projecting it out to 12 months.

Reverse engineering CDC's projection, 16,313 Ebola exposed travelers have entered the USA since the Ebola outbreak began. Clearly such a large number of potentially Ebola infected travelers undergoing active monitoring for 21 days creates a huge risk and manpower requirement. To that end, CDC is creating a daily robo-call system to contact these people (in both French and English) everyday for 21 days.

"CDC is also requesting the incorporation of a telephonic, automated survey administered either through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system which asks travelers if they have developed a fever or any other symptoms potentially indicative of Ebola exposure (OMB Control No 0920-1034). This system is used to assist states in actively monitoring those travelers from Ebola affected countries for 21 days after arrival. The additional burden requested for the use of the IVR system is 91,350 hours."

No matter which way CDC attempts to cut it, the Ebola response is currently overwhelming the CDC. Automating aspects of the response may serve to lessen some of that burden, but it comes at the cost of reduced quality and increased risk as as anyone who has ever had to press 1 to hold for a human on an automated voice service system knows,


Company Near Ferguson Riots Awarded Contract To Urgently Deploy Their Ebola Transport Isolation System

A Saint Louis company within rioting distance of the Ferguson unrest has just won a two million dollar urgent contract to urgently deploy a palletized airborne isolation chamber capable of holding 12 Ebola patients for military transport. The company has been developing the product as a follow on to the Airborne Biological Containment System they developed for Phoenix Air Group. Several aspects of the contract including who the DoD has tasked with handling these Ebola evacuations have been redacted, but its safe to guess Phoenix Air Group is involved.

"The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) contracting activity proposes to procure, without using full and open competition, the development and validation testing of a Transport Isolation System (TIS) to be used for the safe evacuation of Ebola-exposed or Ebola-infected personnel from affected areas. DTRA intends to award a Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) letter contract to Production Products Manufacturing and Sales Co., Inc. (PPStL) of St. Louis, Missouri. The contract is expected to be approximately four and a half months in duration, with a not-to-exceed (NTE) price of $2,380,505.76"

"Open and competitive channels of acquisition are not suitable in this case due to the urgent national need to rapidly develop the TIS for immediate use in support of the Ebola outbreak"
Given the urgent need spelled out in the contract and PPStL's proximity to the Ferguson, Mike Brown protesters may just have a new venue to show their true colors.


Friday, November 21, 2014

CDC Seeks To Use a Bio Safety Level 2 LIVE EBOLA VACCINE With Limited Intramuscular And Lymph Node Spread

The government always announces the scary stuff on Fridays and Holidays to keep it out of the News Cycle, today is no different. The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) released a solicitation looking for companies that can formulate and fill live Ebola vaccines.

These live Ebola vaccines are dangerous enough that formulating and filling the vaccine vials "may require that these processes take place in a Biological Safety Level 2 (BSL2) facility."

While the solicitation says multiple live Ebola vaccine types may be in play, only two are specified by name.

"1. RVSVdG eBOV vaccine replication-competent live virus vaccine utilizes a recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (rVSV) lacking the native VSV glycoprotein (ΔG) and bearing the glycoprotein (GP) of ZEBOV, which is the target of protective immunity. The rVSVΔG ZEBOV is an attenuated virus and capable of limited replication after administration, which is believed to be the basis for the potent immunogenicity of this vaccine vector. 

2. rVSVN4CT1-Z-EboV Vaccine utilizes attenuated replication-competent rVSV vector that is injected IM, it undergoes limited propagation at the injection site and in the local draining lymph nodes, but does not spread to other organs and tissues."

Both of these vaccine use the Vesicular Stomatitis Virus as a delivery mechanism of Ebola proteins chosen to trigger the Human immune system. While not mentioned specifically in this solicitation, there is also a Live Ebola vaccine that uses a Live Rabies Virus as its delivery mechanism.

Unfortunately vaccine work is often pushed on the public as if it were settled science, unfortunately it often is more like well describe Alchemy and Voodoo. A key example being last year's live influenza vaccine which to scientists amazement offered no protection against last year's deadly H1N1 Epidemic. Its possible that that vaccine malfunction may have actually contributed to the pandemic.


US Licensing LIVE Rabies Based EBOLA Vaccine, Preps Pandemic Quarantine Stations & Injury Fund

CDC Statement on LAIV Effectiveness and Vaccination of Children

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fort Hood Texas Places Urgent EBOLA BioSafety Order Citing "Elevated Risk" Yet Tells The Public Situation is "Low Risk"

Fort Hood Texas just placed an urgent order for a bench top biosafety containment workstation with the capability to provide point of care Ebola testing. In the justification for this equipment the justification cites that soldiers redeploying to Fort Hood may be Ebola infected and that the situation places the Fort Hood population at elevated risk of becoming infected with Ebola.

Of course the military and local civic leaders tell the public something very different than the elevated risk claimed in the sole source justification

The military says:
 “The chances of them having (Ebola) while they are here are very, very slim,”

and the Mayor says:
 “I consider this a very low-risk operation and the right thing to do.”

People who can read probably should come to a different conclusion than what words of safety coming out of the military and the mayor mouths. In fact, a close reading of the document would indicate that Fort Hood does not have a biosafety chain of custody for dealing with the soldiers body fluids. Thats why they've placed an urgent order for a separate bench top bio-containment system. Think DoD should have picked a location with a true medical isolation capability instead of this last minute hodge-podge type thing they are trying to throw together as possibly infected soldiers come flying in.


Sole Source Justification

Monday, November 17, 2014

MAXIMUM ALERT! Ebola Flight Indicates Mexican Ebola Patient In Guadalajara Being Flown To Atlanta For Treatment

Update: 11/18/14

Multiple "Ebola false alarms are reported in the Guadalajara airport" according to last Saturday's local Jalisco newspaper. So what does it mean when there are multiple reports of Ebola cases at an airport, followed by the Mexican State Ebola training 400 Doctors in the same location  for an "eventual case of Ebola", and then to top it off Phoenix Air Group's Ebola Air Ambulance makes a trip to the very same airport and follows a return flight path back to Atlanta indicative of an Ebola patient? 

It also means that an Illegal Immigration surge should be expected, and that they might be infected.

The flight schedule of Phoenix Air Group's 2nd Ebola Ambulance indicates that an Ebola patient is being picked up at the Guadalajara International Airport and being flown to the Fulton County Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.  The destination airport indicates that the patient is being taken to Emory Hospital in Atlanta.

The obviously troubling aspect is that the situation indicates that Ebola is loose in Mexico. It also seems strange that Obama would be willing to import a Mexican Ebola patient when the Mexican government refused to assist in transporting an American under observation for Ebola who was on a cruise ship off of the Mexican coast.

A screen capture of the return flight is shown below as these flights are often rapidly "disappeared" from commercial tracking software.

 We believe this marks the 3rd international Ebola patient flown to the USA in the last 10 days.

#1 An illegal African Immigrant from Gran Canaria Spain on November 9th
#2 A patient from West Africa on November 13; later confirmed to be Dr Martin Salia
#3 Unknown Mexican patient today 11/17/14


It Appears Obama Has Flown an Illegal Immigrant African Ebola Victim To USA From Gran Canaria

Friday, November 14, 2014

Ferguson Looting & Rioting Factors and Analysis: Black Friday, Angry Police, Snitches-Get-Stitches, Jay Nixon & Hair Extensions

Based on the pattern of Looting and Rioting last August tied to the Mike Brown killing in Ferguson it seems possible to estimate the level of looting and rioting to be expected IF the Grand Jury does not indict Officer Darren Wilson

Little known aspects of the August rioting

#1 A Snitches-Get-Stitches ethos drove much of the early rioting and looting

The QuikTrip (QT) was looted and burned on day 1 because of the locals erroneously believed that Mike Brown had stolen the cigars from QT & that they had "snitched" on him.

Once it became clear to the locals that Mike Brown had actually robbed the Ferguson Market and that the stores owners had aided police by turning over video of the robbery, they too received the snitches-get-stitches attack. That anger then spilled over to other Indian owned business in the area like Red's BBQ

#2 Back-To-School Looting and Hair Extensions

After the locals had satisfied their Snitches-Get-Stitches needs, the looting turned to target Back-To-School clothing needs and Hair Extensions. The Hair Extension looting continued long after the last sneakers and shirts had been looted.

Fast Forward to the expected November rioting

#1 Grand Jury Snitches-Get-Stitches Redux

As Grand Jury information  comes out, anyone who provided information that served to exonerate Officer Darren Wilson should expect a Snitches-Get-Stitches backlash

#2 Thanksgiving Black Friday & Christmas Looting

Just as Mike Browns' death coincided with Back-To-School shopping season, the Grand Jury outcome will coincide with Black Friday and Christmas shopping. Compared to school clothing needs, the looting list for Black Friday is much broader and many more stores could be hit. Additionally, all the hair extensions stolen last August are starting to wear out now and a strong looting demand to replenish those hair extensions should be expected.

Police reaction then:

Police over responded like an occupying force in the immediate aftermath of Mike Browns' shooting, in turn angering the local non-criminal but fed up with bad cops subsegment of Ferguson. Shortly after which, militarized police deployed in mass and gave otherwise lawful protesters no where to go except direct forceful confrontation. At that stage, Governor Jay Nixon decided to render the police impotent rather than risk democratic inner city voter rebellion in November.

The result was police chose not to defend business and property from rioters, but rather to flee to impotent staging points. During the worst of this, we overheard police on their radios abandoning the area and informing local homeowners to arm themselves against the rioters.

Police reaction now:

The police likely have lots of built up anger from Jay Nixon's flip-flopping rendering them impotent. And while Governor Jay Nixon's flip flopping will likely continue, he no longer has inner city democratic elections to restrain him from unleashing the militarized police. As such, police over reaction should be expected. But once again, its unlikely police will use direct force to protect property or homeowners.

The broader regional criminal element will likely also be energized to take maximum advantage of Black Friday and Christmas Looting. How the non-criminal local protester element reacts to the situation likely depends on how abused they feel by Governor Nixon's response.

The outsider protester element seems to be agent provocateur and media attention driven, they may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. If the Ferguson McDonalds and its free WiFi burns, they will likely be the forces behind it.

In the end, how bad things get outside of Ferguson is based mostly on how badly Governor Jay Nixon screws things up. How badly things get inside Ferguson is mostly a function of Hair-Extensions demand.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ebola Vaccination Fury: Johnson & Johnson To Have 1/4 Million Ebola Vaccine Courses Ready By May 2015 & 1 Million By December 2015

According to testimony to be given tomorrow in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations Hearing on “U.S. Government Response: Fighting Ebola and Protecting America”,  The Ebola vaccination furry will be underway by May 2015 when Johnson & Johnson will have 250,000 doses of Ebola vaccine ready to split up between the US government, WHO, &  African Nations.

The obvious outfall of this effort is that American Healthcare Workers should expect mandatory Ebola vaccination within the next year. Johnson & Johnson's time line indicates they will have 1 million full vaccine courses ready by the end of 2015 and 4 million full courses ready by the end of 2016.

"Johnson & Johnson is seeking funding from several government entities to support these efforts but is fully prepared to assure that both Crucell and Bavarian Nordic are financially resourced to ramp up advanced manufacturing and production capabilities to fill the initial deployment of 250,000 vaccine doses by May 2015. Non-stop acceleration of testing and scaling up over the next year is expected to yield one million vaccine courses by the end of 2015 and two to four million by the end of 2016."


Sunday, November 9, 2014

It Appears Obama Has Flown an Illegal Immigrant African Ebola Victim To USA From Gran Canaria

EbolaAir Aircraft N173PA appears to have picked up an Ebola Infected Illegal African Immigrant from the island of Gran Canaria and flown him/her to the USA for treatment.

A few days prior a boat load of illegals from Ebola stricken Sierra Leone and Guinea washed ashore on a nudist beach in the Gran Canaria beach of Maspalomas; several of these castaways were reported to have fever and were whisked away literally by the dump truck load.

Based on the evacuation flight path / schedule and the number of times it disappeared and partially reappeared on the tracking software today, our presumption is that this flight is carrying one of the 1st foreign Ebola patients in support of Obama's policy to import foreign Ebola victims into the USA. Given the importance of Gran Canaria to US operations, such an evacuation would make geo-political sense especially since Spain's Catalan region is seeking independence.


CDC is already evacuating DOUBLE the number of expected Ebola infected personnel at a rate of 7 doctors per month

Friday, November 7, 2014

ALERT: USA Setting Up Regional Ebola Centers For A Large Outbreak, Seeks Nationwide Inter-facility Ambulance Transportation

The US Government is expecting an Ebola outbreak in the USA large enough that the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) is seeking Ambulance contractors capable of supporting a nationwide ground ambulance service to transport victims to regional Ebola treatment centers, all on a 6 hours notice.
"The source must be capable of providing transportation from virtually any hospital in the United States to one of a number of designated receiving facilities. The source must be able to respond to potential requests within six hours. It is expected that these transports would be within a reasonable distance to allow for safe, ground transportation. In some instances, these transports may be from a sending facility to an airport location"

The key insight from the above quotation is that the Ebola outbreak is expected to be large enough that it cannot be handled by air ambulance transportation to 1 or 2 centers in the United States. Rather, the expected number of Ebola victims is large enough that multiple Ebola "receiving facilities" will be setup to be within a reasonable safe Ambulance driving distance for the majority of the USA.

Should such an Ebola outbreak occur in the USA, such regional Ebola concentration centers may be helpful when outbreak numbers are low. However after exponential infection growth rates start occurring, such centers are more of a place to die than be treated.


Department of Defense Says EBOLA IS "AEROSTABLE"; Fears Persistent Sewer System Contagion

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

UPDATE: CDC Expands Risk Factors to Include Airborne Infection [WAS] Alert! CDC Removes FEVER from Ebola Case Definition & Adds Fatigue As A Symptom

The CDC has removed fever from the Ebola Case Definition, and replaced it with the a more nebulous definition of "Elevated body temperature or subjective fever or symptoms". The CDC has also added "Fatigue" to the case definition. 

Here is the relevant part of the prior case definition: 

Person Under Investigation (PUI)A person who has both consistent symptoms and risk factors as follows:
  1. Clinical criteria, which includes fever of greater than 38.6 degrees Celsius or 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and additional symptoms such as severe headache, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or unexplained hemorrhage; AND
  1. epidemiologic risk factors within the past 21 days before the onset of symptoms, such as contact with blood or other body fluids or human remains of a patient known to have or suspected to have EVD; residence in—or travel to—an area where EVD transmission is active*; or direct handling of bats or non-human primates from disease-endemic areas.

Here is the relevant part of the current case definition: 

Person Under Investigation (PUI):
A person who has both consistent signs or symptoms and risk factors as follows:
  1. Elevated body temperature or subjective fever or symptoms, including severe headache, fatigue, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or unexplained hemorrhage; AND
  1. An epidemiologic risk factor within the 21 days before the onset of symptoms.

Other important changes have also been made to loosen up CDC's Ebola case definition; we will update this post as time permits:

UPDATE 1: The CDC's new Ebola case definition greatly increase the category of persons who may be forcefully quarantined to anyone who was in proximity of an Ebola case even if the Ebola victim was not actively showing symptoms at the time of proximity. (more to follow)


After a more detail reading, the CDC has greatly increased the at risk Ebola category to include the following:

1) Direct contact (hand shake) with Ebola victim 21 days PRIOR to symptom onset

2) Airborne contact, ie even "brief proximity" (such as being in the same room for a brief period of time) with an Ebola victim AFTER their symptom onset

Any person who meets those two above definitions and in the subject eyes of an examiner has any "signs" of concern such as elevated body temperature (98.7 deg F) is now defined as a "Person Under Investigation" for Ebola. And as such, that person is subject to forceful quarantine 


Archived CDC webpage from Oct 25

ONE DROP OF AEROSOLIZED EBOLA BLOOD CAN INFECT 1,104 SqFt Room Such That Only 1 Breath Inhaled Can Result In Infection

Department of Defense Says EBOLA IS "AEROSTABLE"; Fears Persistent Sewer System Contagion

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

Monday, October 27, 2014

Department of Defense Says EBOLA IS "AEROSTABLE"; Fears Persistent Sewer System Contagion

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency [DTRA], in a just released a broad agency announcement seeking rapid assistance against Ebola's weapon of mass destruction [WMD] capability, stated that
  "Ebola is aerostable in an enclosed controlled system in the dark and can survive for long periods in different liquid media"
The short of it is that DTRA's WMD arm sees a massive potential for Ebola to persist in sewage systems in Airborne, Waterborne, and BioFilm form.

The obvious dangers are multifold.

1) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) spread in the Amoy Gardens high-rise apartment complex via a similar plumbing related infectious route

2) CDC's current guidance encourages untreated EBOLA waste discharge into sewer systems

3) Dr. Craig Spencer has already potentially infected NYC sewer system despite his 21 day "home quarantine"

4) Sewers may be a reoccurring source on #Ebola infection

5) CDC's assurances that Ebola can not be spread via Air, Water, or Sewer places people at great risk

Specifically, DTRA wants answers in 3 to 6 months regarding environmental conditions that allow to Ebola to persist in an airborne state, and persist on surfaces after precipitating out of the air.
DTRA is also looking for genetic weaponization markers that elucidate that persistence.

Interestingly enough, DTRA's solicitation also seeks Africa specific data that will allow them to use a a NATO Biowarfare Ebola simulation to predict the flow Ebola infection in Africa; we'll have more on that in a separate video/analysis.

As we have reported in previous posts, the US Army says that Ebola has an airborne stability similar to Influenza and that winter weather conditions may allow to spread via the airborne route. Apparently what the Army has found is that sewer systems also offer an ideal environment for longer term Ebola persistence.


Chemical/Biological Technologies Department Ebola Broad Agency Announcement


Aerosolizing ONE DROP of Ebola Infected Blood Can Kill 500,000 People

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

Inadequate plumbing systems likely contributed to SARS transmission

Hong Kong seals apartment building to contain SARS

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Veterans Hospital Orders Emergency Installation of HEPA Air Filters to Create A Multi-person Ebola Quarantine Ward

The Veterans Administration hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is expecting the near term arrival of a number of Ebola patients and is creating an entire Ebola Ward to handle the infected patient inflow. It is unclear if Puerto Rico is the defacto "leper colony" for US Service Men who become infected with Ebola in Africa via Operation United Assistance, or if its for a purely Puerto Rican Ebola outbreak.

The hospital is fearful that the Airborne spread of Ebola out of their quarantine ward will "create a situation where an outbreak of Ebola may happen to patient, guest or employees". The Veterans Administration has categorized this as an emergency situation, and has awarded a no-bid emergency contract to install HEPA air filters in the Ward's return air HVAC ducting.

The Ebola Ward will be located on the 2nd floor of South Bed Tower, identified as building 8 in this Va Map.

The Hospital states:

"As such this situation is considered an emergency and prompt attention is a required delaying repair will create a situation where an outbreak of Ebola may happen to patient, guest or employees." 
"San Juan needs to conduct emergency installation of HEP Filters at the HVAC line that serves Ward 2K of the South Bed Tower
"The vendor must provide and install a filter frame for the return duct and HEPA filters for the return and supply systems. Once completed the Contractor must test and Balance the area (ward 2K of the South Bed Tower)"
"This emergency service is for the creation of a Ward to attend suspected patients with the Ebola Virus that have to be quarantine. "
 "Ward 2K of the South Bed Tower must be prepared to attend patients that have acquired or are suspected of being a carrier of the Ebola Virus. Engineering work needs to be done to mitigate and prevent further exposure to the virus."
 "These changes to the HVAC system are needed at once to preclude impairment of healthcare delivery capabilities or mission performance in case of a patient contaminated with the Ebola Virus."
" Prior authorization was obtained to process this emergency and is filled on the briefcase under P11 approve emergency order."
 Facility is working with the Ward to make a long term care unit for any other outbreak"


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Outbound Ebola Air Flight Indicates Another Ebola Victim Is Headed To USA For Treatment (UPDATE: Inbound Flight Points to Europe)

Update 10/27/14:
Based on flight routes it now appears Air Ebola took a patient out of Africa and delivered him/her somewhere in Europe. The flight to Africa disappeared off of flight tracker shortly before it reached it supposed destination airport Dakar. Two days later the flight reappeared in at London's Stansted airport headed back to Georgia via Bangor International airport in Maine. That flight path is indicative of an Ebola delivery to Europe.


Phoenix Air Group's 2nd ABCS equipped Gulfstream Jet is on its way to Africa. Its following a flight plan which has previously used by its sister aircraft to return Ebola infected personal to the USA for treatment. The flight is scheduled to arrive in Senegal at 3:33pm GMT.

Friday, October 17, 2014

CDC Releases Epidemiological Analysis of Dr Brantly & Writebol Ebola Transmission In Africa- Says Aerosol To Us

The CDC has released their epidemiological investigation of how Dr Brantly and Nancy Writebol became infected with Ebola while in Liberia. Basically CDC could find no transmission chain among the 5 people in that Ebola cluster.

CDC's analysis is that nothing out of the ordinary happened, ie nothing directly points to airborne.
Of course nothing points to contact transmission either, butCDC assumses direct contact caused this Ebola cluster. Our suspicion has been that Brantly & Writebol became infected as Writebol sprayed Brantly with Clorox water; that spraying action aerosolized the contamination on Brantly's protective suit.


Thursday, October 16, 2014


The National Institutes of Health [NIH] just placed a solicitation  to stockpile an entire year's worth of Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] to support eight agencies inside of NIH. They are placing the massive order in case there is a disruption in supply of medical goods like goggles, gloves, gowns, masks, spacesuits.

The NIH's rationale is that the animal testing they are doing is so vitally important that no disruption in supplies can be risked. Apparently the disruption in PPE supply is expect to last at least one full year, and they have an option to carry it on for four more years.

"This Sources Sought Notice has been posted to establish, provide, and maintain a laboratory animal personnel protective equipment (PPE) resource to ensure the accessibility and availability of essential supplies throughout an emergency/disaster, government shutdown, or any other interruption of regular deliveries. These supplies support irreplaceable multidisciplinary animal research, which is critical to the mission of eight institutes at the National Institutes of Health."

 "During emergency/disaster events, the normal supply and distribution channels will most likely be unavailable/or protracted due to the impact of the emergency and the rush of immediate orders. Our program's disaster plan takes these factors into account; it is therefore our intention is to establish an offsite source of critical supplies with an established, laboratory animal PPE vendor with a proven track record of providing quality products and services. As outlined in our emergency plan it is the intention of our program to be able to house up to a one year's supply of PPE products with a local vendor within a 90 mile radius of NIH in Bethesda, Maryland."

A few near term risks that potential could make PPE unavailable for an entire year are:

2) H7N9 BirdFlu

The POTRBLOG team believes that this contract clearly indicates that the Government expects a protracted shortage of medical PPE, and that the window of opportunity for individuals to purchase needed PPE at reasonable prices is now at a close.


Solicitation Number: HHS-NIH-OD-OLAO-SBSS-15-001

Aerosolizing ONE DROP of Ebola Infected Blood Can Kill 500,000 People

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

Ebola Bodily Fluids Readily Weaponizable Using An Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ebola Emergency ZMAPP Production Rates & Costs

CDC's "Lesser Of Evils" Double Standard On Health Care Worker Protection Indicates They Expect a Large Ebola Outbreak In USA

CDC Warns Hospitals On EBOLA "CONTAMINATED AIR" and Directs use of "Airborne Infection Isolation Room"s

Inhalation Ebola: Governments Ready For World War Ebola

CDC Sees AIRBORNE EBOLA Transmission, Issues Guidance For Aircraft Flight Crews, Cleaning & Cargo Crews

 CDC is already evacuating DOUBLE the number of expected Ebola infected personnel at a rate of 7 doctors per month

Friday, October 10, 2014

US Military Already Having Katrina Like Logistics Issues With Ebola "Operation United Assistance"

The headline on Drudge today is MILITARY ARRIVES IN HOT ZONE the story is mostly a puff piece devoid of any useful content. The truth of the matter is that the US Military's capability to perform this sort of a mission is merely a shadow of what it once was, it's as if they learned nothing from Hurricane Katrina.

The Department of Defense is in such poor shape logistically that they had to place an emergency solicitation seeking companies in Europe to rent them Rough Terrain forklifts. Its the functional equivalent of trying rent tanks on the open market after the war has started.

This DoD photo from Liberia captures one of the few military fork trucks available working with one of the rental fork trucks.

The sad state of affairs is that DoD actually brags about its minuscule capability in one of their own press releases, trumpeting the fact that they only have one National Guard unit ( "the only unit of its kind") with such capability.

Frankly it is shocking that DoD has let itself degrade to this point. Certainly fork trucks aren't as sexy as aircraft or tanks, but a military runs on logistics and DoD used to have the brains to know that. Fork trucks are often the primary constraint in any such sort of operation, either military or commercial. Its a lack of $10K fork trucks that keeps Billions of dollars of aircraft and goods clogged up on airfields.

Of course the USA is not alone in this mess; the reason the Australians aren't responding to Western Africa is that they remember their own Fork Truck short comings when they tried to respond to West Timor in the 1990's. The only thing more militarily emasculating then barely being able to get your troops somewhere overseas, is not being able to get them back.

Of course, this sorry state of affairs doesn't just end with fork trucks. The US Military no longer has the smaller remote strip aircraft it needs to move cargo and personnel around deep woods Africa. The military gave those planes away, many to smoke jumper fire fighter units across the country.

So what does the does the Government do when it realizes it needs back the planes it gave to Smoke Jumper units? The answer is convoluted but simple, the Government mobilizes Alaskan Smoke Jumper Units to respond to West Africa via DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team). The end result is a Command and Control Cluster Mess with little to zero insightful press coverage.


Rough Terrain Container Handler required immediately for Ebola support Solicitation Number: SP3300-15-SS-7000

USAID DART: Alaska SmokeJumpers Deploying to Liberia Ebola Crisis

Aerosolizing ONE DROP of Ebola Infected Blood Can Kill 500,000 People

Fighting Ebola: why Australia can't send troops

Thursday, October 9, 2014

US Government Seeks To Award You $100K to $1Million For Your Ideas To Fight Ebola

USAID put out a Challenge solicitation today seeking ideas to help in the fight against Ebola; the award amount is $100,000 to $1,000,000.

Submissions maybe made to:

Email:  prior to October 20th
or after October 20th

Solutions Sought:

For the purposes of this Addendum USAID and partners specifically seek solutions that address the two focus areas below.2

 Approaches to enhance the protective equipment, care setting and tools used in the field to empower and protect healthcare workers
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Developing, testing, and scaling entirely novel PPE or modifications to current PPE that address issues of heat stress and comfort for healthcare workers
• Care Setting: Accelerating the development and scale-up of approaches to enhance the physical and procedural care environment relating to heat stress, comfort and the safety of healthcare workers and patients
• Health Care Worker Tools: Accelerating the development and scale of tools that improve the delivery of care to patients (e.g. rapid, point of care diagnostics or more efficient ways of moving samples and communicating results back to health care workers quickly)

Approaches that ensure communities receive and respond to timely, accurate, and actionable information about Ebola prevention and treatment

• Developing and scaling behavior change approaches to encourage— and dispel myths and misconceptions that discourage—care-seeking or interacting with health care authorities
• Improved information management and communication to the community on availability of beds in community care centers or emergency treatment facilities


The USAID Development Innovation Accelerator BAA for Fighting Ebola: A Grand Challenge for Development

Thursday, October 2, 2014

MAX ALERT: Carolina Hospital Connected To Texas Ebola Victim's Sister Readies 19 Ebola Beds

A Carolina hospital connected to the sister of the Texas Ebola victim is spooling up 19 Ebola Beds

  "At Carolinas Medical Center (CMC), they have 19 beds set aside in case they have to treat Ebola patients" 

Whats not being reported is that Texas Ebola victim Thomas Duncan's sister worked for Carolina Healthcare Systems in Charlotte as a health care worker. This information according to her LinkedIn page and also by photos from her Facebook page.

What her current connection is to Carolina is not completely understood, in fact it appears she may be currently working for the Texas Hospital where her brother is located. But, the actions of the Carolina Medical Center may indicate that person there did have had some sort of contact with the Texas Ebola patient.



Tuesday, September 30, 2014


CDC's time line of the Dallas Ebola victim's flight date and symptom onset date indicates a greater than 50% probability that the Dallas Ebola victim ACQUIRED HIS INFECTION DURING HIS FLIGHT.

Per the Center For Disease Control's very own Ebola simulation model, 50% of all Ebola infections develop symptoms five and a half days after infection. Given that the Dallas victim's symptom onset occurred within 6 days of his Liberian departure flight; it is most likely that he/she was infected on that flight by someone else on that flight who was actively shedding Ebola virus.

Since the Dallas victim is most likely a secondary infection, patient zero from that flight is still on the loose and more victims are to follow in the near term. The situation is potentially catastrophic because of the massive number of potential secondary victims who have no African travel history and are likely to not attract attention in any Emergency room until massive hemorrhaging has started.

CDC Ebola Symptom Onset Distribution Days After Infection



Aerosolizing ONE DROP of Ebola Infected Blood Can Kill 500,000 People

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

Ebola Bodily Fluids Readily Weaponizable Using An Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ebola Emergency ZMAPP Production Rates & Costs

CDC's "Lesser Of Evils" Double Standard On Health Care Worker Protection Indicates They Expect a Large Ebola Outbreak In USA

CDC Warns Hospitals On EBOLA "CONTAMINATED AIR" and Directs use of "Airborne Infection Isolation Room"s

Inhalation Ebola: Governments Ready For World War Ebola

CDC Sees AIRBORNE EBOLA Transmission, Issues Guidance For Aircraft Flight Crews, Cleaning & Cargo Crews

 CDC is already evacuating DOUBLE the number of expected Ebola infected personnel at a rate of 7 doctors per month

Monday, September 29, 2014

MAX ALERT Joplin Missouri: Nursing Student From Congo Dies Showing Respiratory Symptoms

Big hat tip to   for alerting us to this news out of Joplin Missouri.

 Over the weekend in Joplin, Missouri, a nursing student from the Congo died after he was spotted having respiratory symptoms while out on a walk. The local coroner attributes the death to cardiac arrest. The coroner is quoted as saying he "understood the victim had been in the U.S. long enough to have passed the incubation period for the disease"

Unfortunately the Coroner's statement has an aire of uncertainty about it. Moreover we also find Coroner's public Linkedin profile to be concerning as the is seems to indicate zero medical training, and that his prior employment was as county Sheriff.

We believe it would be wise for Public Health officials to start contact tracing on the victim to determine what the true exposure risk.

Did he have contact with other International students from Ebola infected areas? 

As a nursing student was he in any way involved in medical care in Ebola infected areas?

Hopefully the Coroner is correct in his diagnosis, but given the alignment of risk factors and the dangerous impact of a positive Ebola case,  further DETAILED investigation is needed to rule out Ebola and potentially even Enterovirus 68.


Mark Bridges coroner at newton county,mo

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Inside Missouri's Enterovirus Outbreak: 6 Year Old Girl Wakes Up To Find Her Legs Didn't Want To Work

There's a lot more going on with the current Enterovirus Outbreak than the public knows; we'll pull back the curtains a little bit on what the local Pediatricians here in the Saint Louis area are dealing with.

Likely the most important thing to know is that the local Pediatricians believe that multiple different strains of Enterovirus are surging locally. This belief seems to be based on the wide variety of symptoms being displayed by pediatric patients, it may or may not be the case.

And that brings us to the 6 year old girl who woke up one morning to find that her legs did not want to work. Her first symptoms started a week prior and they came in the following approximate order.

Day 1:  Burping, acid reflux
Day 2:  Stomach discomfort, minor nausea, burping acid reflux
Day 3:  Lethargy after moderate physical activity
Day 4:  Lethargy, Fever ~102F, Headache, slight back ache, & previous symptoms
Day 5:  Improvement after OTC medicine given, Fever remains ~100F
Day 6:  Continued improvement, minor scratchy Throat, leg complaints, Fever@ 99F, & previous symptoms
Day 7:  Profound calf pain in both legs upon awakening, significant difficulty walking, other symptoms improved

Diagnosis: Enterovirus, But D68 not suspected; throat is red but Strep test is negative; deemed not contagious while fever is under 100F

Treatment: Symptomatic using OTC medicine,

Day 8: All symptoms greatly improved
Day 9: Some stomach discomfort remains


Strange things are afoot in Missouri, the enterovirus outbreak seems to be very wide spread and victims may not necessarily show coughing, sneezing or other respiratory aspects.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Aerosolizing ONE DROP of Ebola Infected Blood Can Kill 500,000 People

One milliLiter of aerosolized Ebola infected blood is capable of infecting 10,000,000 people.
One DROP of  aerosolized Ebola infected blood is capable of infecting 500,000 people.

Those are the maximum boundary conditions for Airborne Ebola infection based on USAMRIID's report that an airborne dose of less than 10 Plaque Forming Units [PFU] is capable of creating an infection. Research indicates that one mL of Ebola infected blood often contains on the order of 100,000,000 PFU's.

Of course this begs the question, how much could one sneeze in a room infect?

The Answers:

One milliLiter of  Ebola infected blood, at maximum, is capable of infecting a 22,072 Square Foot room to the extent that taking one breath of air from that room would infect a person

One DROP of Ebola infected blood, at maximum, is capable of infecting a 1,104 Square Foot room to the extent that taking one breath of air from that room would infect a person

The key take away from this analysis is that an INSANELY small amount of Airborne Ebola has a MASSIVE infectious potential. In fact Ebola's infectious potential is so great that its not the amount of Ebola that is the infectious constraint, rather the constraint is how long Ebola can survive in the Air.

Unfortunately, According to the US Army's  Center for Aerobiological Sciences, Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland:

(1) Ebola has an aerosol stability that is comparable to Influenza-A

(2) Much like Flu, Airborne Ebola transmissions need Winter type conditions to maximize Aerosol infection

"Filoviruses, which are classified as Category A Bioterrorism Agents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA), have stability in aerosol form comparable to other lipid containing viruses such as influenza A virus, a low infectious dose by the aerosol route (less than 10 PFU) in NHPs, and case fatality rates as high as ~90% ."
"The mode of acquisition of viral infection in index cases is usually unknown. Secondary transmission of filovirus infection is typically thought to occur by direct contact with infected persons or infected blood or tissues. There is no strong evidence of secondary transmission by the aerosol route in African filovirus outbreaks. However, aerosol transmission is thought to be possible and may occur in conditions of lower temperature and humidity which may not have been factors in outbreaks in warmer climates [13]. At the very least, the potential exists for aerosol transmission, given that virus is detected in bodily secretions, the pulmonary alveolar interstitial cells, and within lung spaces"

In summary:

Quite possibly the only thing standing between us and a massive EBOLA outbreak is, Winter Weather and ONE Ebola infected sneeze.


Preparedness for Prevention of Ebola Virus Disease

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

Ebola Bodily Fluids Readily Weaponizable Using An Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ebola Emergency ZMAPP Production Rates & Costs

CDC's "Lesser Of Evils" Double Standard On Health Care Worker Protection Indicates They Expect a Large Ebola Outbreak In USA

CDC Warns Hospitals On EBOLA "CONTAMINATED AIR" and Directs use of "Airborne Infection Isolation Room"s

Inhalation Ebola: Governments Ready For World War Ebola

CDC Sees AIRBORNE EBOLA Transmission, Issues Guidance For Aircraft Flight Crews, Cleaning & Cargo Crews

 CDC is already evacuating DOUBLE the number of expected Ebola infected personnel at a rate of 7 doctors per month

Monday, September 22, 2014

US Government on H7N9 MERS EBOLA Pandemic Purchasing Spree: Millions for Adjuvanted Vaccine; Ventilators; Doxycycline Injections; Mobile Killing Chambers; Air MEDEVAC

Fall 2014 is starting to look much like Fall 2013 in terms of the Federal Government Pandemic Spending

In the last week:

(1) HHS gave Sanofi Pasteur $105 million to produce an adjuvanted H7N9 influenza vaccine; Last year they purchased the syringes needed to give EVERY American two of these vaccinations. Even more troubling the CDC had ALWAYS previously banned the use of adjuvanted flu vaccines in the USA because they were considered dangerous.

(2) HHS also gave PHILIPS RESPIRONICS  a $46 million dollar sweet heart deal funding the entire R&D development to production cycle of 10,000 Advanced All Hazard Stockpile Ventilators (AAHSV)

(3) The US Army ordered a stockpile of test reagents for H7N9 and MERS-CoV specifically
"in preparation for potential pandemic outbreak of H7N9 and/or novel Middle East Coronavirus".

(4) The Department of Defense has also placed a large order for Doxycycline Hyclate Injections to fill their Pandemic Influenza Stockpile. Interestingly, there is also a US Patent on the use of Doxycycline to spur blood serum treatments for Ebola, as has been recommended by WHO to treat Ebola infections. The supply has been directed to USNORTHCOM, meaning the outbreak is expected to occur in North America. It also just happens that this drug is currently in critically short supply in the US.

(5) The USDA has awarded a contract to build multiple Mobile Modified Atmosphere Killing Trailers

"for the depopulation of poultry in response to an animal health emergency such as a catastrophic infectious poultry disease" aka H7N9 Bird Flu

(6) And not to feel left out, The US State Department expects its going to have to do A LOT of Ultra high infectious containment Aeromedical Evacuations after February 2015. As such, they have put out an RFI seeking additional EBOLA type air ambulance medical flight airlift capability.

Of course all of these expenditures just scratch the surface of the pandemic preparations the US Government undertook in 2013. If the population had just an inkling of what was actively being prepared for, they'd be in Church as if it were Christmas and Easter combined.

Our Analysis:

H7N9 is low risk with medium impact. Its had every chance to go Global and has not. If it appears NATURALLY in the USA, hot points for infection are river deltas like San Francisco, Houston, and New Orleans

MERS is a low to medium risk with medium impact. MERS has had several chances to breakout at HAJJ and has not. But since MERS outbreaks have previously occurred 6 months out of phase with HAJJ, mostly in Spring camel birthing season, a human infection carry over into October might allow HAJJ to be fuel to the fire. That said, the spread of MERS seems to be tied to behaviors related to Eastern toilet habits and Islamic palliative care,

EBOLA is High Risk with High Impact. The experts at the ARMY's Aerobiological Science center report that Ebola has an airborne stability like Flu, and that Winter type weather may allow for airborne spread to occur. One must also consider the Airborne implications of Ebola victims have co-infections with Cold, Flu, Tuberculosis, or even seasonal allergies. All these factors make for the potential of an EXPLOSIVE number of Ebola cases in cold weather climates.

Source and background info:

Award is for the development of an adjuvanted pandemic influenza vaccine.

Advanced All-Hazards Stockpile Ventilator

preparation for potential pandemic outbreak of H7N9 and/or novel Middle East Coronavirus.

Doxycycline Injection

Doxycycline Hyclate Injection Shortage

Compositions and methods for treating hemorrhagic virus infections and other disorders

Mobile Modified Atmosphere Killing Trailers

Emergency Aero-Medical Services

US ARMY Says EBOLA = FLU in Airborne Stability, Needs Winter Weather To Go Airborne

[H7N9 Vaccine] New Information, Its MORE Dangerous Than Previously Thought

[ALERT!] ALL 300 Million American Citizens WILL Be Given TWO Experimental Adjuvant Laced H7N9 Vaccinations!

BIRD FLU: US Government quietly orders 600 Million syringes stockpiled in 10 Cities

CDC Contracting With Poison Control Centers and 2-1-1 to Create Public 'Phone-In' Bird Flu Triage Centers

Systems & Intrinsic Disorder: MERS-CoV's "Hard Shell" Is Key To Understanding Its Epidemiology