Friday, October 17, 2014

CDC Releases Epidemiological Analysis of Dr Brantly & Writebol Ebola Transmission In Africa- Says Aerosol To Us

The CDC has released their epidemiological investigation of how Dr Brantly and Nancy Writebol became infected with Ebola while in Liberia. Basically CDC could find no transmission chain among the 5 people in that Ebola cluster.

CDC's analysis is that nothing out of the ordinary happened, ie nothing directly points to airborne.
Of course nothing points to contact transmission either, butCDC assumses direct contact caused this Ebola cluster. Our suspicion has been that Brantly & Writebol became infected as Writebol sprayed Brantly with Clorox water; that spraying action aerosolized the contamination on Brantly's protective suit.



  1. What about the men who were power washing the vomit in Dallas?
    They had no gloves, shoe protectors, masks, hazmat suits. High
    risk? You betcha. And, the people Duncan lived in close quarters with
    while he was contagious. Surely, one person would have contracted
    the virus. Have read nothing about these people. Strange indeed.

  2. there is a possible ebola case tied to Duncan's apartment complex. She came down with a fever and started puking while she was on a DART line; supposedly she was on no watch list because she was not at risk. Better hope she does not have Ebola

  3. Interesting. Thank you. How incompetent can this gov. be. It is the
    same with every disaster.