Thursday, October 9, 2014

US Government Seeks To Award You $100K to $1Million For Your Ideas To Fight Ebola

USAID put out a Challenge solicitation today seeking ideas to help in the fight against Ebola; the award amount is $100,000 to $1,000,000.

Submissions maybe made to:

Email:  prior to October 20th
or after October 20th

Solutions Sought:

For the purposes of this Addendum USAID and partners specifically seek solutions that address the two focus areas below.2

 Approaches to enhance the protective equipment, care setting and tools used in the field to empower and protect healthcare workers
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Developing, testing, and scaling entirely novel PPE or modifications to current PPE that address issues of heat stress and comfort for healthcare workers
• Care Setting: Accelerating the development and scale-up of approaches to enhance the physical and procedural care environment relating to heat stress, comfort and the safety of healthcare workers and patients
• Health Care Worker Tools: Accelerating the development and scale of tools that improve the delivery of care to patients (e.g. rapid, point of care diagnostics or more efficient ways of moving samples and communicating results back to health care workers quickly)

Approaches that ensure communities receive and respond to timely, accurate, and actionable information about Ebola prevention and treatment

• Developing and scaling behavior change approaches to encourage— and dispel myths and misconceptions that discourage—care-seeking or interacting with health care authorities
• Improved information management and communication to the community on availability of beds in community care centers or emergency treatment facilities


The USAID Development Innovation Accelerator BAA for Fighting Ebola: A Grand Challenge for Development

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