Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Is Virulent Black Death Outbreak Tied To Admitted Gay Fetish-Murder Triangle Plague Researcher?

UPDATE 10/30/17: Based on insider information coming out of the Feinberg School of Medicine from folk(s) directly familiar with Wyndham Lathem and the possibility that this Plague outbreak is his work, we are raising this outbreak to  Maximum Alert situation.

The highly unusual outbreak of airborne Pneumonic Plague in Madagascar may be manmade and of higher threat to humanity than might otherwise be expected.

In August the PORTBLOG team warned about the potential for an outbreak of Pneumonic Plague tied to the arrest one of the world's top Pneumonic Plague researcher's as the mastermind behind a truly bizarre gay fetish murder triangle.

Fast forward two months, and a highly unusual Pneumonic Plague outbreak is underway in Madagascar, and it has been declared at risk of spreading internationally via air travel.

Here is what we know about the guy who might be behind this unusual outbreak:

(1) He admitted he recently traveled to Madagascar

(2) He was appointed to lead Pneumonic Plague research at the Pasteur Institute in Paris

(3) French Authorities strangely killed his security clearance to handle BioWeapons

(4) He returned to the USA and apparently masterminded a Fetish Murder Ritual with a stranger to murder multiple people, including himself and his coconspirator.

(5) His apparent profile fits the type of person who would engage in a Bioterror murder.

(6) He researched and engineered virulent forms of airborne Plague bacteria in his lab

(7) The time frame is right for him to have seeded Pneumonic Plague in Madagascar

(8) A highly unusually airborne outbreak of Pneumonic Plague has occurred in Madagascar

(9) Since his arrest Wyndham Lathem admitted that: 'he's not the person people thought he was'.

UPDATED ON 10/26 TO ADD ITEMS (10) and (11)

(10) This is a photo of his LAB door at Northwestern, note he sees himself as the villains JOKER and Lucius Malfoy. We know what Batman's Joker did with BioWeapons, and that Malfoy ancestors had used Plague to murder muggles.

(11) The US ARMY has released a request for experimental drugs to fight Biowarfare versions of Plague.

UPDATED 10/28 to add Item (12)

(12) During the time frame he traveled to Madagascar and was appointed to be the Lead  Plague scientist at Institut Pasteur he would have known that this Airborne Outbreak would result in a massive amount of Funding Grants and Television interviews for him. A force multiplier for that money and fame motive is it would also fulfill the Fetish Murder Desires that eventually resulted in his arrest for murder.

UPDATED 10/31 to add Item (13)

(13) Lathem has been working on genetically modifying Pneumonic Plague, his published work on suppressing the expression of Plasminogen-Activating Protease (Pla) could produce a Pneumonic Plague that exhibits unusual disease progression seen in Madagascar, ie lower death rates with increased opportunity for transmission.

None of this proves that Wyndham Lathem is behind the outbreak, but it is coincidence enough that prudent persons might make preparations for a Global outbreak much like the World Bank just did yesterday (10/24).


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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Oroville Update: Survival Window Is Closing

Oroville Lake levels are rising
Spillway hillside at heightened risk of collapse
All water outflow has been stopped to ease collapse risk
Feather river  being deepened to mitigate risk of hillside collapse
Rain is forecast, zero outflow cannot be maintained for ever, hence the survival window is closing.

Any or all of the following situations we believe require IMMEDIATE risk mitigation actions

1. Hillside landslide blocking Feather river
2. Flooded Power House
3. Any use of Spillways combined with High Lake levels

Expected actions from the CA_DWR included:

1 Deepening the channel flowing around the debris dam
2 Lining the debris dam to prevent erosion from Power House flow
3 Stabilize eroded areas of the spillway hillside

The limited ability to carry out the above 3 actions is what is closing the survival window.


ALERT! Oroville Dam is Lost if the Hyatt Power Plant Floods

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Oroville Dam Fault Mode Analysis: If the Hyatt Power Plant floods the Dam is lost

The primary constraint controlling risk mitigation decisions at Oroville Dam has been flooding of the Hyatt Power Plant; if the Power Plant floods the Dam is lost. The Power Plant is at risk because the failed spillway is cutting the hillside resulting in a debris dam and water back flow to the power house. Its for these reasons that the Emergency spillway was utilized.

Without that bit of insight the decision to use the Emergency spillway seems incredible stupid, as it obviously has a greater risk of head cutting erosion into the Dam than the damaged spillway. But at the time, it would seem the California Department of Water Resources thought the risk of hillside giving way at the primary spillway and flooding the PowerHouse was the primary risk.

Unfortunately now that the Emergency Spillway is at risk of catastrophic failure, there currently are no safe ways of regulating lake levels. That situation may change as the debris dam is pared down and the Power House regains the ability to spill water through the turbines.

If lake levels can be maintained solely using the turbine exhaust the Dam failure risk is greatly reduced. But as long as water discharges from the primary spill way remain outside of their designed path, loss of control of the Dam remain high; the only safety buffer being low lake levels.

Source Links:

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