Monday, July 18, 2016

Was Baton Rouge Shooter's Black Mercedes Stopped As A Suspect Vehicle In The Dallas Shooting?

The Baton Rouge cop killer was in Dallas around the time of the police murders there, we wonder if it was the Baton Rouge shooter's black Mercedes that was stopped as a suspect vehicle in the Dallas shootings. Below is a photo taken from the Baton Rouge shooters own twitter feed is him posing next that vehicle. Given both shooters co-location, obvious political similarities, and similar claims of being lone unaffiliated gunman; one has to wonder if they were not lone actors.

Another thing thats not being reported is that Baton Rouge shooter seemingly found Jesse Williams BET speech on whiteness to be inspirational and even blogged about it.

Video of the Baton Rouge Shooter at the His & Her Barbershop in Dallas Texas trying to drum up new recruits: