Monday, September 19, 2016

ALERT! Indication NY / NJ Bomber Was Handling Nuclear Materials / Making Dirty Bomb

The pox marks on the New York / New Jersey bomber face are indicative of someone who has been improperly handling nuclear materials (ala "nuclear boyscout David Hahn). We suspect that Ahmad Khan Rahami may have laced his pressure cooker bombs with Americium 241 removed from smoke detectors. As a strong Alpha emitter Americium may be difficult to detect in a dispersed state with a Geiger counter, yet Am241 can still cause significant lung damage. Other nuclear materials cannot be ruled out either.

That said we cannot rule out that possibility that Rahami has a larger dirty nuke device set to go off somewhere. In that regard, it would be wise to take preemptive precautions, as any such indication of nuclear materials could cause widespread panic and as such that information would tend to be suppressed by the authorities until after such a device has gone off or the threat has been removed

Unfortunately since the Authorities are unlikely to give out public warning information, we can only weigh the risks by first noticing the unusual state of Rahami's face and comparing the photo of him taken moments ago (above)  against the various mugshots released by the NJ State Police (below); based on that its clear that Acne can be ruled out. 

The lack of pox marks on his extremities would tend to rule out bio-materials, such as smallpox etc. But, an examination of his chest would be more helpful in that regard.

However the marks on Rahami's face are a match to the radioactive damage shown on the photo below of "nuclear boyscout" David Hahn. Hahn's damage is much worse as it is longer term.
All that said, one can not rule out Meth Face either; and that would make an effective cover story.