Friday, January 15, 2016

CDC on 30 Day Hair Trigger For US EBOLA Outbreak

The CDC has released an urgent solicitation with a 30 day completion time frame for
 "for an urgently needed, rapidly deployable, web-based IT platform that can integrate, manage, analyze, visualize, report on and share epidemiological, laboratory, mortality, contact tracing, travelers screening, and other data related to support public health response activities during Ebola or other viral hemorrhagic fever Modules in the United States"
Based on Federal Register notices the Ebola threat is expect to come from the French speaking (Islamic) parts of Africa; as the CDC expects to track roughly 8000 Ebola symptom showing air travelers entering the United States from French speaking Africa.

Of course the public is much less concerned about Ebola because of all the media fluff about effective Ebola vaccines, but the fact is the Ebola vaccines are so ineffective that the FDA has had to drop the efficacy challenge dose by over 10,000% from 1000 airborne Ebola viral particles down to just 10 airborne Ebola viral particles.

To frame the viral dose into something you can easily understand, a drop of Ebola infected blood roughly the size of the period at the end of this sentence will used by the FDA to infect 100 vaccinated test subjects with airborne Ebola.  By setting the test dose that low, at least some of the vaccine companies will be able to claim that their Ebola vaccines work, and will as a result get huge vaccine orders from the Government. Of course, such "positive" news would also work to soothe a potentially panicked public that an "effective" Ebola vaccine is on the way.

The real danger from Ebola lies in the fact a very few cases could shut down the entire medical system within the United States. Setting terrorism aside, we suspect that IF such a US outbreak where to happen it would most likely be caused by an Ebola survivor spreading Ebola as a sexually transmitted disease into the upper respiratory system of a sexual contact. Such an infection would spread Ebola via the airborne route PRIOR to symptom onset; and no CDC guidelines exist to even detect such spread. As a result, a USA Ebola outbreak would publicly appear to virtually go from nothing to massive is an exceedingly short period of time.


DCIPHER for Ebola Event Response Platform, Solicitation Number: 2015-N-17649

FDA licensed BioDefense Therapeutic: Solicitation Number: W911QY-16-R-0002

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