Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ALERT! CDC Sees AIRBORNE EBOLA Transmission, Issues Guidance For Aircraft Flight Crews, Cleaning & Cargo Crews

Update 8/4
Adding Ebola infected bodily fluids to an ultrasonic humidifier is close to all it takes to weaponize Ebola into a bioweapon of mass destruction


The CDC has just issued an "Interim Guidance about Ebola Virus Infection for Airline Flight Crews, Cleaning Personnel, and Cargo Personnel" 
The guide is heavily directed at preventing Airborne Transmission within Aircraft.

Three key CDC directions jump out:

1: The CDC primary concern is Airborne Contamination

  • Keep the sick person separated from others as much as possible.
  • Provide the sick person with a surgical mask (if the sick person can tolerate wearing one) to reduce the number of droplets expelled into the air by talking, sneezing, or coughing.
  • Give tissues to a sick person who cannot tolerate a mask. Provide a plastic bag for disposing of used tissues.
  • Wear impermeable disposable gloves for direct contact with blood or other body fluids.

  • 2:  The CDC is directing cleaning crews not to use compressed air to clean aircraft.
    • Do not use compressed air, which might spread infectious material through the air

    3: The CDC is once again threating legal action for flight crews that don't report passenger illnesses



    ALERT! Suspected US "EBOLA" Case Not Tested, As 60 Exposed Missionaries Evacuate to USA

    EBOLA Detection Kits Deployed to National Guard Units In All 50 States

    ALERT! Suspected US "EBOLA" Case Not Tested, As 60 Exposed Missionaries Evacuate to USA

    A CMC hospital spokesman in Charlotte is quoted as stating that "Ebola testing will not be performed" on a suspected EBOLA case because he/she has tested positive for Malaria. This seems to be a very high risk proposition given that some Malaria tests are known to have high false positive rates, and Ebola is known to produce Malaria type symptoms. Nor does having Malaria preclude one from also having Ebola.

    Moreover, not testing for EBOLA seems to be the height of medical irresponsibility given that Charlotte is the home base for a known Ebola case, and that 60 more Charlotte based missionaries who have a known Ebola exposure are being evacuated back to the United States.

    Finally, if and when Ebola does enter the United States all pressures will be to under report the situation as the economic panic consequences are considered high.


    EBOLA Detection Kits Deployed to National Guard Units In All 50 States

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    Kentucky Tobacco Smokes Out An Ebola Treatment; Phase 1 Clinical Trials Contracting Now

    Update 8/4
    Adding Ebola infected bodily fluids to an ultrasonic humidifier is close to all it takes to weaponize Ebola into a bioweapon of mass infection


    The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is giving MAPP Biopharmaceutical a sole source cost plus contract to produce ZMapp™, an Ebola Zaire monoclonal antibody cocktail for use in a DTRA's phase one Ebola treament clinical trials.

     ZMapp™ is a compromised of LeafBio's proprietary Ebola-specific antibody drug MB-003 combined with Defyrus’ ZMAb antibody portfolio.  ZMapp is being harvested in Owensboro Kentucky from antibodies produced by flowering tobacco plants (Nicotiana).

    Whether this treatment course will be made available to the American missionary team which has contracted Ebola is unknown.


    MB-2003: An Ebola Virus Countermeasure     Solicitation Number: HDTRA1-13-C-0018-P00003

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    SURVEILLANCE ALERT! CDC Immigration Unit Using Wisconsin School System As a Petri Dish For Pandemic Early Warning

    There something unethical about using a school system as vertebral Petri dish to run infectious disease epidemiological experiments.

    CDC and HHS are dumping  illegal immigrants (and legitimate refugees) into Wisconsin's school system with seemingly little to no effective  preventative medical care, and as such the CDC sees this as an opportunity to use an undisclosed school system in Wisconsin  as a Pandemic Canary in a Coal Mine for advanced warning of a Pandemic outbreak.
    "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),
    National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
    (NCEZID), Division of Global Migration and Quarantine (DGMQ),
    requests approval of a new information collection to better
    understand the triggers, timing and duration of the use of
    school related measures for preventing and controlling the
    spread of influenza during the next pandemic
    The information collection for which approval is sought is
    in accordance with DGMQ/CDC’s mission to reduce morbidity and mortality in mobile populations, and to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable diseases within the United States. Insights gained from this information collection will assist in the planning and implementation of CDC
    Pre-Pandemic Guidance on the use of school related measures,
    including school closures, to slow transmission during an
    influenza pandemic."

    Odds are that the same thing is happening in other states, but CDC apparently thinks Wisconsin has the most suitable "mobile" population. In that regard, news media has been reporting that thousands of children of Central America are being sent to Wisconsin. The CDC plans to monitor approximately 1500 of these kids.

    "Milwaukee, WI (WTAQ) - Wisconsin might end up housing some of the thousands of children who are now flooding into the country from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has asked the Catholic Charities organization to look for places that can handle the unaccompanied children. Father David Bergner of Catholic Charities in Milwaukee says he's been asked to find potential sites that could hold 100-to-300 kids."

    In short,  what this public health debacle means is that you really really don't won't your kids in that school system; the CDC is eying it for a reason. A reason that might not exist if CDC and HHS took better preventative action before dumping these kids into a school system like they were swabbing bacteria into a petri dish. Even in the 1900's they at least knew enough to run new comers through a quarantine-able Ellis ISLAND before sending them on their merry way.

    Heck, maybe its possible the CDC is just nostalgic for all those diseases public health wiped out of the United States in the 1900's. Maybe its all just part of some sort of EPA mandate to reintroduce endangered bacterial and viral fauna back into their old stomping ground. After all, whats the worse that could happen except increased job security for the CDC.


    Central American immigrants could be coming to Wisconsin

    Thursday, July 17, 2014

    ALERT! 777 Shoot Down Video Shows CHAFF Was Deployed, Points to Fighter Jet Involvement

    The video below is purported to be of the 777 shoot down in Ukraine. Note that @11 seconds into the video Chaff streamers are floating down on to the wreckage site. Chaff is dispensed from military aircraft to obscure an aircraft from RADAR and RADAR guided missiles. The presence of the Chaff indicates something is not right about the story being told.

    IF this is video of the 777 shoot down in Ukraine, it indicates that a military aircraft was involved in the shoot down. This could be anything from a fighter actually shooting down the 777, to a fighter shadowing the 777 and having to launch Chaff to avoid a missile.

    What ever the case, the glittering streamers and specs in the video show that the official story being told is not correct.


    Based on video we've seen of bodies at the crash site, its clear that it was a lower speed crash as the bodies have limbs intact. This means that when MH17 went down there were some controllable lifting surfaces. The fact that there was a large fireball indicates fuel tanks were mostly intact before impact.

    The above information leads us to the following different scenarios:

    1. The 777 engines were FODded by the Chaff fired from a fighter jet shadowing it; resulting in the crash.

    2.  The Ukrainian fighter jets we're shadowing the B777 thinking the Russians would not shoot at them.

    3.  Shooting down a commercial airliner and being able to site the detection of a Ukrainian fighter jet as the reason fits right up Russia's propaganda alley.

    4. Russian aircraft intercepted the B777 and were targeted by a fire control RADAR resulting in CHAFF dispersal.

    Having the cockpit voice and data recorder would give a lot more insight, but given the pretty obvious nature of what has happened and the lack of reporting on the CHAFF, it seems clear all sides have something to hide.

    Update 2:

    If you want to more insight into this particular type of CHAFF, Google 'Continuous Stream Saturation CHAFF foil'

    Source Video:

    Tuesday, July 8, 2014

    PANDEMIC ALERT: US Military In All-Out-Rush To Get Flu Vaccine by August; Sites "Real Harm" & "Unusual and Compelling Urgency"

    The Defense Logistics Agency has placed a no-bid order for Influenza Vaccine based on  "Unusual and Compelling Urgency".  The order states that 70% of the vaccine order must be met by August and the remainder in September. Much of the information about the order is "redacted" aka SECRET.

    The contract for the vaccine states:
    "In the absence of timely delivered vaccine, the Government faces real harm and expense"
    The obvious explanation for such a sudden off-season demand for flu-vaccine is the detection of H1N1 Swine Flu. The detections were made in the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION camps which have been set up on military bases.

    It seems clear that the US Military sees a real threat of a severe influenza pandemic resulting from the massive border crossings and pandemic breeding grounds surrounding the detention camps on military bases.

    Of course the risk is not just limited to the Military; the procurement contract also states:
    "The use of this authority is necessary because the current supplier of the subject vaccine is unable to meet all the technical requirements of the vaccine. [redacted] The Government must secure an order by July 2, 2014 in order to meet the Services' required delivery time frames of 70% of quantity delivered by August 29, 2014 and the remaining quantity by September 30, 2014."

    Given the manufacturing problems referenced at the current manufacturer, we expect the public will experience a shortage of Flu Shots. We are also concerned that the Flu shots which will be made available may not be up quality standards.

    Based on the Centers For Disease Control recent online Pandemic Influenza training modules, the CDC is expecting a strong anti-illegal-immigrant backlash as 27% of CDC's Pandemic course is soley about stigmatization of "special populations".

    The CDC has two plans of attack regarding the Stigmatization of"Special populations" spreading Pandemic Influenza.

    1. "raise awareness and understanding among the dominant group about stigmatization or"

    2. "wait for the pandemic to become so pervasive in the dominant group that it eliminates the distinctions by race, ethnicity, profession, or other identifiable characteristics."

    By default it seems the initial reaction from Public Health authorities is to choose Political Correctness over human lives. In that regard, the US, Canada, and Mexico have just entered into a Pandemic agreement to ensure that signatories strive to share Pandemic information with each other prior to sharing it with the public.

    "The Declaration indicates that these countries intend to:
    • exchange with each other statements and plans pertaining to health emergencies before releasing them to the public
    • notify other proper authorities of their respective countries when the Declaration is cited;
    • hold meetings as they deem necessary in order to amend and review the Declaration; and
    • perform a communications test every year to refine joint coordination. (Press Release, supra.)"

    As it stands, the Defense Department is prepping for an Influenza Pandemic and indications are that if such a pandemic does occur the public will not be informed in time to take useful precautions.

    We expect that an pandemic outbreak is most likely to start in camps where the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] is concentrating illegal aliens. Prime among those high risk disease locations is Los Fresnos, Tx where the DHS has just sent 50,000 toothbrushes, shoes, shirts, bras, and panties.


    Influenza Vaccine
    Contract Award Number: SPE2DP14C0002 
    Agency: Defense Logistics Agency

    DHS Sets Up Refugee Camp: Sends ~50,000 Toothbrushes, Socks, Shoes, Bras, Panties, & Shirts to Los Fresnos, Tx

    Thursday, July 3, 2014

    DHS Sets Up Refugee Camp: Sends ~50,000 Toothbrushes, Socks, Shoes, Bras, Panties, & Shirts to Los Fresnos, Tx

    [VIDEO with more details to be inserted here, after July 4th]

    As we warned was going to happen 6 months ago, the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has awarded orders for a massive surge of clothing and hygiene support for what appears to be a surge illegal immigration refuge camp being set up near the Port Isabel Immigration and Detention Center [PIDC] in Los Fresnos, Tx.

    Based on recent DHS Fedbizopps documents, the PIDC is rated to hold a maximum of 1,200 MALE detainees. "The breakdown is as follows: 10% Criminal (9% Medium Risk, 1% High Risk)" 
    The average stay time at the locations is approximately 3 weeks.  Interestingly enough PIDC just scrapped requirements for a  "Population Surge Plan" in a Detention Guard contract.  With that information in mind, and the orders for 50,000+ toothbrushes, Socks, Shoes, plus similarity sized orders of Bras, Panties, and Mens Shirts ordered to arrive at PIDC within the next 30 days, its pretty clear that a separately run refugee camp city is being set up near PIDC. We estimate the average population will be around 20,000 detainees.

    PDIC is a good location for such a neighboring refugee camp because it has a "Con-Air" JPATS Justice Prisoner & Alien Transportation System Airport attached to the grounds. Source documentation shows that detainees that are thru traffic are not given a uniform or clothes, where as illegals being held on detention do get shoes, clothes and etc, with the clothing/ laundry cycle being once per week.

    Obama Policy Shift:

    The illegal immigrant population is surging because President Obama has lured them in by dangling an amnesty carrot in front of them. The methodology has been for the illegals to turn themselves in at the border, where they would be documented and rapidly transported and released in locations away from the border. The massive orders for detainee 'uniforms' indicates a faux get tough response. In that regard, a Congressional compromise may be under way to get these people rapidly adjudicated through immigration courts as part of an amnesty plan.

    Notes of interest:

    The 50,000 toothbrushes ordered is indicative of the size of the influx expected in the next 30 days as toothbrushes are an individual item that won't be reissued to a different detainee.

    The Mens shirt requirement was for 4oz shirts; this is an unusually thin shirt. The industry standard "thin" t-shirt is 4.5 oz.  This may indicate that DHS is directing contracts to a specific manufacturer.
    Additionally, DHS ordered shirts ranging in size from Small to 2xl, but they ordered ZERO xl shirts. This may mean DHS has a full stock of XL men's shirts on hand.

    The requirements for these orders specify no loading dock, aka pick up truck delivery.


    Homeland Security Fears Mass Migration AND Orders 141,160 Rounds Of Hornady 168 gr. A-MAX® TAP PRECISION® Ammunition

    ALERT! 20,000+ Person ICE Detention Camp Being Setup Near Los Fresnos, Texas

    Solicitation Number: 192114FAO00000113-1

    Solicitation Number: HSCEDM-14-R-00003

    Solicitation Number: 192114FAO00000139

    Solicitation Number: FAO00000143

    Solicitation Number: 19214FAO00000141