Thursday, July 3, 2014

DHS Sets Up Refugee Camp: Sends ~50,000 Toothbrushes, Socks, Shoes, Bras, Panties, & Shirts to Los Fresnos, Tx

[VIDEO with more details to be inserted here, after July 4th]

As we warned was going to happen 6 months ago, the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has awarded orders for a massive surge of clothing and hygiene support for what appears to be a surge illegal immigration refuge camp being set up near the Port Isabel Immigration and Detention Center [PIDC] in Los Fresnos, Tx.

Based on recent DHS Fedbizopps documents, the PIDC is rated to hold a maximum of 1,200 MALE detainees. "The breakdown is as follows: 10% Criminal (9% Medium Risk, 1% High Risk)" 
The average stay time at the locations is approximately 3 weeks.  Interestingly enough PIDC just scrapped requirements for a  "Population Surge Plan" in a Detention Guard contract.  With that information in mind, and the orders for 50,000+ toothbrushes, Socks, Shoes, plus similarity sized orders of Bras, Panties, and Mens Shirts ordered to arrive at PIDC within the next 30 days, its pretty clear that a separately run refugee camp city is being set up near PIDC. We estimate the average population will be around 20,000 detainees.

PDIC is a good location for such a neighboring refugee camp because it has a "Con-Air" JPATS Justice Prisoner & Alien Transportation System Airport attached to the grounds. Source documentation shows that detainees that are thru traffic are not given a uniform or clothes, where as illegals being held on detention do get shoes, clothes and etc, with the clothing/ laundry cycle being once per week.

Obama Policy Shift:

The illegal immigrant population is surging because President Obama has lured them in by dangling an amnesty carrot in front of them. The methodology has been for the illegals to turn themselves in at the border, where they would be documented and rapidly transported and released in locations away from the border. The massive orders for detainee 'uniforms' indicates a faux get tough response. In that regard, a Congressional compromise may be under way to get these people rapidly adjudicated through immigration courts as part of an amnesty plan.

Notes of interest:

The 50,000 toothbrushes ordered is indicative of the size of the influx expected in the next 30 days as toothbrushes are an individual item that won't be reissued to a different detainee.

The Mens shirt requirement was for 4oz shirts; this is an unusually thin shirt. The industry standard "thin" t-shirt is 4.5 oz.  This may indicate that DHS is directing contracts to a specific manufacturer.
Additionally, DHS ordered shirts ranging in size from Small to 2xl, but they ordered ZERO xl shirts. This may mean DHS has a full stock of XL men's shirts on hand.

The requirements for these orders specify no loading dock, aka pick up truck delivery.


Homeland Security Fears Mass Migration AND Orders 141,160 Rounds Of Hornady 168 gr. A-MAX® TAP PRECISION® Ammunition

ALERT! 20,000+ Person ICE Detention Camp Being Setup Near Los Fresnos, Texas

Solicitation Number: 192114FAO00000113-1

Solicitation Number: HSCEDM-14-R-00003

Solicitation Number: 192114FAO00000139

Solicitation Number: FAO00000143

Solicitation Number: 19214FAO00000141

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  1. The health concerns relating to this border situation are reminding me of two topics that you posted a great deal about over the past year: 1.) the HHS's pandemic preparations (apparently for Chinese bird flu) and also 2.) the stories about the federal government making arrangements for federal officials to take over state-level departments of health in the event of a large-scale health emergency. Do you think that this (planned) border crisis was really what all of those preparations were for?

    By the way, did you see these two links, which were posted to Drudge?


    "... “Right now, you’re not going to hear this, but we have Tuberculosis, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, Chagas disease – previously eradicated from Southern California – on the rise and testing positive in … Border Patrol agents,” Savage said.... Other diseases emerging among Border Patrol agents, he said, include H1N1 Swine flu and chicken pox...."

    (It says he has a PhD in epidemiology. Didn't know that.)