Friday, February 7, 2014

Homeland Security Fears Mass Migration AND Orders 141,160 Rounds Of Hornady 168 gr. A-MAX® TAP PRECISION® Ammunition

Immigration and Customs Enforcement snuck in a slow news cycle Friday order for 141,160 rounds of Hornady .308  PRECISION TAP (sniper) rounds. Obviously this isn't going to be used to stop illegal border immigration, since that doesn't seem to be in their functional job description. So what do you do with nearly 150K rounds of sniper ammo.

Maybe they plan to walk this sniper ammo across the border to feed all those weapons that ATF walked (and probably is still walking over the border). After all, surely the Sinaloa cartel can field more snipers than ICE; certainly such a gambit might help stop a mass uncontrolled migration into the USA.

 Or maybe ICE thinks thats Steve Hornady needs some funds to drape another skinned lion over the rafters in his office. Or maybe ICE just needs an outlet to keep its agents busy and occupied since nothing is happening on the border.

Or maybe they just want to keep ammunition availability low while the President decrees Executive Orders to remove lead from all commercial ammunition; after all those A-Max bullets are gonna should up in price when making lead versions requires special runs and permits.

Or it could be that ICE is expecting some major destabilization (ala Syria) in Mexico and a potential mass attempt of migration across the border; hmmm refuge camps in Texas. ICE has a explicit order out for sources that can support
"Planning, Briefing, and Reporting Anlaysis for Emergency Response and Mass Migration Support"
(yes they misspelled analysis )


Hornady .308 Win 168gr A-MAX TAP AmmunitionSolicitation Number: HSCEMS-14-Q-00004

Planning, Briefing, and Reporting Anlaysis for Emergency Response and Mass Migration SupportSolicitation Number: HSCEDM-14-R-54321

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