Wednesday, February 19, 2014

UTMOST ALERT! ~1 Bq of AIRBORNE PLUTONIUM + AMERICIUM Detected: The Document Trail Points To a RADIATION INDUCED EXPLOSION At DOE Plutonium Disposal Plant

UPDATE 2/20/14:
DEADLY WARNING! The Radiation release is over 14,400 TIMES GREATER THAN WAS BELIEVED, hence all values reported below are significantly underestimated.
DEADLY WARNING! Nearly ELEVEN THOUSAND Becquerels per Cubic Meter of Radioactive Pu239 + Am241 Air Released In New Mexico

UPDATE: CEMRC reports they found 0.64 Bq of Americium 241 & 0.092 Bq of Plutonium 239+240 in the air filter 1/2 mi away from

Those contamination values mean that a person directly down wind during that time period inhaled 36 TRILLION Plutonium atoms. Assuming normal breathing rates, and uniform distribution, a person would have had to be on site for 3.6 hours to have inhaled 1 TRILLION Plutonium atoms, one of which would have released an Alpha Radiation particle INSIDE of his/her lungs.


We believe that it is unlikely that the DOE WIPP site has Air Filtration systems capable of surviving an explosion.

We looked through the recent paper trail of activities at DOE's WIPP plant in New Mexico, to see what current processes or activities could have resulted in that radioactive airborne contamination reported at the site.

Our conclusion is that IF there was a true radiological  event at WIPP, and not a false alarm detecting Fukushima radiation, it is most likely a Radioactive Explosion tied to the radiation generated Hydrogen, Methane, and Volatile Organic Compounds from hazardous wastes materials associated with and contained in highly radioactive transuranic waste containers, which are too radioactive to be directly handled by humans.

A search of documentation indicates that the WIPP site was trying to remove EPA requirements that they test for the presence of Hydrogen, Methane, and VOC's. On top of that, the WIPP site was trying to implement a cheaper way of sealing up the radioactive tombs (referred to as PANELS by WIPP)  using loose salt and steel doors; as opposed to the giant concrete plug which their site approval was based upon. It appears to us that that Panel Closure design, known as "ROMPCS" (see below) could potential trap hydrogen in the loose salt used to "seal' the tunnels to the tombs.

It just so happens that one such tomb, Panel Closure 6, had just been completely filled up with transuranic waste and was either recently sealed or in the processes of being sealed; as a result PANEL #7 had just been opened for business.  Just prior to the "event" at WIPP the following document trail occurred. Note the Item in Blue was requested 3 days prior to the "radiological event"

Below is a the Panel Closure System originally approved by the EPA

This is the cheaper (we believe more likely to trap explosive gases) design WIPP wants/IS? using on Panel 6


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