Friday, February 28, 2014

Insider WIPP Information Indicates PLUTONIUM CLOUD WAS MUCH LARGER Than Previously Calculated!

The POTRBLOG team has received additional inside information in a response to our analysis of WIPP's statements that it was using scaffolding, attempting to 'STABALIZE' the mine's ventilation system, and were bringing in outside experts to help with the stabilization effort (prima facie evidence of explosion damage).

The insider, who has proven him/herself to be a reliable source of WIPP information, gave us some very shocking information in reference to our report about the ventilation system and HEPA filters at WIPP.

As a result of that information, we will have to revise UPWARDS our calculation of the volumetric size of the Plutonium cloud released from the WIPP site on Valentine's Day evening. The revision comes because we had estimated the release time to have occurred over a 30 second period based on statements, which we had accepted as being truthful, of automatic HEPA filter activation, which only took "brief moments"

Based on the new information, and the historically credible nature of the provider, we are revising the Plutonium release event time estimate to have occurred over a period of 5 to 20 minutes (if not longer). This means that the volumetric size of the Plutonium Cloud was 10 to maybe 100 TIMES larger than previously calculated. We will follow up with calculations in the near future.

We would like to expound in detail on the information the insider provided, but have been ask to hold back the shocking details. Given that the release has already happened, we will hold back the details of  the systemic failure at the WIPP facility. But, we won't hold back on how that information influences that math of WIPP's Plutonium release. However, it does make it clear to us that no information provided by WIPP can be trusted at face value. Be ready to evacuate on a moment's notice, within 200 miles, of further activity at WIPP.

Moreover, when the information that was shared with us does come out, we believe that there should be a Special Prosecutor appointed, and people should ask what DOE, WIPP, & CERMC knew, and when they knew it.


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