Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DOE Caught Bending The Truth Again! Falsely Claims Release Material Was Predominately Americium.


"The release material was predominantly americium-241, material which is consistent with the waste disposed of at the WIPP. This is a radionuclide used in consumer smoke detectors and a contaminant in nuclear weapons manufacturing." 

Of course this is not DOE's first FALSEHOOD about the WIPP site. For SIX days after the Plutonium Cloud was released on February 14th,  DOE reassured people that there was no above ground radioactive release. DOE's tune changed 2 DAYS AFTER the POTRBLOG team posted our mathematical analysis, on February 18th,  Our analysis was  based on insider information that WIPP had detected MILLIONS of Radioactive Disintegrations Per Minute [DPM's]. Two days later on  February 20th,  DOE sheepishly admitted that they had  indeed  detected 4.4 Million DPM's

It seems today, once again, we are going to have to use math to make the DOE admit the truth again, namely that DOE's Radioactive Cloud contained  490% MORE PLUTONIUM THAN AMERICIUM.

 The DOE desperately wants the word PLUTONIUM left out of the public's ears. DOE would prefer to have the public think the release was AMERICIUM. Hell can't nothin be bad that for somethin' named after America, especially when everybody keeps a little bit of the stuff in the smoke detector in their home. Its the updated version of the lie that inhaling Plutonium is like eating a Banana.

But don't take our word for it. DOE funds an radioactive monitoring organization which goes by the acronym CEMRC. Now CEMRC is no prize pig, we see obvious deception in their reports too. Things like making the release look smaller by averaging it out over the whole 7 days their measurement device was running, instead of just using the smaller 30 second period in which they claim the radioactive release occurred. Not only do we think that it is purposefully deceptive; we think improperly mixing units of measure speaks lowly of their Engineering Program.

DOE is running into the old problem of not being able to keep their web of deception from becoming tangled. DOE says the release MATERIAL was predominately Americium, where as the data released from CEMRC says that there was 490%  more Plutonium than Americium in that radioactive cloud.. But that should not surprise anyone, WIPP was built to hold WEAPONS GRADE PLUTONIUM, the Americium is just a minor contaminate that grows  as Plutonium 241 one starts to degrade over time. Finding Americium 241 is to Weapons Grade Plutonium 239 as mold is to a loaf of bread; its a minor blemish on the loaf but it really stands out. And, that is at the heart of the deception the DOE is using.

We show the math below based on CEMRC's latest numbers; take note that all the death and destruction came from 0.012 Grams of AIRBORNE DISPERSED radioactive material, then consider the site still contains TONS of Radioactive Material waiting for the next larger explosion.


CEMRC Ambient Air Sampling Results Following 2-14-14 Radiation Detection Event


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  1. Story FINALLY made Drudge - AP story for what it's worth.

    1. DRUDGE actually broke the story early on, but not early enough to be useful; that is where we first found out about WIPP's situation

  2. Check out her comment about the fork lift puncture! For all my reading/thinking on this that certainly slipped by me!

    1. CERMC supposedly tested picked up Filters on 2/11. If the release has been ongoing since the fire on 2/5, that would mean CERMC is sitting on the data