Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Last night a Twitter user contacted us with information that a sample radioactive swipe taken at DOE's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico returned a Plutonium reading in excess of Millions of Disintegrations Per Minute per square centimeter.

Such a reading would indicate that Plutonium was spread over the DOE site at a concentration very roughly around 1 gram per square meter. Given that the Plutonium would have had to come from an exhaust vent at the site, the airborne PLUTONIUM concentrations leading to such a surface level deposition must have been MUCH greater. Readings at that level would also imply an underground fire and/or explosion.

That scenario is not out of line with what is being hinted at in the media this morning

"A less probable cause, he said, was a radiological process inside a container that forced material out" -LaTimes

It is also inline with a news report of a New Mexico engineer not being allowed on the property to retrieve samples from an airborne radiation measuring device.

"It's my understanding that at some point in the near future we will be allowed to collect our filters, and at that point we'll be able to do our analysis," Hardy said. "Our mission is to report whatever we find." -Russell Hardy, director of the Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center,

As such these reports are very concerning; and they indicate a level of above ground and underground contamination which seems to be beyond what would be expected from Fukushima event impacting New Mexico.

This morning things got weirder when we replied to Twitter user "PairofDeuces" pointing out to them the implication of the radiation detections they were reporting, they deleted all their Tweets regarding the matter.

We have asked them if they deleted the information because they were being untruthful or because they were scared of the implications, so far we have no response. Based on "PairofDeuces" initial contact and our questioning of him/her, we made an assessment of their competence and veracity: Our conclusion was they they may have some technician level knowledge of the applicable equipment and procedures used by DOE to make radiological measurements, but they have little theoretical knowledge; more over they seemed to be "puffing". That puts them on our list of people who might have information, but who might also be less than trust worthy.

In the end, it seems what is happening at DOE WIPP in New Mexico is worse than what is being let on, BE PREPARED.



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