Wednesday, February 12, 2014

[PANDEMIC WARNING] Public Health Service PRE-ORDERS 2,900 of Its HIGHEST Medals & Ribbons Awards

You know its a bad sign when the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service (CCPHS) which is trying to increase its personnel ranks to 6000 members, makes an order for 2,900 of their highest awarded medals and ribbons for a Public Health crisis they haven't even fought yet. Especially when there are only 5,000 to 6,000 people in the Commissioned Public Health service to begin with. When a military organization is preparing to give half of its Commissioned personal the highest class of medals possible, you have to wonder how many will be given posthumously. We checked if they had ever placed an order like this before and we found none.

From the chart below, you can see they want these medals to arrive in 30 day cycles up to 120 days after the initial order. Its likely they will also award many other lower level medals that individual officers will have to purchase themselves. However, the roughly 3000 medals in this purchase order are considered so high in merit that the Government is willing to pay for the medals. Certainly seems like they are planning to claim so sort of major victory with an order quantity of that size

All of the Medals are for services beyond the call of duty, many are specifically awarded for the functional equivalent of achievement during battle

Standing out in the purchase order are 35 Distinguished Service Medals, the very highest medal the CCPHS can award.
"Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)
This is the highest PHS Commissioned Corps award. Criteria
includes outstanding contributions to the mission of the PHS.
Such achievement may range from the management of a major
health program, to an initiative resulting in a major impact on
the heath of the Nation
. Can also be conferred for a one-time
heroic act resulting in great savings to life, health, or property."
Also notable in the purchase order are 250 Field Medical Readiness Badges, which requires that the recipient took part in a deployment that was not part of the normal job criteria.

Of course none of this is happening in a vacuum, as we previously reported the CDC has created an entirely new division for the purpose of nationalizing State and Local level public health employees during times of crisis. Part of that involves the CCPHS increasing its manpower level by an additional 1000 officers. 

But all of this is just one spoke in the massive C4ISR nationalization of the health care system that is underway as things unfold. The Government doesn't like to let a good crisis go to waste, and H7N9 may provide the excuse to nationalize healthcare in away only possible in totalitarian society.


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