Thursday, February 27, 2014

HIGH RISK of New Large Plutonium Release! 'Stabilization Efforts' Indicative of Explosion Damaged Ventilation System!

Current Ventilation Stabilization Efforts At WIPP may result in HEPA filtration failure, explosion, and additional Plutonium releases; THIS IS A HIGH RISK TIME PERIOD; BE PREPARED

Previously we stated: "We believe that it is unlikely that the DOE WIPP site has Air Filtration systems capable of surviving an explosion."  

Today a WIPP official seemingly has confirmed our analysis by stating that they were trying to stabilize their mine ventilation system, they have put up scaffolding, and even built a mock up of the system so that outside experts could stabilize it. Here is our transcript of what the official said, we have included a link to the actual audio below.

 "So this is this is the scaffolding that we have set up, right by where our exhaust filter building is. So The first step we wanna make sure to do is that we stabilize our mine ventilation system, and we have the experts already on site dats been working on dis. We actually built mock ups before dey showed up ugh on site, to make sure that you know once we establish dis at the facility its going to work. Ok so once we work on this and and get this thing done. And And I am letting you know dat we're gonna do dis quite rapidly, ok with in the next few days. Then we will follow our next step which is to re enter the mine. Ok"


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