Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Seismographic Data From WIPP's Plutonium Explosion Seems To Be Missing

We have been trying to locate the seismographic data which was mentioned by the DOE WIPP officials when they refereed to a "Seismic Event" at the plant during the radiation disaster. Officials have been trying to point to a roof collapse as the source of the "event", but they seem to avoid at all cost any mention of explosion.

In that regard we have been trying to track down the seismic data from the WIPP site. However, it appears that all seismic data recorded at the WIPP site is missing just prior to 2/17/14. The explosion happened on 2/14.

An explosion at the WIPP site would be EXTREMELY embarrassing for WIPP officials, as they have been working to remove requirements to monitor Hydrogen, Methane, and VOC level at the plant. Their rationale was that explosion was impossible. 

The smoking gun pointing to an explosion is WIPP's own documents identifying ROOM 7, as the location most likely to have the greatest concentration of explosive gases. The reported location of the event is ROOM 7 of Panel 7. 

Of course what makes this of even greater concern is that the explosion has spread radioactive contamination inside the mine, that increases the opportunity for RADIOLYSIS, which in turn leads to more production of explosive gases. Another explosion at the site is a strong possibility.

Obviously, having the seismic data available would help answer the question if there was an explosion or mine collapse, or both. But that Seismic data seems to be missing.


 Data presented in Appendix D “Statistical Analysis to Evaluate Methane and
Hydrogen Concentration in Filled Panels at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant,” agree with theprediction that the first room (Room 7) will have the highest concentration


  1. Regarding the seismographic data- would it not be available from almost any recording site within several hundred miles? Surely not ALL are missing...

  2. One would think, but it seems that only one location keeps the data on the two helicorders in question, and they show nothing before 2/17.